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what: Blogger meet up 1 venue: Plangi Sky Dining there were seven of us that time. eva from crunchy cheese me , kak fika from sweet esca...

what: Blogger meet up 1
venue: Plangi Sky Dining

there were seven of us that time. eva from crunchy cheese me, kak fika from sweet escape, michelle from glisters blisters, nabila from captain sparkle, lokita from ringa dinga boing boing, onic from miss onic, and me.
they are all so nice person :) and it is a real pleasure to meet other bloggers face to face.
it was fun! and i cant wait till the next meet up

itinerary: dining, chit chatting, and of course lots of pics :D

eva, kak fika, me, michelle, nabila

eva, kak fika, lokita

onic, kak fika


the view from Plangi Sky Dining

and now... if you live in Jakarta or will be in Jakarta on dec 22nd, please come to the second blogger meet up!

2nd blogger meet up
date: tuesday, december 22nd 2009
time: 12 noon

venue: pastis restaurant
kuningan suites
jl. setiabudi utara

dress code: black

click here to rsvp
tweet me @vheney for enquiries

hope to see you all there, friends!


my quote of the day "you can lost your money or everything else but you must not lost your love for people around you" - fhenny

ps: so sorry my internet connection is kinda slow recently. cannot upload all the pics i have and i am really slow in blogwalking. but i will visit you asap, okay, darling? :)
have a great weekend

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  1. ah...i want to go! but it's so far away.

  2. oh,,wanna to join it too..
    but i cann't..
    hope one day.. :)

    oh yes,,i'll linked you too dear..

  3. yeey, i can't wait...
    see you there and i hope we can be some besties and course with the others...

  4. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  5. looks like so much fun! I really wanted to come but I couldn't, and now I want to come to the second one too, actually I will be in Jakarta on that date running some errands but I guess it will be hectic and I won't make it either :(

  6. wow.. sampe jam brp ya meet up nya?? i'd like to come.. but i have to go to work and it ends at 5 pm..

  7. ummmm so sorry fhen... i've to go to bali... i'd really want to come, maybe next time... thx muchhhhh for the invitation...^^


  8. of course, fhen..
    i'm already following your blog.
    gonna linked yours too.. :)

    seems fun ya acara kumpulnya..
    later on january maybe i can go to jakarta.. ;D

  9. this looks so funn- im jealous ill miss out!
    gorgeous blogg girl!

  10. whaa..finally you post it fhen :D

    itu jam 10 yg di FB cuma asal aja deh kyknya..krn waktunya kan ga bisa diprediksi..pokoknya mah sampe selesai aja..hahaha..

    hwaa..can't wait to see you again and other bloggers too :D

  11. This looks like so much fun. What a chic bunch!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Thanks for following me!
    I'm Following your blog.


  14. I'd love to come, but I think Im gonna have christmas celebration, I don't know either, I don't have a fixed scheduled yet, if I could, I will come...

    btw, thanks for inviting :)

  15. thanks foe the sweet comment!
    nice blog :)
    follwing you :)

    emma x

  16. looks a lotta fun! i'd love to have a meet up but not a lot of bloggers are from UK/North West england :(

  17. Ooooh soo fun! These photos are gorgeous, such pretty girls

  18. i read about this on michelle's blog - looks like you all had so much fun!

    ♥ Hannah



  19. i joint it kak hahaha cant wait for tommorrow yaaa and i have a new post! please check it up and leave a comment on it! thanks:)))

  20. aaaaa envy you guysss....
    padahal gue tadinya ada tp harus cabut duluan.. makanya tinggal si oq

  21. cool as! thanks for following!

  22. kyaknya agak telat dikit deh kak dtengnya :]
    aww, so excited to meet u and other bloggers!


  23. fhenny!! can't wait to meet you again tomorrow!! :D

    anw,,you got an award from me..check it on my blog yaa dear :)

  24. It seems to be so fun!!!!
    I love all the blogs here, sweet and cute girls!!!

  25. all you gorgeous blogger gals on the town! love it!

  26. looks like you had lots of fun hon xx

  27. Looks like so much fun. Loved the pics!

  28. Have a great meet! Post pics?!


  29. fhenn . kt ktemu lagi !
    so glad i can meet you up again !
    maybe i'll see you again next month wen I hop to spore in Jan :D

    enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
    hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
    visit my blog + comment + follow !
    GLISTERS AND BLISTERS. blogspot . com

  30. hi..salam kenal kt dah ktmu di blogger meet up..i've already post ur pic in my blog n FB event,so sorry dat i didnt put ur name coz i forgot..maklum yha rame.hehe

  31. WOW! What a cool group! Wish I could be there to join you stylish ladies!! xxooxxo

  32. I love your outfit!
    Thanks for follow me. I would follow you, but I don´t use "followers" cause I don´t like it, That's why I use links and you are already on my list :)
    I hope you can understand that I just don´t use "followers"


  33. Fun! Great photos...Happy Holidays!

  34. these blogger meet ups look like so much fun:) u girls look great! thanks for linking me:) i'm now following:)


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