buying jewelry online via orori

buying jewelry online via orori

I always love a piece of classic and simple jewellery that could last for years and years to come. For me, finding the perfect jewellery is a mix between good quality, material, and the design. ORORI is one of the online shopping websites for diamond and gold jewellery online. They have various range from wedding ring, daily bracelet, to diamond pendant for occasional gifts.

ORORI started with physical jewellery store since 2004, but they change their business model into online jewellery store that give ease and convenience for people to shop. It is one of the first online jewellery stores in Indonesia that provides hundreds of design and specification. It has both silver and gold jewellery, ranging from gold bracelet to women’s ring with various diamond embellishments. It aims to give a personal touch to every jewellery and you can also design your own! They use the 3d printer to make your design comes true.

One of the pieces that I love most is this white gold necklace with key shape diamond pendant and clover leaves inside. Its shape is truly simple but the diamonds are eye catching at the same time. I think it is rather feminine and whimsical, definitely an all season favourite. To pair it up, the simple rings with diamond embellishment is a good choice. The ribbon detail looks delicate and elegant on my fingers and I don’t mind to have it for my engagement ring! Well, who don’t love diamonds?

Besides that, this mix gold bracelet also catches my eye. It can be stacked with your favourite watch or worn alone for simple accessories. The neutral colour can also be worn day to night. So which one is your favourite? What are your tips for selecting jewellery?
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  1. Beautiful pieces
    Love all of them
    Have a nice day

  2. Really pretty ci :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  3. Cute necklace :)

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    Maria V.

  4. The necklace is absoltuely awesome, perfect christmas gift!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Lot of greetings, Eva


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