singapore biennale 2016: an atlas of mirrors

singapore biennale 2016: an atlas of mirrors

Had a chance to visit this year's Singapore Biennale at Singapore Art Museum, entitled Atlas and Mirrors. The Singapore Biennale is an annual event shhowcasing wide array of artworks by artists from Singapore and beyond at different venues in the city. This year's Biennale is conducted at five different venues, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum, Asian Civilizations Museum, Peranakan Museum, and De Suantio Gallery at SMU. I wish I could visit all of the venues, but because of the time constraint, I only visited SAM.

This year's Biennale main title is An Atlas of Mirrors. It is derived from our journey as a human from different parts of the world and the tools we use to find our ways, and ultimately ourselves. Atlas or maps has been used as a tool for years as an instruments of vision and navigation. Meanwhile, we rely on the mirrors to reflect, to view ourselves and to somehow see the projection of our own true self. Marrying these two tools enable us to see the world in a bigger picture, to have both perspective towards the outside world and within ourselves.

The exhibition centres on Southeast Asia and projected how artists from different coutries translate the theme to their artworks. Below are some of my favourite artwords exhibited in the venue.

Noah's Garden II by Deng Guoyuan, China.
Most probably one of the most posted artwork in the social media as it is made of rotating mirror rooms with colorful flowers and plants. The artwork refers to a kaleidoscope that makes us somehow feel lost when we were inside the room. The colorful plants and flowers were deroved from the colour coding from the map and the artist defies the conventional map making process by adding the extra vibrant colour to it.

History Repeats Itself by Titarubi, Indonesia

Locus Amoenus by Ryan Villamael, Philippine
Latin for a "pleasant place", the artist created an ideal nature landscape from cutouts Philippine map. As one of the longest ruled by the colonial system, it brings the country's fraught history. Located at the glasshouse facing the main road, this particular spot in SAM is the only space where a section of the original colonial building facade from 1852 is still visible.

Black Forest by Han Sai Por, Singapore
This is one of the large art installatoin that occupies one entire room in the 3rd floor. The artis reflects on the impact of human activities to nature.

Paracosmos by Harumi Yukutake, Japan
You will notice this artwork upon entering the museum. This artwork brings viewer to a parralel world - a space of otherness that is recognisable but unfamiliar. As the artwork is located at the circular staircase of the Singapore Art Museum, it is a space that connects the first and second floor. 

Mardijker Photo Studio by Agan Harahap, Indonesia

Endless Hours at Sea
The sea is often regarded as an unchartered territories by human. This vide installation brings together four ocean journeys on cargo ships recorded by the artist. The still iamge above shows the half immersed view that brings us on board.

Extra exhibition at SAM
A preview to "Once Upon This Island" by 12 Singapore artists.
A small exhibition that showcaseing Singapore daily lives and the lines between Utopia and Distopia.

To know more about the Singapore Biennale, see here. So have you ever visited Singapore Biennale? What are the popular museums in your country?

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