the glass art

the glass art

This time, i’ll be sharing some adorable items that caught my eyes

Yes, im talking about Glass Art. It’s not about ordinary glass but the carefully crafted Murano Glass from Italy, originated from Venice dated back in 9th century. Throughout the years, even until now, these beautiful artworks undergo certain standard of technique and process to get the desired fine work of art.

Besides the vase, martini glass, and bowl above that is simple but elegant which remids me of the beautiful Art Deco in 1920s, there are more other collection of delicate decor. And of course for all the fashion fetish out there, you can view the Murano Glass Jewelry like below.

 Verona bracelet in black and gold

Cascade necklace in amethyst

 Little Frida in Cobalt Blue. The colour is just ah-mazingg!
There are several different designs, layering, and colour combination that you can choose to go with your outfit.
Plus these adorable pendants in gorgeous colour combination and swirl effect

 Murano Calcedonia Pendant. which reminds me of milky way galaxy.

 Amore Heart pendant with black cord

These items will be a great gift for your beloved friend or family members, and yes im quite a fan of adorable decorative artwork, I will make sure in my future home there wil be a pretty glass center piece that will sit there on the dining table. Morever, I think those glass jewelry with prefered design and colour can be an exquisite jewelry to complete your look as well. So, what do you think of these?
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