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i love May.. the weather, the events, and waiting for the great jakarta sale. haha so hot right now! Mac Rose Romance collection I loov...

i love May.. the weather, the events, and waiting for the great jakarta sale. haha

so hot right now!

Mac Rose Romance collection
I loove the eyeshadow, really great for summer. Comes in et tu bouquet, of summer, creme de violet, shadowy lady, silverthorn. Already available in website, but i have asked the Mac counter in Jakarta and they said it will available starting from end of May

DKNY women watch #NY4503
genuine leather and black shine material on top with DKNY embelished logo on strap and stainless steel material. so casual yet stylish

Topshop Spring/Summer 2009 collection featuring Union Jack
The british brand apparel creating fashionable collection with the nation's flag print. They got the blazer, tunic, shawl, purse, etc. Have only seen the tunic and shawl in Topshop Senayan City and seriously the tunic looks better than in the image. it's like a bit of vintage wash and so comfortable, pair it with leggings or tappered leg trouser and you are so ready to go.
Celine Blossom Bag Collection
The bag is really simple but sophisticated. Comes in many fabulous colours and i even heard that it can be made-to-order in variety of limited edition colour within six weeks.
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 Spicy Platforms
These sexy stilettos comes in six different style featuring combination of leather, feather, prints, ethnic fringe, beads, and sequins. Left: pony styled with leopard prints. Right: Phyton prints
black camisole: dorothy perkins
belt: forever 21
purple shorts: mango
long knitted cardigan: bought somewhere in hk
black heels: charles and keith
purple lock-shaped pendant necklace
bought this ethnic style bangles in forever 21
Last week was the last week in high school classes (the pic below is my information technology class) and i'm facing International Baccaulearete examination from may 4th until may 15th. Wish me luck!

Went to Social House @ Harvey Nichols last sat and had pizza @ La Porchetta yesterday.
I highly recommend Social House for weekend hangout or dinner. They serve international menu from sushi to pasta and they also have cocktails and various tea. Great range right?

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  1. love the purple shorts :)
    and that topshop tunic and the celine bags. i love bags... i would have so many if i had the money. good luck on your exams!

  2. yeah, I love to eat @ social house too. The atmosphere and the ambience is great. Btw, you got homework, check out my blog.


  3. i like soHo too.. but not all the foods there are delicious.. great for hanging out though.. are you okay now? i wish you all the best for IB.. i know you can do it! :)

  4. hehehe did u get tagged as well? Where's the post?

  5. oh my god i love the celine bag! great choices! btw did u school in binus high?

  6. it's great to know that u're totally Fine =)
    sayang banget yach fhen, di sby ngga ada konter nya MAC n' Forever 21... hikshikshiks
    lage mupeng nyari bagel gede2.. susah buanget cari di sini... =(

    I'm fine fine aja say ^^* cuman lage males ngeblog aja, capek kerja fhen.. hehehe =)
    iyaaaa sebel banget di sale kemaren fhen, masa nemu sepatu GUESS bagus banget n' terjangkau; eh nda ada nomer kakikuw.. hikshiks sebelllll...

    besok mau ntn wolvie sayyy.. yuukkk yuukkk km juga ntn, very recommended.. hehehe =)) kata temen2 aq bagus.. hehe ^^,

    Miss u,
    muachhhh smoochhh ***

  7. I love the top shop t-shirt. The colour of your shorts is beautiful, you look great. Good look in your exams, i´m sure you are going to do it great.

  8. you look fab as always!

    I am dying over that Union Jack stuff....on my way to the site to see if they have it!

  9. oh i love those celine bags and lv shoes! xx

  10. Oh sweetie I really don't know..
    Are you planning to come to Estonia?
    Thank you for a cute comment dear :)

  11. thanks :)

    i love your shorts.. i love your whole outfit actually!


  12. cute cute cute outfit.
    This is the girl from Fortune Teller, but I changed my site name haha.
    My birthday is in MAY:)

  13. your purple shorts are too cute - love the color!

  14. definitely love the knitted cardigan x)

  15. mac, lv, purple sohrts ... love it !!

  16. i love Louis Vuitton tribal platforms, so unique.

  17. those yummy, yummy celine bags...I'm in love! (fabulous purple shorts, by the way) :-)

  18. love your purple shorts. so hot.
    thx for the comment fhen. i use a canon slr 450D. and yes i do resize my pics usually around 450 x 700 px. if u want your photos to appear bigger on your blog u CAN'T upload them directly from your computer because blogger resizes them automatically . u should upload them first to one of those image uploading websites such as imageshack or photobucket. it really makes the photos have a greater impact.

  19. those purple shorts!!!! i love your style!!! and i love those celine bags!

  20. Thanks:) I like it better than the other one!
    Yeah, I can bring those grades up, so oh well!
    YAY, May 12 is a good day:) & Yeah! the 15th! :)

  21. oh, I didn't know there is La Porchetta in Jakarta.
    Nice bangles!

  22. I really love the watch and the shoes! You look great in those purple shorts. very cute!

    The bangles from Forever 21 are super cute, too!

    xoxo, Shelly

  23. wow,thats such a great outfit!
    i love topshops union jack blazer..afraid i cant afford it:)

  24. hey!
    thanks for your comment :)
    I kinda love those LV heels. They're so wild, its amazing.
    Hope your well


  25. Love those Vuitton platforms!:))

    You look that cardigan:)

    Good luck:*

  26. That union jacket would be so lovely to have!

  27. so cute and so fancy!!!


  28. oooh the LV heels are to DIE for they're just so hot! I'm also in love with the union jack print at topshop, I've really got to get around to checking out the NYC store!

  29. I REALLY love your post always packed full of things to love. Your adorable for one and those shoes are to die for and lastly, I really am a sucker of anything with the union jack on it, though my boyfriend might think it's cheesy since he's british.

    KISS, China L.

  30. Those Louis Vuitton heels are perhaps the most un-vegan shoes I have ever seen. However I'm totally in love with them. If only they came in a pleather version, that and if only I was rich.

    Btw, you and your friends are adorable. And good luck on your examination. I've got 2 big ones coming up as well.

  31. DKNY women watch #NY4503 love it!
    and Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 Spicy Platforms love it!


  32. Good luck on your exams! I really love your bangles and I think I'm falling for the Union Jack print. I am a bit of an anglophile after all...

  33. You look so fantastic in those little purple shorts! SO fierce. I would love to walk around in those Vuitton platforms!

  34. Ah the LV heels. I tried on the samples and can you imagine that shoes so fierce like that were so comfortable and didn't hurt one bit?

    Good luck for the exams :)

  35. I love your purple shorts and love LV tribal platforms shoes, are amazing!
    Good luck on your exams!!!!!!


  36. I always like Topshop clothes butv they are so ex here :(

  37. waa i love the shorts ama belt nya. camisole nya juga bagusss xDDD waaaa... i loveeeee it :D

  38. U look so fab, I love that cardi. :)


  39. hey dear, you look so cute!
    Thank you so much for your cute comment, I am not gonna give up blogging, hihi:)
    hope you are doing great!
    take care!
    your shorts look so cute on you:)


  40. wonderful platforms!
    hey..wanna exchange links?

  41. i love u in shorts and colored ones at that... ur look awesome

    Vi from Cali


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