leggings are love

i am so in loooove with leggings. i cant stop buying legings, so tell me if you know good stores to find them. all of thesee have never worn...

i am so in loooove with leggings. i cant stop buying legings, so tell me if you know good stores to find them. all of thesee have never worn before and i'm waiting the right time to wear them out.

leopard thights : glitz

gold top : secret

cardigan : zara

skirt : rusty

ankle boots : zara

metallic wet look legging : (ordered)
assymetrical cutting white blouse : zara
fedora : episode
necklace : rendezvous
ankle boots : zara

skull&love pattern legging : marvelloux

black top : glitters

skirt : rusty

long black vest : bought in singapore
belt : unbranded
ankle boots : zara

which one do you prefer ?

i will do some make up for my friends for their yearbook photoshoot on sunday. the plan is i will buy more makeup tools on friday XD any suggestions about what to buy anyone ?

and guess what? my parents gave me the canon 1000D which I want in my wishlist! omg it's like dream comes true! Thanks a bunch!

this is the peacock feather ornament in my room.
I always love macro photoshoot :)
ehem i plan to delete my chatbox on the left, should or shouldnt i?

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  1. well just going by the pics, my fav one is the skull one.

    in answer, i just painted them cuz i got an idea and felt like it! I don't think i'll be putting them for sale on etsy.

  2. Love these leopard tights!!
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment in my blog!!I love the 3 styles of leggings but the metallics are my favs.Your so lucky with your new camera!!Bye sweety!!;)

  4. Ahh you pull off all these crazy tights very well!!! :)

  5. thanks for the comment. :) I am turning 6 this February. My mom does my blog for me. Check her blog out at: princessfoofoo.blogspot.com

    audrey anne

  6. i am absolutely in love with leggings too! they're just irresistable. thanks for visiting my site!

  7. oh hello daghling.. thanks for visiting my blog and drop by some comments on it. ;)
    well you looked so stunning with that leopard leggings. but i love most that peacock ornament on your room. very beautiful! wanna have one in my room too.. ;)

  8. nice legging sist! love them all! but my favo is absolutely the metalic one! where did you order it? i wannnt it sooo baaadd :)

  9. sis.marvelloux itu dimana si??

  10. @ evita nuh: order pas itu orang lagi trip ke thailand sis.. hohoho

    @ anonymous / sky (in chatbox) : ada di mangdu wilayah butik lantai 5. itu barang" di sana import an hongkong sis.

  11. @ all thanks for the comments :) hehe
    *continue blogwalking*

  12. happy belated chinese new year ya..
    oooowhhh I'm a legging lover too!
    btw I'm so envy you with the canon! argh.. mauu!!

  13. I agree I have a total obsession with legwear. Socks, leggings, leg warmers, thigh highs, the list goes on and on. Out of all three of your outfits I like the glam one. As for makeup smashbox photofinish is a godsend. It goes on under foundation or just by itself and it makes your skin look flawless.

  14. thank you for your comment! You are very sweet! :) I love the silver leggings!

  15. Thanx for your comment.. love the leopard, I have similar tights.

  16. hey. cute blog!

    Check out http://vintage-tea.blogspot.com/


  17. love the peacock thing


  18. Love your Leo-tights!
    Maybe you can take a look at http://www.topshop.com

  19. ur put the tights together well... i dont know many who can pull the patterns off lol

    Thanx for the comment, cool blog

    visit agian
    Vi from Cali

  20. You're such a lovely girl baby. I love your blog it's so sweet and cute. I love how you look in those shiny leggings. It's so hard to pull those off but you do so well.

    Kiss, China L.

  21. i love the pattern legging. argght it's so hard to find printed legging these days. bkan di zara, topshop, forever21 aj ga ad. huhu. itu km bli dmana?

  22. is this the dslr you mentioned? i'm green with envy of course. congrats on owning such a fine piece of photo equipment.


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