celebrating valentine's day?

celebrating valentine's day?

In Asia, espeically in Indonesia, I guess valentine is considered as quite a controversial day. Some people will argue should i celebrate it? Love is celebrated everyday, so why should I celebrate valentine's day? I somehow think that Valentine is one of those days, marketer use to promote their products. On the other hand, it is one of the chance to spend it with your significat others, just in case throughout this month, or since the beginning of the year you have not spend a romantic dinner or something like that. Then you ask me, do you celebrate valentine? my answer is I have only been celebrating it for 2 years (since I'm in a relationship). Is that important? It depends though. Should I celebrate it? It comes back to you on how you both perceive valentine and how you want it to be.

So why do I celebrate valentine? Aside from my skeptical judgement on the paragraph above (lol) I think is is one of those days you can come back, sit down, and have a good dinner or talk to your partner, again if you two are super busy or have less chance to meet each other this month, this is a good chance! Then you argued back, but you can do it in other days. Yes, but during valentine, the mood and atmosphere is already there, so why not? Who wouldn't be flattered to get invited to a romantic dinner by their partner? Or even receiving a bouquet of roses? It is always good to make your partner feels good (even if it's not Valentine's day).

I am personally not a big worshipper of valentine's day. If the boyfriend wants to celebrate it, then ok, if not, it is okay as well. No fuss, no big deal, just doing it for fun. What I want to share is that this year we decided to have a "letter exchange". We both talk to each other often, but I bet there are things you want to personally write or express through writing. In this modern age, handwriting letter is one of the treasures we can't find every day. Call me old fashioned or sentimental, but through hand writing you are not only reading a message, but you can find a soul in it. No two handwriting is definitely similar.

We regard the "letter exchange" as an activity and to show each other that sometimes little gifts are bigger gifts, as the letter is written sincerely. Sometimes people forget that love can be expressed through the most simple thing possible. Love too, can be expressed everyday through simple gestures. There are days we are blinded by the "online relationship" people posted in social media. In fact, the love itself does not have to be expressed via social media online every hour. Occasionally is fine for me, because I would rather have a good quality offline relationship rather than spending my time keep on posting status updates. I don't want my partner to compete with my phone.

Anyway, we went to a new restaurant in Central Jakarta area called D'Kevin. My partner picked the place as it is new for both of us. Was not too crowded and they had live music, so yay! We had salad, pork chop, and apple pie for dessert. Food wise was good but not over the top excellent. It was in the middle. For all menu, the portion was huge though. So will I reccommend it for dinner? I guess yes, because they serve good food with quite affordable price. So next time if you are stuck in the traffic in Sudirman area, drop by Intiland Tower and have a meal instead of starving in the traffic jam after work.

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