blueprint: indonesian designer evening

blueprint: indonesian designer evening

Danjyo Hiyoji
Their brand philoshophy of "exploring individual's youthful spirit combined with modernity", is articulated in the cruise collection that is sleek but makes the wearer stands out among the crowd. Dominated by sheer fabric in nude and neutral colour with the top notch tailoring and details. In this set, their womenswear is more elaborate, compared to the refined menswear that is quite simple.

 the tier skirt is chic and elegant at the same time.

Available at : *Level 1 Grand Indonesia.
                     *The Goods Dept Plaza Indonesia
visit their website and twitter


A brand by the duo Andrea Risjad and Amot Syamsuri. In "Journey", the colour of the garments showcased is mostly moss green and its monochromatic grey variation with remarkable cut out details on shoulder or at the back. Combination of texture is simply balanced and well thought. All in all,the whole collection screams laid back, chic, and confortable.

 really love the prints on the jumpsuit and cutout hoodie below.

 details of the back. simply lovely drapery.

visit their website and twitter
Kle features gorgeous dyed and pastel colour blocking garments in the most divine flowy fabric topped with some runched and drapery details. Perfect combination of sheer and shiny materials built together for a look, that you can't take your eyes off. It shows feminity in bold languange- It is graceful and at the same time adventurous.

 the dyed textile is just awesome
 the final dress, so divine.

Available at *Level 1 Grand Indonesia
visit the website and twitter

all photos are captured  by me.


  1. beautiful clothes!! I love the platform shoes as well!! xx

  2. proud to be Indonesian, i love the final dress from Kle ( super cute ) and the shoes from Danjyo Hiyoji is superrbbbb edgy :)

  3. Love the Indie clotingline. And the Goodsdepth for sure because it always serves us nice clothing :D

  4. i agree what tara said, the kle's final dress is just awe-some! and did u take those photos by yourself? if its a yes, i definitely want to learn photography from you!LOL

  5. great post ♥


  6. this is quite a report!
    and i love KLE and Danjyo!


  7. What a great event at all
    I'm proud as Indonesian
    Great report, darling :)

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia ☺

  8. I adore Kle and Danjyo Hiyoji! I must get their latest pieces, they're absolutely stunning! X


  9. I adore that tier skirt! (:
    And that green-jumpsuit-thing ;D

    And yes, it was such a great get-a-way, haha! I'm going again in a few weeks, and I'm so happy about it! ;D

    I love your blog, deffenitely followed!
    And I would love it if you would follow me back, haha (:

    xx <3

  10. i love danjyo!! <3 anyway, it was nice to meet you fhen hehe.

  11. I love this report, my dear! I cannot get enough of all those beautiful shoes. Now I'm craving a trip to Indonesia to see a fashion show!

  12. amazing collections!!!

    xoxo from rome

  13. yayy! Cool report and go Indonesia! :D
    I love Kle collection <3


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