holiday has started

I rarely post about beauty products, but now i intend to do so hehe I bought these... Satsuma Body Polish, Body Shop I use this everyday ...

I rarely post about beauty products, but now i intend to do so hehe
I bought these...

Satsuma Body Polish, Body Shop
I use this everyday cause it has scrub beads that cleans the body more thouroughly than other usual soap. The fresh smell it has makes me never bored. It also comes in strawberry variant which smells is more to "sweet" than "fresh", but i prefer the satsuma one.

Cosmo a28 amplified lipstick, Mac
When i was in the counter, i rather confuse of what colour should i bought, but this one really suits my skin tone. The colour is combination of reddish pink, and it has a bit of glitter. notabene: i often prefer lipstick with glitter or shiny effect. The pic below shows the colour in my lips, but my room light is kinda yellowish, so it actually turns out to be a bit more "red" under white light. I think it resembles my real lips colour and it looks natural so i can wear it like everyday. Besides that, it lasts for hours. oh how i love mac!

Sorry for the messy bangs, i know i have to trim it. like, soon.
i rarely do beauty post, so not a pro in taking good angle. btw, this is with flash off and i dont use any makeup besides the lipstick.


the weather is kinda weird for past several days. I visited Plangi Sky Dining yesterday and was not pleased by the weather. it was super hot in morning- afternoon, but the rain poured in the evening.

lime tank top: mango (a bit oversize haha)
skinny jeans: mango
heels: charles and keith
bangles: random
star print purple scarf: bought by mom
sunglasses: ray ban

we ate in Liv restaurant @ plangi sky dining (plaza semanggi 10th floor). It is an asian restaurant which serves wide range of food. we ordered rice with kungpao chicken, fish and chips, melon sago and pudding dor dessert, fruit punch and grenadine cocktail. All food taste well, but the fish and chips portion is not generous haha. Since it was weekday, so it is not really crowded, but it is hard to get a table without reservation in weekend.

My high school has finished! i am having holiday starting from may 16th, but i still have other things to do in holiday. hmm..
i got tagged by susan!
Type your first name in Google and follow with the word "needs"[(first name) needs].
Press 'search' then write the top 10 found in the Google and write it here.
1. fhenny needs getaway (that is so true!)
2. fhenny needs to open a bottle of wine (let's do so)
3. fhenny needs to walk throught the tunnel (...)
4. fhenny needs to worry about the animal right community (hmm)
5. fhenny needs a website for free (yea)
6. fhenny needs to do more for women right (okay)
7. fhenny needs to buy something like this (what ?)
8. fhenny needs an umbrella (maybe)
9. fhenny needs to realize (about?)
10. fhenny needs VPN (lol)
i will tag:
and everyone who wants to do this! ;)

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  1. that tag is hilarious!

    I love your new lip color and you look as adorable as ever!

  2. I love your outfit.
    So summery, so much fun.


  3. The lip color is HOT. I bet it will look great on you!
    & as always, you're rockin that outfit.

    YES, I changed my blog AGAIN. I swear I have ADD. But I think I like this one a lot. I'll probably keep this one for good. But don't hold me to my word, lol.
    I miss you too:))

  4. Thanks for the sweet get better wishes! I am back to blogging yay!

    I think you picked a great color at MAC-I used to work for them! I put what I was wearing in that one picture on my blog.

    and I need your Raybans. SO HOT.!!!!

  5. Is body shop so good?! My boyf and friends are OBSESSED wit it.

  6. sounds like a bustling day! i love going to eat with friends!

  7. yeppp yeppp
    ur welcome fhenn =]
    smua smuanya aja diambil
    just grab and take..
    Enjoy it!

  8. Haha that tag is pretty funny. I love that lime green tank and those drinks look delish. I want one!

  9. your tag sooo coool
    tapi pas gue cantumin nama vorega aja,, langsung keluar aneh2

    btw mau kul dimana?

  10. lipstik nya bagus fhenn :) hehe. btw tag board mu kq g ada ya? aq mau ngasi award sama hw. check d blog ku yaa. hehe

  11. cute post! those drinks look yummy and i wouldn't mind trying out that Satsuma Body Polish! ;)

  12. hi gorgeous fhen,

    love the MAC lipstick! egad too bad mac is a bit expensive here.:( and ooh, congratulations on finally graduating! hope you enjoy your break a lot:)

    much love


  13. nice lipstick color! it suits you really well. :)
    your tag is so funny. i'll try it as soon as possible. :)

  14. awwwww.. heart the scarf kak! qiqiqi x)

    new post nih! uda bisa di komen sekarang hehe :P

  15. I do need a new red lipstick! I love your so much!!!!!

  16. visiting u back!
    nice lip color.

  17. i love MAC so much!
    and body shop too!

  18. thanks for the tag dear . :D nice lipstick !

  19. hihi thanks for the tag fhen :) km udah prom?


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