the faceshop oil control water cushion

the faceshop oil control water cushion

Staying in the tropic country like Indonesia or Singapore is a challenge by itself in selecting makeup products, especially your daily foundation. Often, I find the base facial products out there are either too thick and heavy or makes my skin oily,

Practically perfect. The first thing that comes across my mind upon seeing the new Oil Control Water Cushion from Faceshop. This product combines the water-based foundation in a compact hard case with microfoam. It is so easy to use and the microfoam applies the foundation perfectly. I recommend it for traveling as other liquid foundation could be messy and you need to bring the applicator along.

I love how it has a great coverage, doesn't make my face oily, non-sticky, and has minimum color oxidation (color stays for hours). Unlike other foundation, it is so light that I don't feel it clogging my pores, so it is comfortable for daily usage. Upon having it, I have literally been using it almost every day! 

my make up look of the day with The Faceshop oil control water cushion as the base

Here are some of the photos from the launch event!

faceshop oil control water cushion is available in 2 colors

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  2. this is interesting post, thx for sharing

  3. yes you right, live in Indonesia is really tricky because our skin easily get oily. You make me curious to try this face shop!



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