Stair Fall Winter 2020

Stair Fall Winter 2020

Stair Fall Winter 2020 | Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week Series

Stair Japan Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Stair is one of my favourite Japanese designers who showcased in Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week. It combines both masculine and feminine silhouette in an ultra modern way. It is an epitome of chic and is a perfect for you who loves a multifunction minimalist wardrobe that will last for years to come. The Fall Winter 2020 collection is filled with neutral shades and adorned with beautiful reflective prints. It also make use of textured materials like satin, quilt, as well as eco leather.

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I have always love a good sense of vintage and modern combination. This Assymetry Silhouette Satin Dress has a powdery texture that reminds you of a good vintage satin silk dresses. Its Asymmetrical design that cut on the waist gives a moderate three-dimensional effect. It also has a gold accent on the back zipper. It will be perfect for your evening dinner and special occasions.

Make a statement with this JQ Paint skirt that comes in two colours. The original textile shows the feeling while being in Kiryu city, Gunma prefecture. It is made with the glorious paint and drops technique and using glossy thread. You can enjoy the expression by adjusting the light and angle while wearing it. It also comes with a matching Paint JQ bag. Perfect for your daily errands.

Everybody can make use of a good versatile top like the High Neck Top and Scarf. The pleats technique brings out the beauty of this fabric. You can match the top with your favourite skirt or pants for a good office look. It is also comes with a printed scarf that can be used to adorn the wrist or neck or even your bag handle.

An epitome of luxe, the 2way Boa Coat will elevate any of your outfit during winter time. The special part is that it can be worn in 2 ways with a set of easy-to-use short and full-mode collar parts. The entire surface is bonded with eco leather and a dense boa. It comes in black and ivory colour, which one is your favourite?

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Stair Brand Profile | Japanese designer

Designer Ryoko Mukasa was born in 1986 and is a Fasion Technical School graduate. She started the brand in 2016. Stair is a playful and femininity for modern women that does not try too hard.
The theme is to play today's mood and enjoy the fusion of texture and surprise. Stair develops the real clothes to feel their value and exhilaration. The entire design is based on the original masculine and modern femininity.

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  1. Wow loving all these pieces!


  2. Mi piace molto il mix uomo/donna =)!

  3. Hi there! Hope you're having a good week so far!

    I loved to get introduced to new designers, so thanks for that! Specially if they are from Asia. I think Japanese designers have very innovative and cool proposals that we must look.

    I loved the style of Stair, simple and minimal but with an unexpected twist and interesting patterns that give that extra touch!

    All the best and I'm gonna look the other posts of the week :)

  4. I love asymmetry in clothing and the mix of textures here are lovely! Thanks for sharing xx


  5. I'm in love with every single outfit! Keep up the good work.

    Be safe, xx

  6. I loved the clothes!
    Very different and innovative design. Liked it :)


  7. These pieces are beautiful! I'm in love with the minimal designs and interesting cuts!


  8. Love love everything !


  9. Omg these coats are heaven. Stunning collection!


  10. Fabuloso, the black dress being my favourite.

  11. These pieces are so amazing... Have a beautiful day!

  12. This collection is beautiful! I love the coats look x


  13. Beautiful fabrics! It all looks so luxe!


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