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New York Fashion Week A/W 09 favourite pieces Badgley Mischka Anna Sui Herve Leger by Max Azria images via mbfashionweek The Heart T...

New York Fashion Week A/W 09
favourite pieces

Badgley Mischka
Anna Sui
Herve Leger by Max Azria
images via mbfashionweek

The Heart Truth on New York Fashion Week 2009
Celebrities wear the red dresses made by famous american designer for the heart truth campaign of awareness of heart disease for women.

Tori Spelling in Betsey Johnson. Jennie Garth in Badgley Mischka

Front: Amanda Bynes in Daniel Swarovski

The other celebs include: Heidi Klum, Ashanti, Allison Janney, Ana Ortiz, Joss Stone, Sara Ramirez, Rita Moreno, Hillary Duff, etc
for more information visit hearttruth
images via shiny style, fabsugar

somehow inspired by classic french marionette :)
basic black tank top: dorothy perkins
bell sleeve see through cardigan: bought at hongkong
red plaid skirt: atsuki, SG
opaque thights: unbranded
oxford shoes: zara

fedora hat: episode
white shirt: two + three
suspender: naughty
shorts: bought in sg
opaque thights: unbranded
oxford shoes: zara

me at cork and screw, chilling out on thursday night

and watched Make it Happen at the newly opened EX-Extension XXI.
The movie is about Lauryn Kirk who wants to enroll in Chicago School of Music and Dance, but she failed, thus she worked at Ruby's. Smoehow, with the believe of her inner strength and passion in dance, she builds the career as the bar dancer. The rest of the story... emm, i wont spoil it hehe. just watch it

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  1. You have great taste in music :)

  2. aaahh ka fhenny keren sumpah! jago banget sih nge-mixmatch baju! superb! :D

  3. for the heart disease show - i like the first dress best.... red with black tulle (not surprisingly!)
    i also love ur red plaid skirt outfit.

  4. although the 2nd outfit takes more guts to wear i think. it reminds me of madonna for some reason.

  5. ooo LOVE anna sui..
    your outfit with the white shirt and suspenders is really cute i lv it :)x

  6. i love the outfit on both pictures!
    the skirt on the first one is really gorgeous!

  7. Hi,

    Ur 2nd combo is really cooooool!

    P.S.: Thank U for Ur lovely comment and check my blog, if U have a mood... ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  8. you look so cute! I love that suspender outfit--very chic :-)

  9. You are so adorable! I love your outfits =]

    La C.

  10. oh my goodness, youre too unbelievably sweet! thank you for your comment, it made my day!

  11. P.S Check my blog out for your award, darling!!

  12. cool idea for the heart awareness fashion show. i would have definitely walked the runway for the cause!

  13. spatu gw bikinnya di perbanas, di belakang setiabudi gitu, banyak toko2 kecil, lo bawa designnya aja tar dia bikinin, bagusdeeh, and very addictive, gw mau balik lagi,haha

  14. Hi Fhen!
    Thanks so much for your think you could send the scanned magazine to my email(is on my blog)
    I haven't seen it and I'll appreciate so much!
    thanksssss and take care!!

  15. Thank you for your comment, dear.
    Great blog, and I added you on both of my Lists.


  16. @ yvonne : i love the betsey johnson one too
    and you should see how confident tori spelling was on the stage hehe :)

    @ tanya: thank you so for the fabulous award!
    you made my day. much love <3

  17. @ gala: sure. no problem :) i'm scanning it ryte now

    @ fashion pulse: thank you so much! i have put you on my blogroll too, btw :D

  18. love your tartan skirt!

    and love badgley mishcka!!

  19. your outfits are so cute! :)

  20. your comment was absolutely one of the sweetest i've ever gotten. nice fashion week photos. i love your photo of you in the suspenders too. you are so chic!

  21. Good I do not speak very much English, but I believe that with the translator we will understand each other.
    Thank you very much for entering my blog and here you have me visiting yours.
    A kiss.

  22. I love the first Badgley Mischka dress!

  23. love the second outfit! you're too cute.

  24. @ all: thanks for the comments
    i really appreciate it
    you made my day
    love love <3


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