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The art exhibition and examination in the form of one on one interview with examiner went well :) the easter break last week turned out...

The art exhibition and examination in the form of one on one interview with examiner went well :)

the easter break last week turned out to be fun!my friends came into my house, and as you know when girls are together,we had fun by doing makeover. so, i became the makeup and wardrobe stylist for my friends,then we were going mad with the canon camera.
we also watched the movie entitled Knowing. this movie tells about a girl who know about what will happen in the future and write series of number in a piece of paper which is found by a boy who has this kind of special ability to hear the voice anyone else could not.

okay here are some of the photos. see my facebook profile for complete colection. haha

peterpan-collar mini dress: sato
black legging: unbranded
shoes: charles and keith
purse: louis vuitton

fhenny, irena, desy, lia

... went shopping too!

sateen-coated hanger. white socks for school. opaque thights

cocktail ring. necklace. star hoop earings. studded belt

floral dress & belt: forever 21
shoes: charles and keith
bling bling pouch like purse: bought at SG

oh ya, happy birthday to beloved irena, april 12th (and calvin's too)

lastly, packing....

tomorrow i will be leaving for singapore, just a short trip. i do skip school, but the main purpose is to find accomodation formy university later on, but of course will also go around the town for delicious cuisine and shopping.if you know nice places in singapore, please kindly tell me :)my shopping goal -- pretty heels, leggings, necklaces.

wish me a nice trip!

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  1. wahhhh ada yang namanya lia kaya aq yah, fhen =D heheheh kalungnya lucu banget tuw.. hehehe oiya mau ke SGP. wahhhhhh enak banget yang mau ke sana. recommend ke Bugis street fhen!! must. di sana banyak banget accecories yang mayan murah. dan juga ke Takashimaya duonk. orchard juga. hehehehee di sana kalo sempet ke sentosa island fhen, good view there... HAVE FUN yah di sana!


  2. I hope ur trip is as fun as these pictures look. they make me wanna do a photoshoot lol

    that little bag is cute

    Vi from Cali

  3. you are so adorable...have fun on your trip!

  4. the photos look like fun, you look adorable! :D

  5. you guys are too cute! I love all these pics--I especially am liking that floral dress...very flirty and fun!

  6. so cool!
    Have a great trip!
    I love pumps! they so cute!
    You are so beautiful :)

    Kisses and hugs,

  7. i've seriously been looking for a studded belt like that but they are absolutely nowhere to find in these circles!

    you're looking great, gorgeous!

    much love


  8. ur purseeee.. argghhhh how nice

    fhen, thx for the idescribe and i'd love to see many pics of u in singapore.. :)

    ps: visit my blog too okay (:

  9. Amazing belt babygirl, I love your cute outfits. Ahhhhhhhh you and your friends are the cutest I need to hug everyone of you!

  10. wew. love the grey dress, ka! x)

  11. fhen.. i tagged you here.. pls do this thingy too..

  12. aww your so cute! have a good trip!

  13. You and your friends know how to have fun, the pictures are so cute. lol Iam getting addicted to your page=]

  14. aaaa... heart heart heart the ring kak fhen! hihihih

  15. love your blog..very inspiring..your pics are great..keep up the good work


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