punk in my blood

i am a bit of chameleonic. yes i am. i love tiered skirt and gorgeous heels as much as i love chains and ripped off jeans. black tank ...

i am a bit of chameleonic. yes i am. i love tiered skirt and gorgeous heels as
much as i love chains and ripped off jeans.

black tank top: Dorothy Perkins
White see through tank top: Forever 21
ripped off shorts: Forever 21
boots: hongkong
chains Sleeve: Atsuki GL (actually part of a tee)
cuff: accessories stall in EX
necklace: Rendezvous

punk and grunge style are.. (maybe) my alter ego. well, i just like to be rebellious in fashion sometimes. I love to try different fashion style and i think this teenage life should not be monoton. and err.. yea i may not be everyone's little princess.

the chains sleeve is love

Have i ever told you that i love Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldof?
(source tfs)

I just love how they dress up in casually stylish way. Not a kind of too-girly-glamour girl, but i think their style is more laid back and still update with the trend. They are two of my inspirations ;)

by the way i'm glad today dad bought a new aircon and they have just finished installed it in my room cause the old one broke down two days ago. now i can sleep as usual haha. :D

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  1. whoa fhen, you badass chick! i know you're more sweet and sassy when it comes to your personal style but youre so cute pulling this off!

    btw, i tagged you for some Q&a. thanks for all the awards love. always, always appreciate it. btw answer the tag when you can! JUST refer to my recent post.

    much love


  2. how cute are you?!

    I love their style too!!!

  3. Fhenny!

    I agree with you trying new sort of styles, even after your teenage years! You look fierce on the piccas! Def. should try this more! But I also like your cutie, girlie style :)

    BB's are so addictive...you've to get one :)
    And grass parkeets are easy to pet. Once a week clean the cage, give them food & water every day. And probably vacuuming one time more, than you usaully do. They are so adorable...sometimes just sits on my laptop :)

    Take Care, girlie!


  4. I like the combination!
    Thank for your comment , it helped me a lot !


  5. I love the chains. I thought for a second your arm was in some sort of cast, though. Whoops.

    Cory and Peaches are amazing--a little overrated, but amazing nonetheless.

  6. You look incredible.
    I love your top and attitude in these photos.


  7. im the same way, i like both styles=)
    I really like your outfit, and I love the black dress in the last picture

  8. nice boots...
    skuwl di dian harapan... baru lulus.
    kalo lo? =D

  9. oh! love your looks and your inspirations!!! and........................................
    THAT SLEEVE!??!?! FUCKING RADICAL!!!! love it!!!

  10. punk is in your blood and it looks good! ;)

  11. I'm so with you on that! Frilly skirts one day, studs the next? Love it!

    thanks for the kinds words too.

    love the fashionkiwi

  12. You look gorgeous! I love your outfit and your poses. The draped shirt and socks with shoes are totally awesome.

  13. wow! super coool! and i love peaches geldof too <3

  14. Fantastic outfit! I like the way that white t-shirt looks on you!

  15. wow. supper rocking sleeve !

  16. thanks for dropping by girl :)
    nice outfit, i like that chain sleeve :)

  17. thanks for your comment :)
    yeah it's so much fun !!
    hope i'll get rich&famous one day hahah!

  18. oh i love your rockin style! I think a bit rebelloius is always good :)

    and i love peaches too!!

    (great blog :))

  19. You are so cool! My dear dear fhen!!This sleeve is soooo fierce!

  20. That sleeve is very cool. It's always nice to change your style around--I hate it when I feel put in a box stylistically when really I'm just in a certain style mood. :)

  21. ddeee sayaaaaaaaanggsss !
    pas ultah FF ntar make over-in kk yiaaaaaaa !

    kangeeeeeeeeeeeeennnn !!!

  22. I'm exactly like that too - my style is constantly changing to fit my mood :)

    I love that first photo of you - model status!

    La C.

  23. I also love Peaches Geldof and Cory Kennedy dear :]


  24. love Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldo to..
    they look fab!

    u to dear.. =)

    love, v

  25. Love the look! That sleeve is awesome... you're definitely rocking it! Oh, and for cupcake recipes, I just follow the recipe from Magnolia Bakery in New York. If you google it onine, you'll find it. It's not that difficult and very yummy :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  26. hey fhen.. we met today! hahaha did you stay till the end of the show? who's d winner? hahaha i'm glad u recognized me! your voice is incredibly soft.. love it.. i'm so happy! hahaha mind my over-excitement =D

  27. i love that embellished glove!


  28. You look great, darling! Love that chains sleeve!

    And I adoooore Peaches and her style<3

  29. waaa i love the forever 21 see through tops. heheh. coolio! miss you kak. uda lama nga smsan/chatting juga hehe. new post btw :)

  30. cory kennedy and peaches geldof rock!!!! I also like them. I like your outfits. I like the fact that you like tiered skirts as well as ripped-off jeans. :)

  31. great stuffs you have there.. especially the chain sleeve :)
    and yes, i love dq blizzards, i'm craving for it s i'm writing this ;)


  32. I tagged you, check today's post


  33. I love it, so rock and roll chic!!

  34. You look awesome! Love the outfit. ;-)

    xoxo, Shelly

  35. Thanks for your comment.

    And I ADORE that cuff, tis seriously the shizz. Where can I get me one? :)

    I agree with you too about being a fashion chameleon. Nothing is more fun and liberating.

    Have a great one

  36. Hey dear, waaa and you look so cute wearing punk!
    I hope you're doing fine!
    I just finished my exams, so long and hard, but now it's summer and vacation and i want to live every second!
    wish you all the best!be very very happy and lot of sun and fun!

  37. hiya Fhen, think you look smoking, loving the layered tees and arm sleeve cuff. you look badass :)
    muah x

  38. I like what you are wearing on your arm!!!! You pull it off so well.

  39. Ahhh, steal my heart! This is rock-chic perfection! xx

  40. Thankyou for visiting my blog, I enjoy your blog too. And love your style btw.

    Also, might I also add that I totally agree with you on Cory and Peaches, they are both so hot! Love, x.


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