black and white madness

the first thing you noticed is that i have changed my layout :) i chose this one because it looks simple, clean, more mature, and just sim...

the first thing you noticed is that i have changed my layout :) i chose this one because it looks simple, clean, more mature, and just simply sophisticated. I also changed the background song set. Any comments? hehe
and i dont know why, i'm loving black and white soo much. monochromatics.

do you love playing musical instruments? I play piano and violin and i think both are classic yet great! Actually i love guitar and drum too but not good at it. hehe. I learned both classic but actually i love jazz more :) so currently usually i look for score and learn by myself.

when your fingers touched the keys
kindly unspoken you told me your emotion
cause you played the piano not with rules, but soul.
no matter what, you are still the best music in me
and your favourite black and white brought colours into my world.
YOU are classic
Sheer and ruffles

celine spring/summer 2009

y and kei
inspired by spring 2009 trend and victorian style (feminime yet classic). So, put on some sheer and ruffles cause spring is here!

chiffon sheer ruffle blouse: ordered
jeans: mango
heels:charles and keith

Wanna share some gorgeous black and white pieces!

emma cook ankle boots
chanel cage shoes with shirlwind heels

Gisele BÜndchen for Bazaar

Sasha Pivarova for Vogue


(cant remember this one sorry)

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture 2009

STATUS: currently waiting for the offer/approval letter from university (anxious)

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  1. Firstly, I love the new header! It's really cool:)
    I play the guitar..actually I'm still learning:) I also used to play the piano, but since my grandma moved to a smaller place, she had to sell the piano:(
    Love that blouse of yours!

  2. you look adorable....that celine dress is perfection!!

    good luck on your applications!

    oh...I am going to post my award with my Wednesday etsy post:) thanks again!

  3. i noticed you got a new header. that's very nice header!

    You look so cute in that outfit and these collections are awesome!

    p.s. so sorry i forgot to post the award you gave to me. i just remember it. i promise to post it on my next post.

  4. @honey bunny: mm sorry for that, but i also will not be able to play that piano in my room anymore if i go uni abroad this july :(

    @ hanako66: thanks dear for your wish. that's okay, take it easy :)

    @proudly: thankyou :) take it easy dear

  5. oh god! those pictures look adorable.. i'm in love with those shoes.. great blog :)

  6. You look so chic!!!!!!! I love these combo in black and white, and I love your new header, LOVELY!


  7. hello my beloved fhenny!

    thanks for dropping by my blog.. yeah, have fun doing what i do! its been great. if you do stop by here in my city you wouldnt have a hard time getting into good events hehe, i promise;)

    btw, loving your new layout.:)

    much love


  8. both the shoes are insane! ps: thx for passing by my blog dear. and i'm a gandhi school student by the way. how bout you?
    oh.. may i link ur blog too?? :)

  9. such a nice post:)
    i wish you all the best with your university approval, i understand your anxiousness!
    i will send an invitation when i will release my site, hope you gonna like it:)
    have a perfect day dear!


  10. I love your outfit, the blouse is so cute

  11. wow, playing violin and piano. great! I don't have the ability to play any instrument );

    anyway, I'm still in 11th grade:) about exlink, sure! I'll put your link, ASAP.


  12. that chiffon blouse looks divine on you! Great outfit :-)

  13. I like black and white outfits. I often find it allows you to play around with shapes and textures more to balance out the simplicity.

    Aku tinggalnya di Jogja :)

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

    I love black and white. I tend to be attracted to anything with the color combination. Many think it's borning, but I'm with you--it's classic. Great outfit you're wearing!

  15. btw ,
    klo mw konsultasi ttg fashion ,
    bs ma dd dunkk ?
    *hheu .

    kk lg mw bljr jd cewee nii ;))

  16. I LOVE your new header =]

    And best of luck =]

    La C.

  17. waa.. i love love love your looks fhen! mantabbs! ehehehe. gue dulu sih main piano tapi uda engga lagi hehe

  18. hai fhenny, lama tak berkunjung ;p

    koleksi black and whitenya oke bangeet! :D

  19. kyaa.. thx for linking me.. reallyh. arigatou :)

  20. Oh you look so cute! I love your ruffles :)

  21. The change looks great!
    I love the black and white too! I even don´t know why but it amazing :)


  22. hehe will tell all soon!
    and vair gorge new layout and outfit!its very classic!

  23. I like the new layout! Would you like to exchange links?

  24. Lovely pictures and words. I play the flute.

    I adore your blouse. Good luck with university!

  25. ooo, i love your shirt! and basically everything you've put up/worn in your last few posts i just looked over :)

  26. black & white is always so chic...I definitely agree! Have a fab weekend!

  27. Oooooh, fantastic post. I love Ur blouse, so pretty!

    xoxo: Janet

  28. *sigh* Loove haute coutute x)

  29. You are so sweet and I love your new layout! Great as you :)

  30. feminine kali :P
    ih asiknya bisa piano sama violin.. mauu!

  31. Great layot! I love the shoes you've posted!

  32. The dress you couldn't remember that's Cato Van Ee wearing Marchesa. I love this post. Your outfit is great and those Emma Cook booties are amazing. Btw I also just tagged you for an award. Check it out.

  33. And I almost forgot to answer your question as for the will to consume veggies more just add them to everything you eat. Saute some veggies to eat with pasta add some to a sandwich. Stuff like that. Eventually if you're not used to it you will become more accustomed and food won't even taste as good without vegetables :)

  34. wooah those notes look allother than easy. but playing the piano is great.

  35. fheeen, i got an award for you neeh! ambil yaaa :)

  36. Thanks for the kind comment. I hope my body doesn't suffer too much from childbirth, but if it's a testimony to my daughter how much I love her. You're from Indonesia? My ex-brother-in-law is Indonesian? Do you by happen to know KLA Project? Old school I know, but so good...LOL

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