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One of the nicest morning is when you get something delivered right in front of your door, and this time this pink box from WOM Nokia seems ...

One of the nicest morning is when you get something delivered right in front of your door, and this time this pink box from WOM Nokia seems to give a lot of surprise. (pic above is snapped with N8 camera itself)

 Slim design with touch screen and integrated 12mp camera are some of the features that I love the most about this gadget, and guess what it really comes in stylish pink-fuchsia colour like no other.

The size comparison with a credit card.

This phone can be tilted to be viewed and used horizontally as well as vertically. The home screen gives you easy access to frequently visited application. Swipe with your finger to move to the next set of application.

 The 2 way function of touch screen typing. horizontal and vertical. Personally i prefer to use the horizontal screen view as it looks more unique and to type in horizontal as well (pic 1) maybe because i am used to qwerty keypad. Oh and the touch screen is just perfect, it is just the transition tilt from vertical and horizontal to vertical (and vice versa) that needs several short seconds.

thumbs up for the audio performance and music playback as well

some of the applications i love

browser sample

Opening your favourite fashion application or shopping online on the go? The N8 keeps you updated with latest fashion information on your palm. Browser is fast and comfortable to read as it has 3G and of course wifi as well.

Now it's time to show you some of the photos I took with this handy 12mp equipped phone.

left: BW mode with flash (before haircut). Right: normal indoor colour (after haircut). Camera is integrated with setting of colour balance, brightness, saturation, etc.

snap of some pizza and beer at one of my fave resto,and sample detail of fabric (you can see the sharpness of this camera which i set to highest MP). Things that always filled my camera memory.

and my outfit shot. worn to lunch with my primary school friends and dinner with blogger at the same night. One of my friends helped my to take pics below, but her hand is a bit shaky though :(
Mango tank top. Zara skirt. unbranded leather jacket. scarf won from giveaway by evita nuh. Aldo shoes.

I think the N8 camera is superb enough for a phone camera category. Set it to highest mp option for maximum result. For outdoor it's like no doubt, and great for indoor photo with enough lighting (see 1st pic), unless you have an unsteady hand.

Last but not least, a Nokia application for my blog is up for download!

Anyone else tries this fabulous N8? Share your opinion please! :)

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  1. I'm waiting for the iPhone5 but this Nokia N8 looking appealing aswell!
    Nice review and pictures, you look pretty ^^


  2. I have a BB but this one seem to be much better! You look really nice in the pictures!!

  3. i miss you too fhennn , btw i love nokia too! bb's camera sucks -.-. mau ke SG T___T

  4. I love it that you can type messages in a horizontal position!!!

  5. wow!!! I think Nokia is really going against the latest smartphones...I am a nokia user for years until I switched to BB but I think I must try to love nokia again...


  6. such a cool phone! i love the colour.. and you looks great as always :) love your leather jacket and nude pumps...

  7. The camera is great quality - my first cell phone was a big Nokia when I was in 7th grade - it's nice to see that they're staying up to date! (and of course, I LOVE the pink color).
    You also look so, so beautiful - and are dressed perfectly, as always! xox

  8. Congratulations on your new gadget - in pink! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  9. akhirnya fennn!!!! post baruu hahaha :D aaa we should hang out again kalo u balik yaa ^^ hihihi anyway love your shoesss <3 itu nokianya sih unyu bgt loh

  10. your look is so adorable--i really love it!

  11. i want that one :D but i think i get it now :(
    nice blog btw <3 thanks for your lovely comment on my blog dear :)
    wanna follow each other ?

  12. Wow fhenny! Long time no see you, long time no see your blog too :( My bad. I really love your current head banner fhen! Inspires me a lot, thankyou♥♥

    I love your nokia by the way. PINK!!

    crunchy cheese me

  13. Whoa, congrats for having a gift from nokia. I love the color so much, and not forget to mention your leather jacket! love it <3

    anyway thank you for your comment on my blog <3

  14. Hi gorgeous!
    Love your scarf!


  15. Thanks for your comment! I love your phone, it has a beautiful colour :D Yours Truly, Cindy

  16. you are so cute dear :D

  17. it is so cute, and the fashion feature is cool you can update about fashion everywhere!! :D

    thank you so much for your comment, how about follow each other dear? (if you don't mind actually) :)
    have a great day!

    xoxo, Jessica

  18. Neat post

    Would you like to follow each other

  19. i really want it Nokia N8! and i love your outfits.. i love your jacket and your scarf fhen :)

  20. Lovely photos :) I just found your blog and I really like it, maybe we could follow each other? :)


  21. the pink nokia is adorable! anyway, ooh are you from singapore? i'm going there for a few days for vacation, do you have recommendations on places to go to eat/drink/see/shop? thanks love <3

  22. Oh wauw! I love your pink mobile. Really cute ♥

    Would you like to follow each other?


  23. love the color! so cute and was it a coincidence that the phone color match your skirt? :)

    Joie de Vivre

  24. woah the camera results are pretty good there !
    so much better than bb quality ahhaha ! and yes i do remember our convo at J.Co :) :) thanks for ur comments fhen <3

    hope to see u again soon !

    www.glisters and

  25. Following, plz follow.

    I love this btw!


  26. U look amazıng babe! Love the pınk nokıa : ) x

  27. Ah this looks so cool! The color reminds me of the Pink Motorola Razor from a few years ago (my favorite phone to date!)

  28. I love pink!!! what a georgeous photo

  29. I love your blog :D
    I am following you! Take a look at my blog and, if you want, follow me too :D



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