NIKICIO femme 2011: the white oleander

 This December, we are welcoming the newest collection of NIKICIO Femme, a PrĂȘt-a-porter line which shares the same philosophy with other N...

 This December, we are welcoming the newest collection of NIKICIO Femme, a PrĂȘt-a-porter line which shares the same philosophy with other Nina Nikcio's designs: long lasting, does not depends on season, definitely wearable, and obviously ready to be one of your wardrobe essential. Presented at the Goods Department, Plaza Indonesia, Nikicio clothing collection is paired with shoes from Dr.Martens. Besides that, there's also the collection launching afterwards.

 gorgeous prints on the velvety material

 what can be more identic to resort rather than nautical prints?

 Prime to classic cuts and outstanding construction, this resort season, White Oleander bring up some notable prints, like ikat- inspired prints, polkadots, houndstooth, and other abstract prints.
 this blazer can be worn 2 ways- solid black with print accent or vice versa

Luscious variety of fabrics. woven or knitted you name it all. cotton, chiffon, or the warm blended wool knitted fabric for the sweaters. Some has shimmer accent, runched details, or fabulous print on the go. The pieces range from top, print skirts, sweaters, outerwear, shawl, pleated pants, and gorgeous maxi dresses.

All in all, the collection "screams" resort in a unique way. The sold neutral colours on some pieces make it looks exquisite, while the range of prints gives an edgy touch in a kind of laid back feeling. Nikicio femme resort 2011 gives effortlessly stylish impression and at the same time very well put together. Some pieces really can be worn to work and directly brought for dinner/other event afterwards.

and last but not least, this is my outfit for the show.

Nikicio resort 2011 is avalable at The Goods Dept. Plaza Indonesia extension 4thF and webstore

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  1. aaahh sedih deh tak dpt undagan, koleksi yg ini aku sukaaa... >.<

    seru yah fhen? ketemu banyak org juga kayanyaaa he3

  2. i adore your navy green blazer. and what lovely collection.

  3. nice shots! and loving ur military outwear :DD
    btw, lucky u to had such a great position to shot that day. hehe

  4. look so interesting :)
    and i love ur cute photo :)

  5. that collection is so gorgeous

  6. So jealous that you made it there ci ! What a wonderful show ! Love Nikicio ;)

  7. the collection are fab! and you look nice fhenny :))

  8. Great clothes in this collection! Love your look too!


  9. Nikicio's collection are so cool!
    I love all the pics! you look adorable ci!

  10. gorgeous look!
    love ur jacket and heels! you loo so cute!
    and tthe collections are great

  11. Love is the One who masters all things;
    I am mastered totally by Love.
    By my passion of love for Love
    I have ground sweet as sugar.

    Thanks...wonderful Lady!

  12. Thanks for the comment, Fhenny
    I really adore your style and the shoes are just - perfecto :))

    and don't forget to join my giveaway


  13. The fabrics look liek tehy're so great to the touch!

  14. i love the stylish 70's vibe to this collection! =)

  15. Proud to be here
    how are you there?

  16. The collection is amazing! And your outfit is so nice! Love the way you put things together!

  17. ah, what a lovely collection,
    you look fabulous too :)

  18. Amazing photos, darling!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  19. Some lovely outfits, thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for your wishes, best for the new year for you too.

    Have a lovely day.

  20. u look so chic! it must be awesome to attend the event ^__^

  21. great collection !
    u look awesome ! :D

    congratulation for the winner of giveaway :D

    thx for ur comment,
    check my newest post,

  22. cool outfit!
    it was so nice to meet you fhen! :D
    gw gabisa komen di post u yg paling baru fhenn. anyway i love your shots & quotes about christmas!
    merry christmas & have a great day! :)

  23. This is re: the latest post, as it didn't have a comment box ... I may be in the Mid-Atlantic, but alas, no snow here either. Well, a dusting, but my rule of thumb is it must at least cover the grass to be counted!

    Hope you had a marvelous Christmas! Belated thanks for your lovely comment!


  24. nice outfit ;) the green blazer looks great <3


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