Well, my high school graduation (may 29) and prom (may 30) will be held soon! and besides that, seriously the high school will totally over ...

Well, my high school graduation (may 29) and prom (may 30) will be held soon! and besides that, seriously the high school will totally over soon.

this is my prom dress sketch... i brought it to a designer,

and it turns out to be like this

I took it today, after several corrections for the drappery part.
and i bought this hairband in forever 21 today
besides that, i have cut my bangs and at that time also curl my hair (it's temporary haha). but i decided to curl it again on graduation and prom :)

black lace dress: forever 21
studded belt: forever 21
ankle boots: zara

went for dinner with friends at Liv, Semanggi
and dance too at vertigo! woohoo! party time baby!
i was in need of thumbthumping beat and great martini.

yea, weekend was great! ~ dine and dance

i am watching the Champions League now, Manchester United vs. Barcelona.
Go MU! :D i am counting on Rooney, Park, and Ronaldo hahaha
Dont get me wrong, i still love sports (especially watching football) although i am like a fashion freak. i am not that girly (especially when i was in middle school XD)

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16 dialogues

  1. it is gorgeous...I can't wait to see it on!!!!

  2. whoaaa too bad MU's beated by barca.. =(

  3. woooooww.. the hairband is absolutely gorgeous kak!
    and you look hot on the dress! it fits you best i thought! ;D
    anyway, thanks for the sweet comment.. :)

  4. aww awww.. that dress is smokin hot (the black one). how'd the fitting go? okay? nice hairband too qiqiqi. and yeaaa, too bad MU got beat my barca ):

  5. @ talisha: yea MU lost :( too bad..

    @ hanako : i'll post the picture when i'm wearing it on my prom post :)

    @ putri: thankyou put. you're welcome dear

    @ sasha: iya sha, finally it's finished. the dress is hanging in my room already :)

  6. huhuhu. sedihnya MU kalah :(
    skolah di donbosco pulomas gw btw.
    nice hairband.

  7. Its beautiful! I love that you sketched it yourself! Cant wait to see! :)

  8. Hi, great to meet you...Thanks for your comment.

    Lovely blog, you sketch that? It's really good, can't wait to see you wearing that...Btw, you look great on black...Love it!!! ;)

  9. nice dress! :) dan turut sedih mu kalah ya.... hahaha

  10. Very pretty dress! You will look fantastic!

  11. hohoho
    bagus banget bajunya, acara prom nya mau dimana emang?
    hahahah sudah kuduga MU kalah. -_-'

  12. Oh wow, that is so cool that you designed your own prom dress and had it made! Looks lovely, do share photos of you on prom night, you'll look gorgeous in your dress! :)


  13. Hello Fhen!

    This prom dress is so lovely! You are so creative and I love the black effect on it...just genius!

    Congratulations for the graduation!!

    you are the best!

  14. I would have loved to have gotten my prom dress! It'll be more special that way! Have an amazing weekend!

  15. Your prom dress looks so awesome!'The colour si really sophisticated! I;m so jealous, bc you don't have proms over here.

    When are you posting the pics wearing the dress?

    And your lace dress is hot too!


  16. put the yellow dress on please! it looks good..


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