Remembering Singapore's Great Leader

Remembering Singapore's Great Leader

First of all, deep condolence to Mr. Lee's family upon the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. He is a great leader that will be deeply missed. I was digging up my photo files, to find a suitable one for this article, then i came across the above picture of the iconic Merlion with Central Business District standing tall behind it on the bank of Singapore River, this all will not be here without Mr Lee and team's effort.

I remember when I stayed in an apartment just across Istana at Cavenagh Road. At times I saw the PM's and MM's car passing by. It is a pleasure to hear the trumpet sound marking some exercise going on at the Istana ground. One morning, I remember that there's quite a big hole bump on the road, and surprisingly the next evening after i came back from school it was already been repaired. This small matter shows of how neat, detailed, and organised Singapore is. 

above: view to istana greenery from my apartment at Cavenagh

From the greenery amongst the concrete jungle, to the little luxury of sitting at the banks of Singapore river, they are all will not be fulfilled, if it is not because of Mr Lee. Again, as a foreigner staying in Singapore, I see how it has a balance and racial harmony, a stable economy, and top notch level of education. I then realise that all Mr Lee's vision is becoming real. 

At times, while coming home late, my friends message me and say, hey it's like 2 am and you have just reached home, how could you survive for another day? In my mind i guess this is how the city is. You are preparing the pre-meeting, having first meeting, second meeting, post meeting after, having a break just to discuss cost analysis, and another appointment has already waited for you. Sometimes i feel tired, but I don't complaint. I would rather do what i love, being active, instead of sitting there doing nothing. I'm not the type of women who sit at home all day waiting for a man. I love being dynamic.

The train track seen from Lower Seletar Reservoir Yishun

Yes the city is bustling, yes the deadline is crazy, yes we all pay tax, and yes we need to queue but so what? I feel what we are working is paid off. I pay the tax, I get a smooth road and good public transportation. Yes the SMRT break down sometimes, but you have no idea of how public transport in other cities are like, even the trains do break down in London, and meanwhile what about Bangkok? 

If you ask me why do i choose to pursue my study in Singapore? Its educational system is indeed allow me as an individual to grow. I'm not used to being spoon feed, we learn to be critical thinkers and do our own research. I can walk home at 2 am from doing project safely without getting mugged.  Different religions have their own religious day celebrated peacefully. I feel racial harmony is one of the greatest thing, what i want my home country to have. It doesn't matter which school you go to, what god you pray for, or what race you are, you have equal chance as long as you work hard.

Today, I was browsing on the news then i came across to this article by sg blogger commenting about LKY. 
"Many people are somehow under the false impression that it was LKY who brought Singapore from a fishing village to the first world city" 
sorry but who are these "many people" you refer to? I'm a foreigner & i know that in 1960's Singapore is NOT a fishing village and already has basic infrastructure.

Furthermore, it is also stated that "LKY is being highlighted too much despite of his team's contribution they were not featured much in our social studies"

Again,in fact in our history books they mention a lot of S.Rajaratnam (contribution to ASEAN) &Goh Keng Swee who contributes to Economic Development Board. Then again, I think without ‪#‎LKY‬ who formed PAP at that time, these intellectual ppl won't be united and steadily moving forward for Singapore's independence. 
So can please justify who are these "many people" you mentioned? Is it just you and your friends? do not generalise or assume. I don't act as if LKY is demigod nor i am against PAP. I just being turned off with a writing that does not have enough facts and generalise as if everyone is like what you thought. I don't know, i think in this mourning period, this kind of comment is like rubbing salt into the wound.

Singapore view from Marina Barrage

Well, as Singapore reach it's 50th independent birthday, I hope it will grow better as a nation and continue to build the legacy Mr Lee has left for Singapore. I feel glad to call it my second home. If in the end i choose to still working in Singapore, going back to my home country, or even moved to another country, one thing i know. After i passed all my years of living in Singapore, i have changed, for the better. So thank you to Lee Kuan Yew and his team to make today possible.

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