singapore baby

singapore baby

hei! i have got back from singapore. sorry for the hiatus. Seriously miss you guys a lot. sorry for the comments i havent replied. duh pardon me. will go yoour page soon :)the trip was okay, but the main purpose was to look for accomodation and need to do administration procedure and stuffs.We were looking for a condo/apartment with twin bedroom and good facilities and the options are quite many.we went to several places, like Beaumont, Balmoral, Cavenagh Garden, Bugis, Mount Sophia, etc
My friend also need to go to the bank to open a new bank account, while mine will be opened on July as i think i still have time because we will go there on mid of july before uni starts.

this is lasalle... aka future uni
me and viny :)

orchard road

there is silly story about the sake bottle above.
me and viny were in paragon supermarket and we both saw this bottle
viny: hey, they got a lot of alcoholic drink. this bottle is nice.
me: hey, they got katsushika hokusai here!
viny: sake you mean?
me: oh, yea, i meant that. but i spotted it because of the print inside.
(you seee the mountain picture inside the bottle? that is a famous print by japanese artist, katsushika hokusai. i dunno why the name jumped out of my mouth like suddenly. my eyes quickly spot this bottle because of the print inside haha. okay, call me an art freak then)
These are my shopping find. Not much for tight shopping schedule. (averagely went shopping before dinner and got two hours before departing :) )Luckily we stayed in Orchard, so could easily went to Plaza Singapura, Nge Ann City, Wisma Atria, Cineleisure Orchard, Shaw, and Paragon.Seriously did not have time to go to far places, but I thought it was okay for the-four-days-only trip. :)
clockwise from left to right
charles and keith ankle strap shoes, zara men polo, harper's bazaar singapore, mango purple shorts, forever 21 black lace dess, shiseido hydro liquid foundation, royce chocolate bars, schnee koppe chocolate, remy martin vsop chocolate bar with liquor, forever 21 brooch, forever 21 earrings, sass diva earrings, mango lime tanktop, little miss chatterbox doll, forever 21 heart necklace, studded black hi waist, tosca dress, grandeur coffee, green tea.

dress: max and more
shoes: charles and keith
leopard leggings: glitz
clutch: bought in SG
silver necklace
finally in home sweet home again :)


  1. waaa ! i once passed that uni when i went to spore. i heart the architecture. hihihi. keren abis ya fhen. hehe. actually, i once planned to go to school in spore lho. to continue with my high school. hehe :P

  2. tee-hee.. masa sih ka ga berubah?
    berubah tauu.. dulu chubby banget! skrg udah nggak.. :p

    loh, ka fhen tu udah kuliah kan? :D
    hehe, libur juga banyak tugas kak! mending masuk deh!

    oke deh, ntar aku kerjain kalo sempet..
    thanks ya kak. :)

    and wow! you shopped a lot, didnt you? :D

  3. thanks for coming to my blog! :) whoa itu anting nya lucu sekalii

  4. aaaa pengen banget deh ke spore hiks liat postingan ini jadi ketambah pengen lagi deh kak hiks masa spore-bali, pada milig bali. yaa gaasik abis kan kak :| J'aime l'architecture de Lasalle :)

  5. Thank you so much for the comment, Fhen. And no, I'm not in the high school yet. It's my last year in the primary school, which means I'm in the 9th grade :). And how about you?

  6. sounds like fun! =) i love your new purchases!


  7. Looks like you've had some fun time!
    That uni building looks amazing!
    And great shopping, I hope you'll show these in you outfits soon:)
    You look fab as always, darling! Love the tights<3

  8. waw fhen seneng banget liat km. dah comeback here. hehe next destination there rite? final decision to be lasalle's stud? hehe semangat yack! hehe lucuna lil' miss sunshine doll; hehe plus tuh studded hi waist pasti keren banget. heheh nda sabar penge liat km pake.

    thanks anyway doanya. do the best too!

  9. you shopped quite a lot, fhen..
    and i wish you all the best for ur college.
    hmm you bought royce!! awww, gosh, they're deliciousss, aren't they? =p

  10. thx for the comment dear .. thats really kind of u . ay ay . yeha, the dress is damn nice ! lol .eh, u'll studying at spore ? good luck then girl !

  11. YAY!your back i friggin missed you!
    amazing buys and singapore!wowzas

  12. First of all, you look fabulous!

    You found so many nice things, thank you for sharing!!

  13. i hope to go there someday - just need to get used to flying that far (i live in los angeles).


  14. mmm shopping. lol

    cute pictures:)

    Gus is part Sharpei part bulldog! He is a cutie:)
    Thank you! I love some Donald Duck

  15. love,


    the crumpet girls

  16. thanks for linking me honey! I love the university building, what are you going to study?

  17. hehehe. fheeen, i changed my URL niih. link me back yes.


  18. thank you for your super nice comment! I really like your buys!


  19. hi adorable one,

    how are you?! hope you enjoyed your trip to SG. my friend just left for there and i miss him.:( wow, your school is totally rad.. and looks like you did a lot of shopping! im so jealous. glad to have you back!

    much love


  20. Wow, love your finds. I need to get over to Singapore some time.

  21. oh cool, you're going to uni at singapore! That sounds exciting.

    udah lama nggak maen ke jkt, biasanya kalo pulang dipuas2in di Jogja aja sih.

  22. huaaaaaaaahh dd !
    mana niy ole" nyaaaaaa ??

    *huhuw .

  23. Ooh great to have you back! GAH I havn't been back to S'pore in so so long. Miss the place and your uni looks so so modern! hahahaah jealous jealous jealous now hehhehehe. Your finds look pretty awesome too and that green dress is gorgeous on you! :D

    Again, WLECOME BACK DOLL!!!!

    xx Eeli

  24. thx yaa . heeh comment ak emang ngehang jd gag bsa . haha . thx . kmu maen polyvore juga ?

    dress na lucu ! :D

  25. OMG you are attending laselle?! YAY We can have mini photoshoots when you are here!

  26. I love the color of your dress! Your purchases look great.

  27. You are so lovely darling! I loveee your photos, and I adore everything you bought, my dear! As always, I loveee coming to your blog :)

  28. Thanks for the comment!
    Singapore looks amazing and I love that dress on you!

    Tattoos don't hurt, they just feel like a burn on the skin :P

  29. Looks like you got some great finds! I love forever so much :)

  30. I couldn't post for awhile either. It definitely feels great to be back right. Btw your outfit is so cute. I love the yellow accents, so springtime.


  31. Hi darling! Thank you for your comment! You look gret. Have a wonderful weekend,


  32. Wonderful shopping find :)
    The photo with all the clothe looks amazing!


  33. omg, you bought everything in the store! good finds!


  34. Oh my God! Those jewelleries is really perfect! Amazing!


  35. i can see you bought lots of lovely things!! :)

  36. Hi there,

    Little miss fhenny :)
    i love your blog.. i saw it from a friend.

    Would you like to exchange links?


  37. that looks like a lot of fun! and your outfit looks so cute!

    thanks for checking out bebeachready! i hope you check out my new blog inandoutbeauty.blogspot.com

  38. yes . the kiddo is too cute !! >.< anyway, i'm studying at SIM . u'll be in lassale right ? cool .

  39. nice selection of jewelry you scored!


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