eyelash extension experience

eyelash extension experience

Eyelash Extension Jakarta Dandelion Salon

Hi everyone, I have been very busy this past two weeks that I only have time to do another shoot and post. I have gotten my first eyelash extension done. There are so many eyelash extension in Jakarta but I chose to get in done in Dandelion Salon. See below the details of the result.

Eyelash Extension Result

As this is my first eyelash extension, I was quite concern of what to expect. I chose the natural C type curl that resembles my natural eyelash. The process took about almost two hours. It begin by cleansing the eye area, and putting the tape on the under eye. There are two three strands per set that is being put together, so it is not single strand. I'm glad that during this social distancing period, the team takes safety protocols quite seriously. Here's the result of the eyelash extension, what do you think?

Eyeleash Extension Maintenance

Overall, I feel that the maintenance is quite easy. You just have to avoid rubbing your eye area to avoid serious fall off. You also need to be gentle while washing your face and while ising towel to dry. They will give you this little comb wand that you need to use overtime after washing your face and combing the eyelash upwards in its natural direction. After all, I'm very happy with the result and it is in fact still well intact after two weeks.

What do you think of my eyelash extension? Have you done any extension treatment before?


  1. This is nice, you look you great.

  2. Hi there, glad to see that you came back to blogging :)

    I'm glad also to see that you had a great experience with this eyelash extension, it looks like a very professional service since the result looks super natural really!

    And the photos you did to show the result are also mangnificent!

    Keep creating and happy weekend :)

  3. wow, you eyelashes are so pretty! I hope you have a great week <3

    x Natalie
    Lucy and the Runaways - Blog and Instagram

  4. Ooohh I definitely need this now...
    You look beautiful, carina!


  5. Wow! 2 hours! But, it sounds like they put a lot of detail into it and they look nice and full, yet natural. I'd love to try out something like that eventually.


  6. Your lashes look beautiful, I love that you picked a style similar to your natural lashes. They look naturally long and fluttery rather than like you're wearing a set of false ones. I've never had lash extensions before (always been too nervous) I'd love an update when you've had them on longer/ get a new set x


  7. I've always been curious about this. Your eyelashes look beautiful!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. Your eyes look brighter with those lashes 🙂

  9. Your eyelashes look really natural. So beautiful!
    The New Wallet

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience. My gf is considering having eyelashes extension so I think your article will be so helpful to her!

  11. Your result is very amazing. I've never tried this treatment! Have a beutiful day.

  12. Your extensions look so natural and pretty! I think the size and curl are just perfect xx


  13. I've never had eyelash extensions, but a few of my friends rave about them! I love a full, long lash!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. The results is amazing, so much natural and beauty


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