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What have i done for the first week in uni. (uni commences on august 3rd) Sorryyy for lack of updatess.. :( obviously, orientation day get...

What have i done for the first week in uni. (uni commences on august 3rd)
Sorryyy for lack of updatess.. :(

obviously, orientation day
getting to know each other :D my class is ffs1g. went around school, and yeah chat a lot with new buddies!

go to East Coast Park for a field trip

lasalle t-shirt
purple shorts: mango
gladiator sandals: unbranded
cap: roxy
backpack: roxy

then made a postcard as the assesment

this is mine.. :D

attended the welcome party @ lasalle too
made this tower in our 3d class made of satay sticks and sticky rubber

chill out in Swensen's resto after class
with Gaby..

the chocolate fondue tastes like heaven :)
then watched GI Joe with Viny on weekend had cut my bangs haha. well, we planned to watch at The Cathay Cinema, but took the wrong mrt! o god! haha. Not that we dont know the way. We took mrt at Orchard, and talked so much that we didnt notice that Dhoby Ghaut has passed. We alight at City Hall interchange and meant to get back to Dhoby Ghaut but then stupidly took the green line mrt, soo we arrived at Bugis, and we watched the movie at Bugis Junction instead.
well, everyone knows the gi joe action figures ryte? and now, it is brought to the cinema. the storyline is quite okay, but it is not that ah-mazing. great visual effect, though...

well tomorrow i got class at 9am. gotta do some research about contemporary art now (athough it will be handed in next week). I feel okay now, the life adjusting going fine :) (although sometimes i act like a tourist, a lost one hahah) Thank you so much for the support! You are all so kind, giving much encouragement to me :D
gotta catch up with all you guys soon ! :D
much love,

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  1. that fondu looks so good and you look adorable as always!

  2. You are so gorgeous! And seriously, your outfits are always so wonderful. I absolutely LOVE all your pictures =) I've missed you and love this post - that fondue picture makes me SO hungry right now!

  3. Great pics! Love the beach one and a great job with the postcard. All your food pics always have me drooling. Haven't seen GI Joe yet, but I don't really think I'll bother with seeing it in the cinema. Have a great time at uni!

  4. are you a lasallian too?!
    i love that lasalle shirt!

    study hard and keep up the good work!

  5. oh wow that sounds really fun ! glad you had fun in singapore . hahha . i haven't watched gi joe but i will . xD

  6. waaa.. yours seems like so much fun kak! huhuhu T.T unlike mine. they're ubber nice sih. tapi cuek"!! iiihh.. mana ngomong bahasa inggrisnya cepet banget lagi. jadi nga nyambung! huhuhu T.T glad you had fun tho. miss youu!

  7. sounds soooooo fun! and yeah.... that food picture make me hungry too... :D

  8. oh my God!
    This ice cream is fantastic! I never seen nothng like this before, just heaven!!!!!
    You look so cute and I love field trips!
    So much fun!!!

  9. I havent watch GI joe but I really wanna :P

    have u watched transformer 2? so cool *drool*
    very cool postcard aswell :)

  10. huaaaaahh..
    bikin mupeeeeeeeengg :((

  11. Looks like fun, I especially love the first few photos (the beach looks oh so beautiful) and all the postcards!

    Hope you're doing well, dear! <3


  12. Good outfit. I like gladiators and shorts...
    And pretty picture :) (card)
    You have a talent :)
    Ummm... Yummy ice-creams. J want eat them ^^
    Feel invited :P :

  13. Looks like you had fun!


  14. looks like you are having fun so far

    Vi from Cali

  15. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..



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