working hour

Sorry for the hiatus, life is been hectic, been settling things with the family and work consumes most of my time. Not only my full time but also I am developing a fashion line (so stay tuned). Once I thought I wouldn't blog in a long time as I don't feel like sharing and blogging has its own mood but i miss it too much. I shot this after my meeting with Google Asia team, oh and yes that blue is similar to their logo if you notice hahah. Life is been pretty much mobile lately so comfortable and proper ensemble is essential to me, as well as mini carry all to accommodate all meeting needs.

T by Alexander Wang muscle tee via Shopbop, H&M blazer, Marc by Marc Jacobs Ipad pouch via Shopbop, Zara shoes, unbranded skirt

For me black tee or tank top is always been a great staple, and this T by Alexander Wang number is no exception. I love its relaxed fit and cool materials, great to be worn in any occasion - even to be paired with my work blazer. See similar piece here, or here. or get the classic slub top if you prefer here.

Loving this Dreamy logo neoprene iPad pouch from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I'm a big fan of black and white and it also applies to my accessories. It fits my iPad, note, stationery, just perfectly I can carry it to most of my outside meeting. If you want a more colourful one, you can pick this one here. I also feel like getting one for my Mac as seen here or this one with handle.

And if you are in Indonesia and hesitating to shop online from overseas, fret not, Shopbop is having prepaid tax calculated during the checkout! So you will not be paying that extra tax upon goods arrival. Yes i had that hesitation moment too since i've been hearing paying loads of extra charge or goods taking forever to come, but with Shopbop, delivery is fast and easy with DHL. If you want to know more, you can ask me via twitter/mail ;)

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layered fold

Summer might be over, but I just want to share a bright kinda outfit as last tidbits of the sunny season.   Recently received this gorgeous jumpsuit from she inside, an online market for everything trendy in affordable price. Never had a bright printed piece of clothing before and this might be my first pick.

sheinside floral jumpsuit. zara cropped biker pink jacket. aldo shoes. casio watch

"Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult."

Don't you love how it falls? The material is certainly comfortable and it is perfect for casual day! See similar jumpsuit here, here, or here.

The jacket itself is a steal, I never had a pastel coloured outerwear nor a pink one. So the combination of this ensemble is a step to explore my style further i guess. Here's the beautiful details of my jacket with its edgy zipper and my casio watch from zalora. And yes if you notice it's also my first post with bright background. What do you think ?

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outfit ideas: prefall 2014 ensemble

Welcoming august means welcoming the fall season. Style frontier will bring you the trend round up of pre fall 2014 and show you how to mix the trend without looking like a trend victim or breaking your bank. If you think it's impossible to follow all the trend, pick those that suit your dressing and mix them with some old items in your wardrobe. Now let's take a look on how to mix four key trends of pre fall 2014: the embellished sweater, the slits, tartan prints, and shearling accent. And yes, click the link to see these chic yet affordable item all under $50 !

1. Don't let the cold weather affect your dressing cause embellished  sweater is big this season. Go for a neutral lace sweater that can be worn for different occasions.
2. Wear boots that are made for walking. These heeled boots will accompany you through the streets.
3. Fall winter is identical with fur and the shearling material is a trendy accent. Grey fur sling bag will let you carry your essentials in style.
4. Slit bottoms are one of pre fall 2014 key trends. Add a splash of bright colour split skirt into your monochrome dressing.
5. Add a little dazzle with simple gemstone necklace. Elegant and tres chic !
6. Last but not least, warm up yourself in the stylish tartan coat as seen in designer's runway pairing.

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weekend: top 15 august playlist

Hello august!
it's been quite a while since i share my playlist to my readers. For music genre, this month i'll be sharing some new and old favourite tune from indie and synth pop. These are some songs i've been currently put my iPod on repeat. Let me know if you like it!


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it's always darkest before the dawn

Discovered one of the hidden gem in Jakarta, DiaLoGue Art Space in Kemang Area. The place is so tranquil and silent, I could sit there for hours and hours over cups of coffee. It is best to visit during slow weekend like Sunday afternoon. Its minimalist and modern design is adorned with raw looking floor and wall, wooden fixtures, and warm lighting.

Shop Picnic sweater. unbranded skirt. Zara heels. Casio watch via Zalora

If you haven't know yet, I am one of those person who love a silence me time. I love spending the time sitting with coffee, be it reading a good book or sketching in my Moleskine. I have this habit ever since I was in Singapore, as I feel it gives me better fresh ideas at times. Finding a place like this in Jakarta is like scoring a hidden treasure. I am not really fancy going to malls on weekend, as it is utterly crowded, so cafe like this becomes my destination.

The space itself is divided into four section. You will be welcomed by the shop that sells artsy knick knacks from wooden decor to pretty paper goods. The gallery where there is seasonal exhibition. The spacious cafe. And the high ceiling multifunction room. Some of the place is definitely bright and airy, while the cafe has rather warmth and dark ambience.

Totally wouldn't expect that their coffee is surprisingly good. I went there on a rainy sunday afternoon, and this cup feels like heaven. Also try their homemade pizza, too bad the portion is small - well i mean we totally crave for more!

ps: le camera was out of battery. all photos are taken by iphone. Photo of me by Anita, edited by me.

DiaLoGue art space
Kemang Selatan 99A
South Jakarta

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