guten morgen coffee shop

guten morgen coffee shop

Guten Morgen Coffee Shop

I Found a new coffee shop, not too far from my home called Guten Morgen Coffee. This quaint little coffee shop is located in a quite residential area in Tomang, West Jakarta.

The interior is dominated by warm pastel green colour for the wall. The furnitures is also dominated by wooden bench and marble counter top. The back part of this shop is a florist that sell mostly ristuc style flowers and dried flowers.

We had hot cappuccino, tea, as well as caramel latte. The coffee was quite strong, just as my usual liking

For food, they only have several dishes in the morning. The full menu will only be available in the afternoon. We tried their beef noodle and the Chicken don. The taste was fine it's just the portion is quite small I guess.

Any new coffee shop in your area you would like to reccomend?

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