beauty: aimez moi caron perfume

beauty: aimez moi caron perfume

My current favourite perfume that i use daily. Accidentally visit the newly opened store at Plaza Indonesia. Can't help but enter the boutique and was welcomed with delectable selections of fragrance fountain. Famous for their classic Haute Perfumerie, such as N-aimez queue moi, Tabac Blond, and Delire de Roses. One of the special edition well known worldwide is Lady Caron. This one is from their La Selection Series, a modern take of decades long formula.

//La Selection series 100ml EDP
One ultimate piece from a fragrance house dated back in 1904 founded by Ernest Daltroff.

Top notes: violet, anise seed, mint
Middle notes: iris, bergamot
Base notes: amber, musk, vanilla
Like its name, simple and daring, defies coy and seductive games. This piece from Caron reflects the sense of modern women's achievement. It's nothing like Penhaligon's or Goutal's violet that is too girly, neither like the CDG or Cartier's amber selection. It's totally a balanced mix of feminine touch and masculine warmth. Luxurious yet mysterious. It's like yin and yang in a bottle.

Rated 4.7 / 5

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