menswear fall winter 2010

menswear fall winter 2010

Ann Demeulemeester
the collection really catches my eyes. Black on black seriously never fails. fierce, and whimsical at the same time, which somehow reminds me of the vampire-ish theme. love the layering, ah-mazingg texture, and that black coat.



Burberry Prorsum
We never can get enough of the military theme! military colour of brown and army green fills the runway and seriously who can resist the details of that military style buttons and shoulder pad?

Dior Homme
keep it simple and chic as always. Good fitting and the neat look of Dior Homme is the fabulousity factor. Yes black and white never dies :)

Lanvin plays a little bit of colour, although it is still muted yet attractive, like navy and maroon. Keep the outfit baggy but get the belt on. Besides that, he headband details also can be found in this collection. 

Louis Vuitton
Kudos to Louis Vuitton for the hauteness of entire collection! Well fitted or straight leg trousers, coat or blazer in different colours, shirt and vest, name it honeyy, it's like all under one collection.

Neil Barrett
Winter is not always associated with wool. Grab the leather jacket and you are ready to rock the winter bleak away. and yap! Trousers which is tucked inside the boots will complete the look.


Rick Owens
baggy outfit, runched shoes, and long coat are the key items of Rick Owens' collection. This give the laid back feeling but still looking stylish at the same time.

Viktor and Rolf
Back to the old school days? Checkered pattern, geeky glasses, bow tie, and iconic vest give the collection a preepy look. It's up to you wether to pick neutral colours or a wee bit of colourful outfit.

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well that is my review on some of the menswear collection of fall winter 2010. Please share your opinions with me :) Well actually i was only browsing for the collection, but a friend suggests me to post these up. So here it goes! will dedicate the post for you and my readers :) and yap, this is my first ever review about menswear in this entire blog, well in other words expanding my view :)


  1. I love the military inspired jacket on burbery prosum collection. This is my favorite, indeed!!

    thanks for sharing, Fhen.

  2. This post is amazing I love it so much!! Men’s wear inspires me so much! It’s like a guide to me no joke I love oversized sweaters and blazers I love blazers!!!! So so much they make a simple outfit brilliant! Am thrilled with this post I love it♥ thanks darling for the amazing comment!

  3. This post is amazing I love it so much!! Men’s wear inspires me so much! It’s like a guide to me no joke I love oversized sweaters and blazers I love blazers!!!! So so much they make a simple outfit brilliant! Am thrilled with this post I love it♥ thanks darling for the amazing comment!

  4. I'm normally rather blasé about menswear but the Ann Demeulemeester collection is really cool. Just when I thought I'm ready to give up black... (Re your question: Don't remember, sometimes I just stroll; but nice to have found you!) x

  5. If only avarage men were more classy...

  6. i never really look at menswear but there's really good stuff in here..

  7. ooh! i like most of these looks. except i am not crazy for the nerdy last set of looks. but that is just me. :)

  8. i always love burberry much!
    nice post fhenny :D

  9. wowie. if only guys at my school dressed like this. ;]

    thanks so much for your lovely comment!


  10. great post, i really need to get into mens fashion more!


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  13. thanks for following me, i've following you too ;)
    i'm played Go-kart at Pantai Indah Kapuk..

    i love your post!nice men's wear!

  14. love Ann Demeulemeester's collection.. i would definitely fall for guys with this kind of look ;)

  15. Thanks for following me back dear! :) love this post!! btw, I am studying in Jubilee School, Jakarta. Do u know? I'm still in grade 12. :) how bout you?

  16. how i love rick owens'! :D:D

    i have class on friday! usually stay back on that day until saturday D:


    Cupcake vs Stiletto

  17. oo such hot men & i love the clothes & styling <3

  18. You can never go wrong with Ann D. For men or women. She is just amazing.

  19. Love the boots so many designers have been featuring in their menswear lines... Perfect with slouchy jeans tucked in :)

    ♥ Hannah



  20. Thanks for posting! I don't usually look at men's wear too much, so it's always nice to catch a glimpse of what's recently been on the runways. I love all the layering. I have yet to meet a guy who dresses half as well as any of these guys on the runway ;)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  21. all the jacket are very great!
    nice for inspirations,,

    and thank you for your comment btw dear,, :)


  22. Hei... it's a great style for man! =)
    Btw, I've followed you back. it's such a lovely blog. like it.. ^^

  23. such an amazing post dear <3
    thanks for the link and follow, of course i'll link and follow you back :)

  24. halo kak, thx 4 dropping by yah. :D)
    yes some part is light purple, the other past is winnie the pooh (yellow) hehehe. :D
    waa i like neil barrett.
    btw, are you in Sg rite now?
    thx 4 linking my blog yaa, i'll linking yours, too. :)


  25. the neil barrett collection is awesome :)

  26. really awesome post, the most influential men labels in one browse! and really liking the sleek look they have going on this season. classy.
    i've linked you as well :)


  27. Wow... I love this! Very inspiring & good to know when shopping for bf :) Mon Mode Blog

  28. whoah.
    it's all sooo much fun!

    lovin all the blazers and jackets:)


    thnks for your comment!
    *currently following<3

  29. oh i love viktor and rolf! so chuck bass. haha

    thanks for the coment :)

  30. Fabulous selections, darling! Love your first menswear post, especially the jackets at Burberry and Lanvin!


  31. I love Louis Vuitton and Burberry. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing :)

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  32. I think Ann Demeulemeester and Rick Owens can never do much wrong, but I love all the looks you chose here. The Burberry and V&R ones are very cool yet timeless as well.

