so, are you happy Jakarta ?

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2009 Favourite pieces part II Paul and Joe's simple look makes the day. loose top + leggings/ skinnies + bo...

Paris Fall Fashion Week 2009 Favourite pieces part II

Paul and Joe's simple look makes the day. loose top + leggings/ skinnies + bootie= voila!

Herme's pilot inspired outfit is so unique. leather leather and more leather!

Loving Miu Miu's faux fur and the details

Elie Saab collection identic with chic and feminime look

Louis Vuitton has the unique look with edgy print, bubble skirt, and the black lace detail
Alexander Mcqueen look stunning with the edgy houndstooth print and fantastic structure. Quirky and whimsical. do i need to say more ?

John Galliano's dreamy collection is the mix of winter wonderland, fancy folklore, great hem plus fabric and tons of imagination. beyond godlike...

So, that's the end of the important round of fashion week. For me, from all the fashion week, Paris' collection is the one that i like most. A lot of fascinating dresses and kickass shoes and i really wish someday i can attend the real paris fashion week :) Overall, this coming fall season is filled with edgy prints, bubble skirt, tapered trousers, and chic feminime details.

The Sweet Escape,,,
So,, eventually i came to Michael Carnitrot (So Happy In Paris) event in Indochine last weekend! I know i havent finished my artwork that time, but then i think i need a bit of stress reliever x)

sateen dress: ordered by mom
belt: vintage
silver heels: charles and keith
purse: louis vuitton

We had lotsa fun, lyke totally! and i looove his signature remix! a great dj seriously!
Photographs of Jakarta's sunset
part of my project...
behind all the traffic jam, you still can see the beautiful sunset, so why do you need to stress? enjoyyy

Mood boost of the week:

a new set of acrylic paint

starbucks green tea blend

Annndd finally *drumroll* i have finished my artwork! the softcopy of the photo is with my teacher and i will ask it soon x) But then yesterday i was absent as i was totally sick! i didnt sleep at all on sunday night :( That's my reason for my lack of post!

my quote of the day: sometimes the road of success is "under construction."

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40 dialogues

  1. beautiful....great choices!

    I love that dress that your mom picked is darling, you look fab!

  2. hmm...i love Miu Miu's collection. and to answer your question, i use a Sony Cybershot camera. nothing special at all...i'm acutally looking to get a new one.

  3. aww you look so good in that dress!

  4. such an interesting post:)you are cute and i love what you quoted at the end:)
    thanks for your nice comment!
    take care, happy day!

  5. yay, you're back!! I love the miu miu, LV and Elie Saabb--great picks. Also, that dress you're wearing is gorgeous, your mom has great taste :-)

  6. Hey! No one in my fam is actually Indonesian but I was born there. But I am Indonesian (passport). My father is from Hainan and my mom is Hmong. BUT I can speak fluently and they can too . Im in aussie for living? hehe now im a resident here already but i also am studying. Im studying comm design / illustration =)
    I took a look at ur devart and i see your traditional media artworks. nice~ ;D

  7. U are so beautiful! Great choice!

    And the catwalks things are OMG!

    xoxo: Janet

  8. Hello Fhen!

    Thanks a lot for visiting me!
    Your blog is amazing! and For sure I wanna exchange links with you.
    You already are at my faves links :)

    a kiss and a hug,
    see you,

  9. thanks for the comment =)
    oooh...i really like the P&J one, so simple and stylish.
    yummy starbucks!

  10. gorgeous choices!
    love you outfit and the smoothie looks delicous!~

  11. Iya, kerja nih.
    You can just do the tag! :)
    cute dress.

  12. In my opinion the outfit you're wearing in this post is very very chic (esp. for someone in high school). If only my style was as good as yours back in the day.

  13. Yayy for Miu Miu and faux fur! And honestly, Elie Saab can do no wrong in my eyes - all his work has just been so above par for the entire years - I wish I could afford each and every design :)
    Your recap was just fantastic!
    Ugh, I'm sorry that you're just buried in work - it's the worst feeling! I'm sure your portfolio will be unbelievably beautiful. I love the photos that you posted, and I am now officially craving a Starbucks green tea frappucino!
    Have an amazing rest of the weekend, dear - your outfit is incredible!

  14. oh! Catwalks photos, love it <3
    Great outfit and photos girl!!
    And such a cute blog <3
    Thanks for sweet comment btw
    Xoxo L.

  15. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Your dress is adorable!

  16. thank you soo much for your lovely comments in my previous post.
    mr. freddy's turning 8 month old on 29th of march.

    btw, i always love miumiu designs.

  17. thank you so much for adding my blog! i would like to let you know that you are in my blogroll!

  18. i LOVE the top picture. simplicity is sometimes best, and that is just effortless, i really like it!!!

    thanks as always for your comments, you're so awesome!!


  19. I love that dress!

    BTW...thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your questions about the place I take my pictures(landscape)? It's outside my front yard. Those are the Florida Mountains.

    xoxo, Shelly

  20. haha thanks! i hope it turns out the way i want it to.

    do you have any exciting summer plans?

  21. hey fhen,

    thanks for dropping by my blog. continue keep things fashion-forward in indonesia! you definitely should try to drop by the philippines since you're just so near. lemme know!


  22. thanks for the sweet comment, that dress is so lovely on you

    - Karen

  23. i like all the grey i'm seeing in your pics!

  24. you look beautiful in that it!!

    great faves, too! Im especially liking the louis vuitton =)

  25. Ah, this post is SO full of win. I love the line feature, and the you half of it. You look so cute by the way. + mmmmm green tea @ starbucks. My mum actually knows how to make it haha.

  26. sure, we must concerned about the seriousness of global warming. well, if you've found it then you could share with me ;3
    and about fashion school. nope. I'm just school at SMA Negeri. lol. what should I call SMAN?


  27. Love your bloG! Your style is amazing! The songs on your blog are beautiful! <3

  28. dont you just love new paints?

  29. So many gorgeous pieces... and oh, I just love your sateen dress! It's lovely. xx

  30. I Love the first photo. Wonderful pilot inspired!
    Nice selection :)


  31. your mini dress is super cute!

    p.s. your site keeps making my browser crash. :(

  32. @ ladyfei: oh, i see :) and thanks for the compliment

    @ kira&phamzy: thanks for the link dear. smooch!

    @ vintage veggie: it's tropical season here. but in summer peak (june-july) i would love to go to beach again like i did last year. and also i need to prepare my uni dear :)

  33. @ eden: thanks dear. hope someday i can visit phil :)

    @ enep: let's fight global warming :D

    @ nina: crash? oops.. sorry.. maybe it's just a bit slow because i have widgets on sidebar. mm what can i do to help :) ?

  34. @ all: thanks for the comments. oh ya btw, my mom was a fashion designer back in days. she is the one who teach me how to be a girl haha

  35. Congrats on your awards! =] That Starbucks green tea blend looks sooo good...

    La C.

    P.S.: I'm finally back! =]

  36. you look loooovely in this dress!!

    MiJi <3

  37. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..



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