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Prêt-à - Porter   PRE FALL 2010 Cotton Ink, one of the Indonesian favourite clothing brand, has launched their pre-fall 2010 collection. Wel...



Cotton Ink, one of the Indonesian favourite clothing brand, has launched their pre-fall 2010 collection. Well known for its versatile scarf in many range of colour, now they expand the collection by creating clothing line, still with their sine qua none concept, casual with a twist.

In this pre-fall collection, the idea that is collaborated is to create pieces of clothing that is stylish but doesnt sacrifice comfort. Something you can wear at day and night, can be styled in different ways, transitional clothing, and merged in neutral pallette of black, white, and beige. It portrays active woman both in serious and playful side. Thus, you can see comfortable shirts, convertible top, simply stylish shorts, and many more.

convenient Clarissa shirt, in white and black. can be worn at day and night.

convertible kimono top, play with the construction and you can find different ways to wrap and tie it.

delightful basic top and drawstring shorts. complete your look with houndstooth accent shawl.

Miniboxy tee with collar and drawstring shorts in Navy.
These pieces will give you instant nautical look which i cant get enough with.

Loose-fitting oversized shirt in barely blush and drawstring shorts in sky blue.

What I love most about cotton ink, is not only about how comfortable they are, but the signature pieces of wearing them in different ways excite me the most. Involve your creativity in mix matching them with a lot of other items in your wardrobe. Wear it once, twice, or gazillion times with different style and look.
See my previous interview with the shop here, if you havent.

You can order them in their website cotton-ink shop
or grab them in the upcoming Brightspot Market!
Dont be late, cause they will be sold out really fast!

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25 dialogues

  1. I think the collection looks good (:

  2. yah ampun! brighspotnya rame banget!
    and those cotton ink collection are damn great one!


  3. Wow I love everything! Hope you are doing well hun! xxx

  4. Fantastic post! These definitely look like the kind of pieces that could be in your wardrobe for years and YOU'D STILL WEAR IT!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. The collection is wonderful, something I would definitley want to wear myself.

  6. i love the pieces! they are so soft and feminine..yet very structured! beautiful!

  7. I LOVE this collection so so much, droooollllll..... xoxo

  8. brilliant collection - thank you !

  9. cottonink are totally awesome!
    heheh eclipse bgus kok ci u should watch:)
    bsm! yeah i'll come on july 9 hehe u come either?well see ya there hehhe if we met :)

    xoxo kelly

  10. are you going to brightspot? :DD hehehe im going too.. probably on friday!

  11. hey! thanks for the comment. have followed ur blog and twitter, keep n touch :]
    do love their collection and would definitely come to the brightspot market! seems this time the brightspot market is more amazing than usual :]

  12. LOVING this lookbook - what a fantastic collection!! :)

  13. oeh cool!
    yeeh I'm so happy!
    holland gonna be world champion i thinK!
    I hope! ;)
    x amber

  14. Gorgeous collection! And everything looks so comfy! :)

  15. i'm so in love with everything! especially those drawstring shorts. what a great collection :)

  16. nice post!
    thanks for sharing :))

  17. I love how lose and flowey these pictures are! very nice! and agree that Gisele always look lovely :D

  18. gorgeous looks;)

  19. These are great pieces! Love all the colors! xoxo

  20. So gorg. I would love to belt that fabulous oversized shirt!

  21. so cool white shirts fhen!



  22. hello :) thanks for your sweet comment :D sorry for the late reply :s i just got back from my holiday :(
    really wanna gtg brightspot :'( btw linked :) wanna exchange link ?


  23. Such delicate outfits. I love the soft colors!

  24. those light blue shorts in the last pic are so beautiful! they also look very comfy


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