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Tagged by Chacha and Lia both of them gave me theseeee.. Thankyou Chacha and Ci Lia for giving me those awards. both of you a...

Tagged by Chacha and Lia
both of them gave me theseeee..

Thankyou Chacha and Ci Lia for giving me those awards. both of you are so kind and i'm so grateful :)
and guys, please make sure to drop by their page. They got interesting stories to share in their fabulous blog :)
1st stage

1. 5 things found in my bag:
* phone* wallet* notes* pen* hairclip
2. 5 things found in my purse:
* money* id card* atm cad* shop member cards* discount coupon
3. 5 favourite things in my room:
* bed* wardrobe* study desk* tv* piano
4. 5 thing I always wanted to do:
* earn my own money :)
* go around the world
* work in a magazine company
* learn to knit
* shop (always haha)
5. 5 things I currently into:
* blogging
* facebooking
* chatting
* revamping my wardobe content
* d-i-y
The person who inspired you now is: lady gaga
Your five impression of her (the one who tagged you)
* sweet* kind* pretty* creative* nice to talk to
2nd stage

1. Punya handphone?ya
2. Merk + tipe handphone?nokia 6500
3.Warna/gambar theme yang lagi dipakai sekarang?pink and black
4. Wallpaper?a photo of me and my friend
5. Warna casing?black
6. Aplikasi/folder yang pertama keliatan begitu tekan tombol 'menu'?gallery
7. Bahasa yang digunakan di handphone?english
8. Kapasitas baterai saat ini?err i'm charging the battery right now
9. Pakai slot memory? Jenis?micro sd
10. Total kapasitas slot memori? Sisa kapasitas yang belum terpakai saat ini?128 only. the other one is gone haha. havent checked
11. Choice: Banyak terisi untuk apa memorinya?(A) Foto (B) Video (C) Musik (D) Lain-lain?
(a) foto
12. Ada fitur koneksi Bluetooth?yea
13. Nama Bluetooth kamu saat ini?vheney
14. Aplikasi yang paling sering kamu gunakan?messaging
15. Sisa pulsamu saat ini?havent checked
16. Provider seluler yang kamu pake?3
17. Nomer handphone?089891xxxxx

Okay,so i will pass this to all of my followers that can be seen in my right side navigation bar , 35 in total at the time i write this (but i hope it keeps on growing :D ) and all of you who have linked me. Yes, just take all of the award, they are all yours!
thankyou so much for reading, following, linking, stalking my blog hehe
Hope my blog does not bored you to death ;p

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  1. Those are wonderful, thank you for sharing with us!


  2. Congrats with the awards fhenny!

    I also wanna travel around the world & want to learn knitting!

    You have a piano in your room? That's so awesome. I wish I also could play the piano.



  3. @ fashion moment and rain: surely you guys can take all the awards! ;) hehe thanks for reading my blog after all this time :)

    @ rain: yes. i have one piano in my bedroom :)
    hope we can reach our travelling-around-the world dream. :)

  4. congratulations!!!

    it was fun to read your answers:)


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