make yourself a priority

make yourself a priority

In the midst of a busy schedule, sometimes I wish to have a quiet life. Maybe not to laze around, but just to have more time to myself. With all daily activities that we do, it is difficult to make ourselves a priority. The presentation is not done, the dog has not been fed, the kids have not go to school, the spouse has not come home, the plant has not been watered. It seems to be impossible just to have a quiet time only for yourself.

1. Meditation
Over the past month, I have learned to be more grounded to the earth. Aside from a weekly yoga session in the gym, I have learned to do a quick meditation. It does not have to be 1 hour. 10 minutes, if done right, is enough.

2. Proper meal
Aside from that, sometimes we disregard our meal with our excuses of not having time to cook a proper meal, no time to sit in a restaurant, and so on. I would like to suggest to start from your grocery list, from what you buy. Since grocery activity is done in a regular basis, it will create a habit of you consuming a healthy meal. Toss that chips for once and change it with almond nuts. Don't take those soda cans and change it with mineral water instead. I have learned to change my snacks, sweets, and all those fried food to fruits and granola for breakfast. I am so surprised how I become more energetic throughout the day.

3. Exercise
Don't you know that doing exercise will lift up your mood? Spare time to have a weekly exercise once a week. It can be a no-cost 5 km run, yoga at home, swimming, or other types of sports done with friends. Not only it will level up your energy, you will also have a better mood, and of course healthier wellbeing.

It is not difficult to have a healthy habit, you just have to start. Make yourself a priority because you are your life-long investment.

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  1. #notetoself I've been so busy and stressed lately! :s


  2. this is such a helpful and inspiring post! thanks for sharing! i really need to make time for myself especially because work is kind of eating me up now. huhu.

    xoxo, rae

  3. Very inspiring post! I think we should take care of ourselves as much as possible. ♡


  4. Wonderful post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow? :)


  5. I owe to myself starting meditation! Can't wait :)
    Having good meals always makes me feel good!
    Lovely photos !!


  6. Taking time for yourself is really key to happiness. I like to take the time to work out or just go for a run outside. Always feels so great!


  7. It's really important to find time for us and do things we love. I need to start exercising again, it's been over a year and I really miss it! x


  8. You look pretty hun, and well said.

  9. These are some great tips, which I really need right now, thank you hun :) xx


  10. Very cosy. A lot of thanks for your tips.

  11. I love this post & totally feel ya on it! You also look so pretty in these photos, great lighting!

    Kara Aragon

  12. I'm an introvert so I'm all about time to myself to reflect and recharge do I totally feel you. Definitely have to carve out time for balance girl.


  13. Great inspiration!
    Have a nice day!
    Gil Zetbase

  14. Very wise words, we really do need to take a step back and make ourselves a priority every now and again! Thanks for the reminder to eat decent meals haha, sometimes we can be so busy working, we literally forget to eat! You look really lovely and gentle in this series of photos, by the way.


  15. Hello,

    Oh, so cute !

    Sarah, http://www.sarahmodeee.fr/

  16. I have been meaning to take up on meditation for a while now, but I can't bring myself to do it in the mornings, I am so not a morning person :( Having a proper meal is something I treasure every day although still some of my snacks are rather on the naughty side... Thanks for the tips, making ourselves a priority is indeed essential sometimes! Happy week, dear

    Saida | She talks Glam


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