MFW day1: Kim Choong Wilkins- Bodybound

MFW day1: Kim Choong Wilkins- Bodybound

"We must not look at goblin men;

We must not buy their fruits:

Who knows upon what soil they fed;

Their hungry thirsty roots?"

Inspired by this verse by Christina Rosetti and the photography of Joel-Peter Witkin, BODYBOUND is brought into being.

Featuring the sharpest edge of spikes and luscious knitted texture, this collection is the first supreme creation from this Royal College of Art graduate, Kim Choong-Wilkins.

 As described by the designer himself "the collection explores the human condition; desire and the perverse."
By analyzing the conection of seduction and repulsion, it extracts the punk element of sturdy studs and spiky metals and the hokusai details of samurai long skirt.

It is where a design is meant to amplify the aethetic of equalizing form, structure, and texture.  It is sharp, rigid, showing strength in each individual. Distinctive design elements is so extraordinary that it may creeps you out. Almost like a turmoil, it attracts the eyes, stab into your heart, then mezmerized the brain. You are just spellbounded.

 Utt and the designer himself, Kim Choong-Wilkins.

 short interview with Utt after his presentation in Bodybound.

Bodybound is showcased at MFW hall B and at Glamour Inc. Showroom represented by Best of British.

The whole collection is so badass and ah-mazing, totally not for the faint-hearted.

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