4 picnic spots in singapore featuring vaya tyffyn

4 picnic spots in singapore featuring vaya tyffyn

I realize I haven't really cook for a while, but I know that going for a little picnic is a good idea for cooking your favourite comfort food or trying something new. If you have been wondering what to do on weekend, I guess going on a picnic will be a great way to enjoy the outdoor. Read below on my favourite spots and my recent cooking that might inspire you for your next kitchen session.

Here's my picks for picnic in Singapore.

1. Hort Park
Located in the Southern Ridges, Hort Park is an alternative to Singapore Botanic Garden. With lush greeneries and various botanical species including the greenhouses, Hort Park is an idyllic place for picnic or an afternoon walk. See my old post about Southern Ridge here.
How to Go There: 33 Hyderabad Road.
Alight at Alexandra Point bus station. As an alternative you can take MRT to Labrador Park

2. Marina Barrage
Overviewing the skyline of Marina area, Marina Barrage is a good place to chill while watching the sunset in Singapore. Fly a kite, do picnic, or learn about water reservation there.
How to Go There: Marina Groove
Take bus 400 from Marina Bay Sands

3. Lower Seletar Reservoir
A reservoir in northeastern Singapore, Lower Seletar is one of the alternatives in the bustling city. This 3.3 hectare park is perfect for jogging or cycling, the reservoir also a good for children playground. Who says Singapore has no greeneries?
How to Go There: 
Nearest MRT station Khatib. Bus stop Yishun Avenue 1.

4. East Coast Park
Want to spend your morning at the beach but too lazy to go to Sentosa? Head to East Coast Park for jogging, cycling, or just chilling by the sea. Another beach alternative is the Changi Beach see my post here.
How to Go There: Bus 401 stop at Cable Ski Park for the food centre.

For taking away food, I want to reccommend the Vaya Tyffyn as it is not only spacious but also stylish. My Vaya Tyffyn 1000 comprises of two containers with 300 ml capcity and one container with 400 ml capacity. All in rose gold stainless steel with internal copper lining. It is stylish, lightweight, and easily stacked into the maple coated outer shell. What's not to love? For the food itself, here's my easy to cook picnic food that only takes aobut 30 minutes to prepare!

A. Aglio Olio with shrimp
My number favourite pasta that is not only easy to cook but also delicious. I can put the pasta in one container and the generous topping in the other container.

B. Cream of mushroom soup
Now you can pack your favourite soup because Vaya Tyffyn is leakproof. There is no worry that your soup will spill.

C, Home brew coffee or fruit punch if you prefer!
I love to bring my favourite drinks out in a simple tumblr.

Vaya Tyffyn also able to keep the food warm for 5 hours with its VacuTherm. It uses double walled high insulated stainless steel to avoid heat loss. Great for a longer trip! It also comes with the Bag Mat that can be opened up to be a mat. It is also easy to clean as it has water resistant layer. Say goodbye to an old boring lunch box!

So what's your favourite recipe lately? Any reccommendation for a picnic activity in your city?

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  1. East Coast Park is definitely my choice between those 4 :) Anyway, the tumblr is so unique, love the wooden print! :)



  2. it's delicious right?hahahha
    I'm never going to singapore, it's so expensive and I don't have anyone to have holiday in there :(

  3. Amazing shots!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. Going on a picnic with your special someone is such a cute, relaxing date. I haven't tried doing it but I definitely want to. :) The idea of making a homecooked meal and bringing it with you is so nice too.


  5. I haven't been on a picnic in forever. Such a lovely idea and the thermoses are chic and functional. Hort Park looks breathtakingly beautiful.

  6. uuuuuuh, these tools and boxes are perfect for picnics!!! Everything looks super organized

  7. Such beautiful pictures, Fhenny, particularly the sky full of kites ♥! I have fallen in love with all the picnic accessories and the recipes are also on point.

    Happy Monday, dear

    Saida | She talks Glam


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