modern batik

modern batik

In celebration of Batik day, Pasaraya held the TRIBUTE to BATIK INDONESIA that transform their lower ground level into a temporary batik market for a month. The batik products come from several location in Indonesia and Pasaraya really does have batik for everyone.

The batik comes from different well-known pasar (market) in Java, Trussemi Carbon, Klewer Soo (just visited the real one last month!), Beringharjo Jogjakarta, Setono Pekalongan, Lasem, and Garut. Each area has a different distinctive pattern. Carbon and Pekalongan are well known for its colourful and bigger pattern, while Solo has lighter color and a more delicate pattern, Lasem is popular with its batik tulips (calligraphed pattern), and Jogja is proud with its traditional pattern as well as brown - yellow all season batik.

Besides the temporary one, they also have a revamped section for contemporary batik in the ground floor that houses different brands under one roof. This excites me as I always think that Indonesian art and fashion is interesting, but the thing is that not many local brands incorporate the batik or tenun prints in a modern way. For years, batik is seen as a formal wear (this may relate to the Indonesian history of how to wear it) but as time goes by, I think it is very important to see batik as “prints” by itself and not associating it with merely formal or work wear or even the word "traditional"

Designers like MVL by MV Lydia makes a great work in incorporating batik through digital prints. The selection of silky fabric makes it look sleek and wearable, even for night time. I love how she use the repeated patterns on some the fashion pieces while the rest are kept simple.

Another designer, Sav Lavin makes batik as fashion beau monde by using textures and embellishment. She takes the symbol of wings (Garuda) that is usually can only be worn by the Royal Keraton family into an embellishment on tops and dresses combined with the holographic pattern. This method makes the so-called traditional batik wear looks modern and wearable by the youngsters.

Besides batik, some of the collection in this section uses "tenun", other highly appreciated fabric, in a trendy way. That includes a merrier color palette and youthful silhouette. Sometimes you don’t need to wear batik/tenun from head to toe, a small accent like scarf or pattern in the sleeve goes a long way.

Meanwhile, there is also available batik for men. From a traditional one (high-quality batik tulis) to a more casual tee and stamped shirt. Something that can go into your man's wardrobe without making him looking too “bapak bapak"

What I had for lunch @dapurayapasaraya and a coffee corner from beans resourced from Nusantara, You can find various Indonesian food in the food court and my gudeg tastes so good!

So, when I say there is always batik for everyone, will you believe me now?

See more info in their instagram @pasarayaindo

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