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i am being a superb bad blogger recently! sorry for the hiatus, i am just too busyy like seriously.. hope that i can get back to blogging li...

i am being a superb bad blogger recently! sorry for the hiatus, i am just too busyy like seriously.. hope that i can get back to blogging like before. missing all you guys already! :D

Yesterday i stayed back in school for doing my illustrator work until around 10.45-11pm and was damn tired. Lucky i have finished my hw for tommorow in advance :). it is nearly 5 am in the morning here. i was awaken, so i prepare the things for tomorrow, ironing my clothes, and do some writing for my essay.
I uploaded loadss of pics.. so enjoy :) (pics are in order from most recently to oldest)

make colour grid swatches for my 2d lesson using goache paint
Night out to Butter Factory with my fabulous friends Viny, Ellie from Jakarta, Jenifer, and Michelle last saturday! Also met three of my classmates there. lol. It has some nice graffiti design!

also go for afternoon walk with my friend, Chiu Yen. Walk from City Hall all the way to One Fullerton.

dress: bought in hongkong
blazer: forever 21
shoes: converse
bag: jasper conran

My friend, Falinda came from Jakarta. Watch Final Destination movie in 3d with her at the Cathay. Also sent her to airport beofre departing to Jakarta.

Did my Grey matter homework, the bus journey with my friend Zaimah (should note down things you see along the way). Took bus from Toa Payoh interchange and alight at Vivo City.

tunic: zara
leggings: topshop
shoes: zara
bag: jasper conran
necklace: rendezvous

Made this construction, made from straws. Egg is inside and it survived! I made 228 triangles out of 228 straws

Some photographs i shoot... Sunrise from my room (shoot this while chatting with my friend, gosh we chat in msn from 2am from 5am hahaha) and cupcakes from crystal jade

Went to Clarke Quay with Viny for dinner and went to Zouk for Sander Van Doorn performance! :D

Went to Sentosa with Gaby also
tunic: forever 21
scarf as skirt: forever 21
leggings: topshop
shoes: charles and keith
both tuni and scarf was bought at that day! lol. sudden shopping.

Bought Topshop tights and Zara knitwear.

I also went to the Davinci exhibition at the Science Centre with my friends, oberving his notable work, like Monalisa, the Last Supper, etc but they are only mockup, like reprinted from original and the detail study of each part of Monalisa.

Tomorrow me and my classmates are having outdoor drawing class in Clarke Quay and after that i got photoshoot. I'll show you guys the photoshoot pictures when it is finished. Hope that everything is going well tomorrow.
Will try to get back to you guys soon!

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  1. Awwe, doll, I've missed you too! I'm so glad I got to catch up on everything that has been going on in your life - your pictures are FABULOUS!
    And seriously, I absolutely cannot wait to see your photoshoot pictures, my dear! =)

  2. Fhenny, how ru? missing u so bad girl.. :]

  3. looks like you had a blast.
    well what can i say?
    gorgeous and stylish ladies !


  4. I can understand why you don´t have time for the blog! You are doing a lot of stuff !
    I wish you the best :)
    wonderful outfits!


  5. Thanks for the comment i love ur post and thanks for the tips ^^

    great outfits ^^

  6. fhen, i miss your post dear.. looks like you enjoy singapore then.. all the best for your study iah.. hehehe.. (:

  7. great pictures ! seems you had so much fun dear ! udah lama gag k singapore :)

  8. Loved all these images! Those cupcakes are adorable and all your outfits are great. That's a gorgeous image taken from your room by the way. Hope you're settling into Singapore nicely!

  9. i love all of these looks... youve got some stylish friends too..
    overall the last look is my fav

    Vi from Cali

  10. Hello dear,
    So many cool photos and you look great in that Zara tunic:)
    I hope you're doing great!
    You seem to be very ok so I don't worry for you, hihi:)


  11. Hey, love to follow your blog, maybe you can follow my blog too. Xos


  12. your school life sounds way more interesting then my school life :D
    i remember going there in 2006? SHOPPING WAS JUST TOO COOL! i think my eyes pop when i saw toys r us for some reason LOL
    and might i say you and your friends are very stylish

  13. I planted a yellow jasmine:) It's beautiful, especially the color.
    I love the garden full of color :)


  14. LOL@ if its too loud youre too old . :)

    thanks for visiting my blog .

  15. I hope you get a little less busy :)
    I love the paint squares!

  16. hey cutie! it is so hard to keep up with everything in life, and sometimes blogging has to wait! i will always come back, tho, so please don't fret!

    and i find GOUACHE to be extremely tricky!

  17. Great - great pictures! :) We've both been away from the blog world and I know we're making a fun come back! woo-hoo! ;)

  18. Oh my gosh, that straw thing is really cool!

  19. i can't believe you made the straw creation. i mean, i believe you made it, it's just fantastical! you must be very patient and creative. love it.

  20. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..



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