GoGirl Look 2009

Good afternoon readers, this is Fhenny, reporting about the latest event from GoGirl, a famous teenage magazine of Indonesia (especially in...

Good afternoon readers, this is Fhenny, reporting about the latest event from GoGirl, a famous teenage magazine of Indonesia (especially in Jakarta).., the GoGirl! Look Crowning Night 2009.

What: GoGirl! Look 2009
Theme: Together in Neverland (fairy, pirates, indian, lost boy)
Venue: Balai Sarbini, Semanggi, Jakarta
Date/time: Saturday, June 20th 2009

I am so sorry for the low picture quality. Wrongly set my handphone camera image quality.

Went there with my friend, Sofie

the finalist...
The 20 finalist, dancing.

Performance from Vidi Aldiano then Maliq and the Essentials. Love em! Besides that, there were also Drew (you should hear their single "unromantic" if you havent, soo nice), Pandji, and J-Flow.

Congatulation to the winners! :)
the first prize goes to Nazilah Abdullah.
2nd: Keisha Xaviera
3rd: Vanessa Febriyani
Favourite: Cindy Joanna

Surprisingly I met Talisha from Ribbonyboo! So happy to see her :) She called me and I was so surprised she recognized me. In real, she is so kind, has nice voice, humble, and sweet. Wish we could chat longer :) and hope can meet her next time.

based on the dresscode, my outfit was fairy-ish
dress: Dorothy Perkins

shoes: Charles and Keith
floral headband: vintage
clutch: bought in SG
bangle: gift from friend

The goodie bag! t-shirt, chocolate, nail polish, ovale product

My internet has been so annoying! I dont know why, it keeps on disconnecting. So today when i find it runs good, i open the blog right away :D Sorry if i havent replied your comments.. :(

I have some vouchers too to be spent this holiday :D lovely!

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  1. How fun! Awesome photos :)
    xox, mavi

  2. You look beautiful - I love, love, LOVE the dress you wore! It definitely fits the dress code, and is so cute and stylish too!

  3. aaahhh hadiahnya asik-asik banget kak fheeenn! *drooling*

    you look so beautiful on that dress! ;)

  4. waaa agree with putri. i love the dorothy perkins dress. and you look really pretty on it :) aaahh.. kangen kopdar nih kak. pengen cerita-cerita a lot of things huhuhu..

  5. It looks like so much fun... and I LOVE LOVE your fairytale outfit. You look so beautiful babe! xx

  6. looks like so much fun!

  7. wah seru banged ya acara na?
    info pemenang gogirl look na malah lebih cepet tau dari lo neh, fhen. =D
    gue suka foto lo yg di atas isi goodie bag,
    looks like the fact fairy.

  8. Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog and lookbook page :) I love your dress, can't believe its Dorothy Perkins!

  9. the dress is so cute :)
    kamu cantiik bgt pake dress itu..

    the floral headband makes it perfect :D

  10. love the color of your dress.. thanks so much for stopping by my blog !

  11. fhen.. nice dress. so fairy-ish. i don't even bother to follow the dresscode.. hehehe thanks. your voice is so soft and calmm.. yeahh u're so nice in personn.. hope we can meet again sometimes.. (:

  12. looks like you had a blast!! and you look so beautiful!!!

  13. I love the first photo!
    you look so pretty , like an angel :)


  14. Very cool! I love the theme and your dress and the pictures by the window. So dreamy.

  15. Thanks for your comments. I love vintage!!

    This looks like so much fun and you look great in the feminine dress and headband!!


  16. hi fhee!! ak ad tag buat km d blog kuu..
    btw, gmn kbr? tmbh keren aj blog mu.
    i love it. x))

  17. i love the flowers in your hair

  18. fhen dressnya oke bangeet, two thumbs up! :D
    wuaaah goodie bagnya banyak banget :D
    hhihi, liburan kemanaa?

  19. Cool hair piece you're wearing!

  20. i bet the event was so fun ! love your dress ! haha . ah this is my new blog , just so you know :D


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