  33. I love men's wear..especially the combinations of colours.Just wish my man will be this stylish ahaks...Thanks for sharing.owh I Linked and follow u darl:P

  34. i love all of these collections, tis very great.
    and of course thank you! xx

  35. Wow, I totally love your style! I really like that military-ish vest that you were wearing a couple of posts ago!

  36. Oh you chose some great selections, always love the cutting of Lanvin and Victor and Rolf are so quirky. Love them!

  37. Woah these clothes are amazing!!! I wish guys really dressed like this *sigh*

  38. cool post--I like the "nerdy" outfit the most. Very informative, as I generally don't pay any attention to men's fashion ^_^

  39. love this post on menswear! and everytime i see another blog post about Burberry Prorsum (both the mens and womens collections) i fall in love with it all over again! the military jacket is definitely my favorite. :)

  40. this is actually the first time for me looking at a girl's blog filled with menswear in it ! usually i hate metro sexual men.. hahah
    but i dont mind looking at mesnwear for inspirations :D
    i love the military jacket from burbery prorsum..

    thanks so much for dropping by my blog and the lovely comments :D
    hope you've had a great weekend..
    michelle . @ GLISTERS&BLISTERS

  41. hands down to burberry, neil barret, and viktor&rolf. i enjoy browsing throught the menswear as much as i love the women collection!

    btw, surely we need to go for some food journey one day! can ask yiqin and valencia along. but i might not be free these weeks, so wait until i return from jakarta fhen <33 take care!

  42. i think my favorite is the v&r collection. i would def rock those jackets and pants too haha! its funny because i've been gravitating away from the dark...this post kind of got me interested in it again though..you're right about the black on black...it's a sure thing in a pinch!

  43. ahh too bad can't meet u :[
    wish at June we can meet up ya ci :D

    thanks for your sweet comment !
    .a little princess.

  44. Ann, Burberry, Neil and Viktor & Rolf are my kinda men :)
    I wish we could find more guys like these roaming the streets..

    re: of course..I've added you to my blog roll as well :)

    eclectic du jour

  45. Amazing post, dear! The first collection does have vampiric tones to them! I find them so fasinating!! And it's refreshing to see so many different types of style for menswear, who say women have all the fun?


  46. Tagged you in my latest post. Take a look?

  47. i just like Viktor and Rolf's nerdy boys, xx

  48. i think we can pull this off too right!
    love your blog!

  49. I love the military style by Burberry!

  50. I love that you covered menswear here - very original post in the blogosphere! :)

    And, thanks for "leaving me some love" over at CGC ~ I SO appreciated coming back from vacation to see my dear reader support


  51. so cool to see menswear on blogs! i agreeeee, they are very eyecatching and intriguing... nevertheless.. hot :P

    follow :)? xxx

  52. i always love looking at men's fashion - mainly cause i could never rock it. great photos!

    xx lue

  53. perfect pics
    some of the menswear was much more impressive than this season's womenswear!


  54. I love menswear. rocking review. that first image is epic. Anne D rocks

  55. fantastic looks
    these are so chic, fabulous
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for your sweet comments, it means the world to me!


  56. gosh! if i were a boy! i will drooling for those outfit awesome!
    i love ur blog and i've followed :)
    tenqiu for ur lovely comment in my blog yah :)
    have a nice day :)
    yudia aiiu

  57. I've just discovered your blog and I love it!

    If you want check out my blog and leave a comment! Thanks a lot!


  58. I enjoy reading your review!! I love looking at menswear collections and imgine bf wearing some of the outfits :-P!

    P.S. My heels from New Look are a little uncomfortable at first but you just need to wear them a couple of times and then they feel pretty worn in and doesn't hurt to walk.

  59. I completely agree with you on the collections posted in the post. fall/winter 2010 is looking absolutely beautiful right now and i`m excited for it!


  60. you said it well, sweetie!
    i love all the collections. This is a good inspiration for me on dressing up Mr. Freddy. yay!

  61. always love ann... always rocks!!

  62. NIce!!! I'm soooo attracted to Ann Demeulemeester's collection!! I need to convince my bf with this review ;) lol


  63. fhen, there is an award for you
    check it out!


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