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how do you define beauty? what makes the so-called ugly, ugly? Some images are just plainly vigorously petrifying that it drowns you in awe ...

how do you define beauty? what makes the so-called ugly, ugly? Some images are just plainly vigorously petrifying that it drowns you in awe and dismay. A substantial image which blurs the line between beautiful and terror.

 f21 white loose tank top. unbranded blue tank top. uniqlo jacket. landsend leather legging. unbranded oxford shoes

"Fashion is often seen as frivolous, but it is my belief that our society must be inclusive, and by denying people he right to be seen as beautiful, you case deep cultural resentment, alienation, and division." - Nick Knight.

"photography is all about manipulation. It's about individual perceptions of reality and that's what people want to see." - Nick Knight.

I came accross VOGUE BLACK by Vogue Italia some time ago, and was wondering what is the purpose of creating this certain site that creates a so called division in white or black models. racist? no?

In the other hand I saw Steven Meisel photographing plus size models in June edition of Italian Vogue editorial, as a contrast to the skinny zero size models usually used. Well in my opinion, curvy does not matter as long as the models featured are not obessed cause it has same meaning with being anorexic, unhealthy.

Above is a series of quick shots of me while doing a recce for a photoshoot project i did last month. Exploring nature in its purest form and far from the bustling city scape. The tree has the best branch structure i've ever seen in this area.

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  1. That's really weird, Vogue black?
    Anyway, I love your photo's!
    The last picture is indeed pretty :) nature is beautiful1 xx

  2. Great post! Lovely photos! You have such a talent for writing! (:

  3. cute top, great pics! :)

  4. yesss i wonder what's the point of making vogue black -.- hey when will u go back to sg? im going there this thursday!

  5. oh wow such beautiful and breath taking photos! i love your concept!

  6. i dont like the idea of vogue black as well :S i think it's pretty racist ! love your casual outfit by the way ! hope we can meet soon again :D

    www.glisters and

  7. Your photography is fantastic! And I love your layered look. Thanks for sharing the Nick Knight quotes - he's such a talent and makes a good point. I agree with you on the Vogue Italia thing. The segregation of black vs white models seems a bit off. And I definitely think they need to be careful when it comes to obsese vs curvy models. Anything too extreme sends a bad message.

    P.S. You can now also follow Haute World on Twitter @haute_world. Hope to see you there!

  8. niceee pics! :D
    And I just knew they have vogue black. It sounds kinda racist, duh!

  9. stunning pics! and i totally love your writing :)

  10. lovely photos fhennn i love the first pic the most!

  11. great photos fhen :) and i love your hoodie...

  12. Love those photos, the first one especially!


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