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So... last term break I went back to my beloved hometown, Jakarta.. :) only for a week. but i think it is awesome! miss all my family and f...

So... last term break I went back to my beloved hometown, Jakarta.. :)
only for a week. but i think it is awesome! miss all my family and friends!!
omg so happy to see my mom's and dad's smiling at the airport! like pricelesss
after that, went lunch together :)

in my bedroom camwhore-ing with my cousins, also went to mangga dua hehe

if I were a student again... i would probably wear this as uniform haha. my imaginative uniform!

white top: armani exchange
black cardigan: zara
skirt: rusty

lace legging: kandang sapi buntal at bazaa
shoes: zaks
bagpack: roxy
hairband: betty la shop
scarf: mom's vintage

went to Taman Anggrek Mall with family

bought this Zara bootiess :)

went to Pondok Indah Mall :) watched the Grudge 3

Went to Plaza Indonesia Extension: had dinner at Pizza e Birra
ordered the Pizza Bond and the Mango beer

Maru Yogurt store. so colourful! After that had shopping session at Grand Indonesia Mall!

Had supper at CO3 Hayam Wuruk. The chicken steak and caramel frappe are deliciouss!!
Then went for Photo hunting around Jakarta at Night. It was around 1 a.m

the horse statueabove is Monumen Nasional. National Monument
below is Hotel Indonesia fountain

Thamrin Street: LV at PI Extension and EX

Went to Senayan City mall to watch Horsemen and ate at Sushi Tei at Plaza Senayan! also ate the Tutti Frutti yogurt. I am like addicteddd to yogurt ahaha. Tutti Frutti yogurt is kinda unique cause you take the yogurt flavour and topping by yourself then they weight it then you pay.

All my shopping :) :)

nb: school has started (right after i went back here) so have to deal with the work
so sorry if i reply you guys latee :(
have a great weekend looveees!

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25 dialogues

  1. you got lots of goodies.. nice boots

    Vi from Cali

  2. you look so cute...love your tights!

  3. Hey, thx for visiting and commenting in my blog. i'm currently working in a local fashion magazine, HERS magazine that is, if you might wanna know. Where do you actually live? Spore? or Jakarta?

  4. hello dear :)
    I miss you too, so much happy when you were commented on mine's blog. Cc next year ke singapore luoh, hehehe. ntar qta ketemuan ya. km ada twitter ya fhen? namanya apa? ntar di follow. hehe, oiyaaaa cc lagi bingung cr hotel or room di sgp, any recommended places, beib?

    miss u alot
    Miss Lia xoxo

  5. I know! Whats your email add? Add me on MSN? pulchritoode@gmail

  6. You & your cousin are so cute in the top picture! Wish our yogurt place was as lively as the Maru Yogurt store! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. so much cool stuff in this post! love those boots! and the "uniform"! and the food looks scrumptious!

    i hope you have a nice weekend!

  8. wah u uda balik dari luar yaa??
    wah belanjaan nya banyak banget, bagi dunk. hehe

  9. the zara boots are the chicness! thanks alot for sweet comment on my last post ..

  10. dd kuu :3

    thx a lot yiaa ,
    berkat tulisan" dd di blog ini ,
    kk jd makin terinspirasi ttg fashion .
    kk jd lebih feminin skrg ,
    heheheu .

    miss U !

  11. great boots you have there! :D

  12. Hello Missy, how cute you look and how many bags from shopping:)
    I hope everything is going great for you, beautiful post and such interesting photos!


  13. cute outfit ^^

    thanks for droping by and i love ur shoes ^^

  14. it really feels so good to be home.
    as the saying goes by, there's no place like home.
    i love this sassy outfit of you!


  15. i've never had tutti frutti yogurt, i guess i'm boring because i always eat vanilla or chocolate. but the orios, yummm. you have made me hungry!
    love your school uniform and the night pics you took. looks like a lot of fun!

  16. aww it's so nice to go to your home sweet home ! :D i bet you must be had fun with your family and friends ! oh you rock that school girl style ! love the tights . btw i adore your zara booties ! so nice . haha .

    oh lenka has come to malaysia . so probably she will come to singapore too :D

  17. waaa.. kk, uniformnya keren banget! hihihi. andai sekolah di sini berseragam. jadi berasa kaya di constance billard nya gossip girl kan ya hahahah *efek nonton gossip girl semalem* ih ka, inget TA, jadi kangen kopdaran lg hehehe :p we shall meet ya kalo aku pulang ke indo :)

  18. Oooh, those Zara boots look terrific! And I love your outfits! Thanks to your yoghurt pic, I'm not craving some desert.... ;-)

  19. Okay so I'm totally jealous. A) I want to go shopping too and B) Your "uniform" is beyond cute. I'm so into lace tights, I'm actually wearing a pair right now. And on another note, I just wanted to say I miss you! I've been having a crazy time with life right now. My boyfriend of 3 1/2 and I just broke up. I'm trying to keep up with my blog though in spite of everything but it has been quite hard. Thanks for still commenting even when I disappeared for awhile. I really appreciate it :)

  20. oh my good, i love your boots! :)


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