(not) our last goodbye

So... i had a chance to meet some of my primary school mates. I still see some of them before the holiday, but i havent seen some for years....

So... i had a chance to meet some of my primary school mates. I still see some of them before the holiday, but i havent seen some for years. We all have grown up :) Cant imagine meeting them 10 years from now lol.

what: Ketapang 1 2003 Primary School Reunion
date/time: june 10th 2009, lunch time
venue: Pancious pancake house resto, Plaza Indonesia Extension

some of us went to kara-okayyy! It was fun!


On July 11th, i went to Grand Indonesia for some shopping and dinner with my mom :D

bought DKNY series ny4529 chronograph watch and blazer from Forever 21


This is weird..
Me and my mom had dinner at MyPancake resto that night. I ordered chicken and spinach spaghetti, it tastes good but i think the sauce is just a bit too much and the drinks called pink panther is just not that okay.

When we asked for the bill, the waitress said someone from the other table has paid the bill for us, and that person initial is A.P. I was totally confuse. I had a friend exactly named A.P, my middle school friend but i just wonder why did he pay the bill for me. I called him but he didnt answered, then i asked him through the facebok wall

me: did you go to GI tonight?
him: no, it is suppose to be the primary school reunion, right? (he's my middle school friend, not from primary)
me: no i mean tonight, the reunion was yesterday
him: no, why?
me: seriousslly? this is soo weird
him: really, i didnt go. what's wrong?
i told him about what has happened but he didnt respond.

2 possibilites:
-it was him but he didnt wanna admit
-it wasnt him. someone pretended to be him. and he thinks that i am crazy, maybe, haha

but this is true. and i am still curious about who it was!
but anyway thank you mr.anonymous for paying my dinner..


Last tuesday i went to Senayan City, with my bestie Darryl :D
semi coat with zipper and stud detail: Liz Claiborne
legging: kandang sapi buntal stall at jakcloth expo
shoes: Charles & Keith
bag: Jasper Conran
watch: DKNY

watched Hannah Montana the movie. Miley is a girl with a big dream, but now when she has already achieve it, will she reveal her identity and admit her hometown? It is somehow hilarious and that butterfly fly away song is soo touching.
" life is like a climb, at the end the view is good"
I have been busyyyy these days. I have booked airline tickets, copied required documents, made a new spectacles, went to money changer, went to ArteMedia for some art materials i havent buy, etc.
and tomorrow i still have lotsa thingsss to do: exchanged money again, go to my agent, take the tickets, take the spectacles, print photos, send item to my friend, buy few required things, prepare my clothes, packing, etc
Hope you can understand if i havent replied your comments or visited your blog. soo sorryyy.
status: BUSY for the moving out

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  1. Wow, I wonder who paid the bill?! Whoever it was, was very sweet though! Looks like it was a fun reunion! ;)

  2. haha Hannah Montana thats so funny....glad you liked it!

  3. Awwe, that is so sweet that someone paid your bill for you! I love when things like that happen, but it is awkward that your friend seemed so oblivious to it!

  4. hannah montana..cool ^^
    i've linked u..
    and thanks ^^

  5. aaah havent watched hannah montana movie. not interested to be honest. heheh :P it is really sad that you are leaving. and we didnt get a chance to meet! huhuhu T.T

  6. Aw, that sounds like so much fun meeting up with some of your classmates from primary school, I would love to do that too! :)

    And thanks so much for your sweet comment, sorry for the late reply...actually now that I think about it, I'm not sure, maybe I already replied, but in case I didn't, wanted to say thanks, even if it is terribly belated! I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement! <3


  7. you look so cute!!! how odd to have someone you don't know pay your tab!

  8. Wow! I wish someone would pay for my dinner. But how odd that they didn't want you to know who it was!

  9. Wonderful outfit ! I love the blazer :)
    You are so lucky some one else paid the bill!That doesn´t happen often.


  10. Very interesting post! I wonder who paid your bill too? ;-) Very nice of them. Love your outfit!

    xoxo, Shelly

  11. looks like you had fun.... i like the jacket its so cute and seeing the watch hammers it into my mind that i need a watch.... wow i would go to that resturant more often lol.. thats so strange

    Vi from Cali

  12. you've been tagged! http://burgerwithchilisauce.blogspot.com/2009/07/what-makes-me-happy.html

  13. aww so lucky ! free dinner . hahhaa . i liked hannah montana :D

  14. haha.. interesting! i reckon its you friends who has paid the bill. where are you going? take care anw.

  15. that's really a weird story!
    hehe...maybe he's stalking you?lol!

    i love your outfit
    and the dkny watch is awesome!


  16. kangeeeeeeeeennn ddeeeeeeeeeee :((

  17. I adore your new blazer!! So cute :-) those tights look fab on you, by the way, doll.

    P.S Check out my new site when you get the chance, it's finally up!!!

  18. i like ur watch!
    let me steal from u!
    > <

  19. my life so far so good :]
    udah mau pindahan yah darl?
    duhh duhhh yang mau ke sgp!
    so awesome! hehehe :p
    yang ngebayarin km mam, jgn2 secret admirer km fhen :] a lil' crush that you didn't expected.

    btw I love the blazer.
    muach *smoochie

  20. Hope your doing well. I see that you haven't posted in a while. I wanted to let you know that I have given you the "Honest Scrap" award and tag.

    xoxo, Shelly

  21. i go camping every year with some of my friends from pre school, it's amazing to see them all grow up. nice tights!

  22. how cute are you??? i loveee the lace and your choice of heel color!!!

    all the great food on your lovely blogs is making me hungry at my work desk. Is it okay that it's only 9:15 and i'm starving????

    thanks fhen! >:)


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