the cozy Pavillon

 While i was in Jakarta, i visited this newly-opened unique restaurant with a bathroom concept. You'll be enthrilled by how they incorpo...

 While i was in Jakarta, i visited this newly-opened unique restaurant with a bathroom concept. You'll be enthrilled by how they incorporate the classic bathroom blue ceramic tile on the wall and some tables surface, several toilet bowls with cushion for chairs, and... some customers who loves to take a peek of themselves on the mirror can have their meal on the make up table.
They served various range of food from pancake to pasta, baked rice to steak.

arranged a little lunch meet up with Kak Fika and Tasya that day.

 my carbonara pasta.
(went there again on the other day with my family and tried their baked rice. totally nyummy!)

 The clean environment dominated by white and beige, soft lighting, and some pretty flowers make this place so cozy.
Nanny's Pavillon
Pacific Place #4th F

Then me and kak Fika wandered around before oki joined us. We had evening chit chat at the Canteen :)

Banana Republic orange silk dress
Robot Ninjas military jacket
Topshop grey leggings
Charles &Keith heels

Oh well, finally had a chance to update my little blog. I know i've been away for quite a long time.
New term has started and it takes a lot of my time but thank you for the continuous support!

if you follow my tweet , you know that my uni schedule is quite.. err.. annoying as i have two days which ends at 9pm.
Then again, afterall i should be thankful because this is the path i've been wanting to do. Grateful for this uni cause some people (in other part of the world) cannot have a sufficient education. I'll keep fighting and carry on :)

I'll try my best to do all the school work and keep up with the blog at the same time.
and Happy Independence day, Indonesia!

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  1. aww!


  2. Waa Nanny's Pavilion is always the best place to go! We should meet up next time, ci :)


  3. i have to go to the nanny's pav at pacific place! toooo cuuuteee!

  4. Nanny's Pavilion is unique place!
    Your dress is so cute,
    we should meet next time Ci :)

  5. You are such a cute lady! I love that first picture too! Fun post! :))

    Erin :)

  6. what a great place :D


  7. Wow i think its very unique restaurant! Have a nice day :)


  8. cool place!
    tapi apakah ngga terlalu gmana gtu makan di tempat yg mirip WC?? hehe

  9. hey bebe thank you for your kind wishes, hope u're doing well too...

  10. wow, you are coming to the nannys pavillon at pacific place. i will coming to the nannys pavillion bathroom themes heheh, it looks cute at all

    you are still gorgeous

  11. WOW this is such a great place though the toilet bowls are a bit awkward but the details and interiors are really nice...

    and I love favorite of all...

    great post dear!!!

    take care love

  12. oh wow! that carbonata looks mighty tasty! and i love your jacket, you look super pretty! and im loving the colors of the suite :3

  13. Omgosh that is so cool! The bathroom restaurant thing. One of my church friends told me that she visited a similar type of restaurant in China, and the dishes they used were shaped like little toilet bowls! hahaha so they were eating noodles out of the toilets!

    Thanks for stopping by <3
    And your advice.
    The thing is, both my parents aren't big on the whole "talking" thing.
    It's usually just yelling or silence. They're busy all the time, or tired all the time anyway.

  14. Hey my sweety fhenny <3
    howdy? seems that you've enjoy your time in jakarta and singapore.

    long time I didn't take a look at ur blog, and you've changed into a mature girl :) Have a great day!

    miss you, Lia

  15. great jacket. love it. <33

    please kindly visit my new blog account: The Monochrome Stylitude

  16. Craving for carbonara so badly now! xx

  17. I've checked ur blog.. this is sweet ;)

  18. its okay fhen ! we'll meet up some other time !
    and yess smangat45 for ur good education there ! :) im gonna start my thesis soon as well, so im probably as doomed as you are.. hahah

  19. love the concept.. the carbonara pasta looks really delicious.. how did it taste fhen? too bad our schedules clashed this time.. hoping to see you the next time i visit jkt/sgp :D

  20. love your jacket....!!


    another woman

  21. nice place..

    i have planning too to go there next week...

  22. Nice photos! :)

  23. nicee outfit c fhen. c fhen skitar 8-16sept gtu plg indo gk? hehe
    I wanna meet u so bad :[

  24. wow.. the place is perfect!!
    and the pasta looks so delicious :9
    wow.. great!!

  25. Thanks (belatedly) for your comments doll, they really do make my day!

    I love the look of these interiors, very mad men

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  26. man you make me miss Indonesia so bad.. nice post anyway, cool outfit as always ! cheers.

  27. WOW!! that's place is so unique. i love ur outfit too :) looks so comfort in it..
    yeah, u must be patient with the uni "thing" trust me i ever felt what do you feel now. just enjoy it!! uni years is the best moment that i ever had :)

    hug and kiss

  28. waw looks like it's cuter than nanny's pavillon in bandung :D
    wanna visit it!
    and love your look, love your blog too, nice to know you and your blog! <3

  29. Love the new layout of your blog, darling! You look wonderful, the food looks amazing and I adored this whole post! :)

  30. what an interesting place to go out and eat :)
    I've never pictured myself eating while sitting on the toilet but the place seems uber cool..defnitely worth a try!

    eclectic du jour

  31. good luck with you college thingy fhen!! I know your sched is crazy..but I'm sure you can do it well :)

    anw,,it's really nice to meet you..hope we can meet again when you're back to jakarta..hehe

  32. love your jacket ci!! nanny's pavilion d mn sh yg d jkt? kliatanny bgs bgt tmptny. ak tauny yg d bandung


  33. its a odd concept-but it works somehow! very cute place!

  34. hey thanks for commenting on my blog!

    followed your blog:)


    P.S. let me know if you want to trade links by email:)

  35. Wow! That is so strange! I've never heard of this type of restaurant design before. Definitely a unique experience.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rambles with Reese

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