70s fashion vibe ft tove and libra

70s fashion vibe ft tove and libra

70s fashion vibe ft Tove and Libra

That 70s fashion style

70s fashion is an era that I've always loved. The late 60s and early 70s era where fashion means libration. Silhouette is more loose, shirt got shorter, boots got taller. Hair is big reflecting the decade of dreams and the Hollywood golden era. Accessories like scarf, sunglasses, and hat were a fashion hit.

Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton are the fashion icons of the 70s fashion, but for me I've always loved and adored Sharon Tate, an American actress and model and the wife of Hollywood producer Roman Polanski. At night, glitter and lame dresses are perfect for the disco party, during daylight fashion is more sophisticated with a little bit of fun.

Tove and Libra skirt. Chanel sunglasses. Zara scarf. Custom made bag.

Tove and Libra, another must-watch eco friendly brand

Tove and Libra sent me this A-line Miniskirt in Midnight which I feel has the 70s fashion vibe with its slight sheen. It's not particularly metallic but has a touch of shine when the light reflects. I love the fit and silhouette. It's not very fitted yet not exactly flare, something unique for my wardrobe addition. The skirt is made of upcycled fabric of cotton and rayon blend, which is an eco friendly wardrobe staple. The upcycling element comes from the fact that the materials used in the making of this piece are sourced from excess fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away by bigger fashion branfs.

Tove and Libra is a Hong Kong and Singapore based brand which brings sustainability to the table through selected materials, ethical production and thoughtful design. Hong Kong local brand scene has been growing is much in the past years. Visitors can expect to navigate through the local boutiques aside from taking the iconic Star Ferry Tour or enjoy local delicacies. Check out their website and fret not as they ship globally! 

How about you? What's your favourite fashion era?


  1. Oh I love the 70s trend and love the subtle approach you took here with the scarf just perfection!

    Allie of

  2. I love 70's and 80's vibes. Love this pretty skirt and I adore that scarf. So chic!


  3. What a lovely skirt! Great for all year as you can literally pair it with anything. I love the 70s - the hair, makeup, clothes and movements. It was an imperative time in culture worldwide.
    Love this post but especially love that neck scarf. Killing it!


  4. This is super chic and loving the 70's vibe, we are both on the same page with the 70's style!


  5. Hi There!

    As I told you on IG I love aesthetics from the 60s and from the 70s, actually my favorite TV show is Mad Men and they made a good transition of styles between these two decades!

    I love how you interpreted 70s with this skirt, the scarf and the high bun! Tove has a really nice clean aesthetic but with an unexpected twist! :D

    All the best!
    PS: I think this article is not well linked in the slider of the home page, just for you to double check ;)


  6. This is such a lovely outfit - you look amazing!

  7. I've always said that 70's fashion is my absolute favorite! Everything was just so fun and free, and I loved all the glitter and glam! This look is so cute too. The scarf is perfection.



  8. So chic!! love the look :)


  9. Beautiful. . . You have a nice and Safe Day. . . :)

  10. Your outfit is so cute! Tove and Libra sounds great fashion brand! I was born in 1970, so your article reminds me of my childhood :)


  11. Beautiful outfit dear! :)


  12. I love this look with the big hair and the neck scarf is a nice finishing touch

    My favourite era is the 60s, especially mod style :)

    xo Sarah | Oomph London

  13. I love 70s and also the 40s for some of the dresses. This is a darling outfit on you. Love the skirt and the silk neck tie with the tee!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  14. Looking great in these outfits, love your sunglasses and scarf!
    The 70s fashion trend is the best!

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