earth hour 2013

earth hour 2013

Earth hour is neither an obligation nor merely a trend. It is a reminder for us to act against world climate change and to save the mother earth.

Climate change in general is the change of climate system statistical properties over the years. Global local temperature has been raising  1.4°F over the last centuries. Major heat waves, more intense rain in several locations (which resulted floods), the rise of sea levels temperature, and melting ice caps are some of the evidences of global warming.

Join the global campaign to turn off the lights on March 23 2013, 8.30pm local time.
Pledge your participation for Earth Hour 2013 here .

Other things you can do to save the earth:
at home:
Turning off lamps and electronic devices not in used, including television or pc.
Setting air conditioner temperature above 20 degrees. The lower you set the temp, the lower energy it uses
Turning off the tap water while you're brushing your teeth
Install energy efficient light bulbs
Avoid printing out unnecessary documents and do print on both side of papers
Get environmentally friendly washing machine and lamps
Setting up different bin for paper, bottle, and decomposed trash to make recycling easier
Recycle papers, packaging or doing diy for cardboards
Using bio degradable cleaning products

Bring your own bag during shopping to minimize wastage of plastics
Invest in good quality, longer lasting products to minimize wastage
Choose apparels from sustainable materials
Only buy what you can eat - do not waste food
Send back toner printer cartridge for recycling

Together we will make a difference.
Take a chance, make a chance.

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