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Milan Fashion Week F/W 2009 - favourite pieces Gucci 's sequins and shiny materials rock the fall season Marni sets the trend of ...

Milan Fashion Week F/W 2009 - favourite pieces

Gucci's sequins and shiny materials rock the fall season

Marni sets the trend of neutral colours and cropped pants

Moschino looks chic with the tulle

Prada with the prints and fringe

Burberry has the fantastic classy prints

DSquared2 stays trendy and casual with the skirt and blazer

images via elle. coutorture

who is your favourite designer collection ? please share it with me :)


grey tee: mango
stripes blazer: the executive
navy skirt: zara
opaque thights: unbranded
sequins boots: bought in HK

- i got a week off :) but i still have to continue my art project. Today i had lunch and dance practice. Although it was fun, but it did not keep my mind away from something. hmm.. and i feel unwell, seems like caught flu -.-


I'm here in my Neverland,

bombarded by dreams and fantasies,

wondering if i could be someone else somewhere else.

thinking about my meeting with someone,

who turns my whole world upside down,

but teaches me to be stronger than everyone thinks i am.

you bury me with your love,

sprinkle me with your suprising action,

and give me the best guts on pathetic days we share.

i stay still. stay still until the time arrives.

i will be patient and just let it go.

i will just pretend i know nothing.

you can give your sweetest words to anyone,

you can shout, you can mock, you can run,

but this smile is not yours.


it's such a COINCIDENCE that my itunes songs which i Shuffled are all related to this particular someone. WHY?okay i'll try to shuffle it again.
ehem gotta grab a cup of coffee and catch everything about Paris F/W 2009 Fashion Week soon!*sneezing

~and dont you think that love is blind?~

sorry for such a looong post. thanks for reading my thoughts

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  1. i love the moschino collection. the jacket with hearts on it and the big bow on front.


  2. hello dear :)
    thanks for commenting on my blog.
    you have a lovely blog yourself!
    who was my favorite from fashion week? i have to say erin fetherstron's collection caught my attention...you don't have her posted here, though.
    awww...sorry to hear that you caught the flu.
    i've seem to have caught a cold, after having gotten over one a little over a month ago...
    love the photo, too, btw. did you take it yourself? its quite lovely.

  3. Thanks for your comment :) salam kenal :)

    These photos are great. I think I like the Moschino one the most. I love the girliness of it.

  4. I love how Gucci infused a little rock n roll into their collection and adore Burberry's use of textures--love them all! You look fabulous, by the way, I'm really liking that skirt :-)

  5. Woow, I like Burberry and DSquared2 looks.


  6. I love Moschino pic and I love Ur outfit. U are really charming! ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  7. Fabulous selections! I especially loved Moschino and Dsquared2 - the whole Starbucks thing was great!

    Love your look too!


  8. You look great! =) That blue skirt is of such a nice color.

    DSquared2 looks like a great collection (going to have to check that out). I love collections that are on the more wearable side. Moschino's prints are lovely too and the color palette is just so warm and comforting.

  9. Hi darling...I absolutely LOVE your outfit! You have absolutely wonderful style.
    I loved the DSquared collection, and the Gucci collection was just fantastic! And I will always, always be a Burberry fan :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog too, dear!

  10. You are so cute, darling! I adore all of your picks; I can't pick which one's my favorite!

    La C.

  11. Great post! Thanks so much for visiting and stopping by.
    Your blog is really nice, so I shall see you soon.

  12. I love that picture of you ! so cute :)
    You can check out my favorite collection on my blog !

  13. You have a really nice blog! hehe I definitely have to say I loved Milan the most so far. Those Italians know fashion! =) I really like the song you have on right now!

  14. whooo nice look! gue juga lagi doyan pake thights begitu :)

  15. Thanks for the comment :) I got my bag from an Urban Originals sample sale so I dont ever think it was actually made but they did do some really great studded bags that are similar. check the website...
    Looking forward to you doing a bag post soon!

    I really loved Doo.Ri and it hasn't been blogged about very much so I think i will have to do a post myself


  16. Hi fhen! The pink shades are from Urban Outfitters in LA :) A good friend gave it to me on my birthday :)

  17. cute outfit! i love the burberry collection this season!

  18. Thank you for the comment, It is so nice to know that someone is actually looking at the silly things I so randomly write! Your blog is really cool and I will for sure be reading it from now on!

  19. thanks for stopping by :) you're so cute ^^
    i liked the dsquared photo..usually dont like all their stuff all the time, but it seems more relaxed this time around~~

  20. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I must say your blog is very nice too:) My favorite designer has to be Gucci for the metallic like look and the big accesories at Marni(I do remember it was Marni). Have a great weekend, and see you again soon! :)

  21. Thank you so much! I love ur blog too, I love the Burberry Dress, with the scarf it looks so chic =) Take care!

    Terimakasih~ xD

  22. that's such a pretty pic of the flowers....

  23. I love your hair! It's so cute! Lovely outfit too :) x

  24. i think the prada and marni collections are the classiest, really. but prada has always been my pick, i think.
    and thank you for the comment again!! you really are very sweet, and yes-- i'm feeling quite a lot better now!! :D

    hope all is well!


  25. melon (loves) DSquared2!!!!
    LIked the layers a lot!

    & about neverland...LOVE IS IN THE AIR....CHILL OUT WITH LOVE! :D

  26. thanks for comenting on my blog .

    nice blog dude ;)

  27. You are so cute!! My fav is the Moschino for sure!!! Fabulous blog you have here!

  28. loove your outfit you are so cute!

  29. The Moschino and DSquared2 are my favorite. And yes, I'd love to link with you, your blog is really cute :)

  30. Love all it, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be DSquared2 stays trendy and casual with the skirt and blazer.

    I luv your outfit, too! xoxo, Shelly

  31. I love the sequins & the prada giadiator dress is so fierce

  32. hi.
    the first pics of our summer getaway is ON. hihi. hope you visit it.

    i love this post. you are so cute.
    my blogging will resume i don't know when. hihi. still on the road right now.

    thanks for visiting me. have a great day!

  33. oo i like the marni and the moschino :) x

  34. thanks so much for your comment! your runway images are choice, love love loving the marni!

  35. Thankyou for your comment, I LOVE the moschino one you posted :) And i love your outfit!

  36. Hello girl!
    Love your faves so much and you are the best!!!

  37. I love too the DSquared2 show, I would wear all!


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