blogger met up episode 2

what: Blogger meet up episode 2 date: December 22nd 2009 venue: Pastis restaurant, Kuningan who attended:  velo , riati , verina , susa...

what: Blogger meet up episode 2
date: December 22nd 2009

venue: Pastis restaurant, Kuningan

verina, me, riati

regina, susan

velo, kak heidy

 kak gricia, michelle
kak lidwina, me

 nabila and me

eva and me

michelle won an oktomat from the game hosted by talisha :)

 with kak fika
with velo

sea of shoes lol

lunch-games-laugh-chit chat- photos- fun!

was thinking of using the zebra "belt" but cancelled it lol.

so sorry for this super late blog post. was not in blogging world for several days cause i am usually out with family/friends, those people whom i really love but cant meet them everday while i am abroad. hope u understand :)
but it doesnt mean i dont miss you guys too!! :)
i totally had fun that day! just cant describe it with words how is the feeling of meeting more friends from the blogs in real life. total excitement!
after having lunch at Pastis, me, velo, riati, and verina went to Grand Indonesia to catch a movie, zombie land, yogurt-ing, and strolling around.

hope can meet them again next time. soon! and really hope can meet other friends i know from blog, somewehere, someday. ;)

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31 dialogues

  1. wow,great!!
    And so many amazing shoes!! :)

  2. wow, nice meetingh :)
    and Riati's heels are perfect!
    love ur outfit on first

  3. Wow! so lucky.... im happy for you.

  4. owh so much fun!

    until what date you're gonna be in indonesia? oh and happy new year, dear :)

  5. kak fhenny:))) wish i can meet you again kak hehehe

  6. Hoho at last you updated your blog again haha. Glad to meet you for the second time fhen :) Kalo balik lg ke indo bilang2 ya, we'll arrange the other meet up okeee :)

  7. u had a beautiful day with those fashion blogger .
    lucky u <3

  8. looks so fun and super cute! look at all those stylish girls hehe, bet the other people in the restaurent kept turning heads :)

  9. Oh my, another fab bloggers' meet up! You all look soooo chic!

  10. hi fhenny... thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love your photos here too, this restaurant looks lovely, hope to try their food when I get to Jakarta.

    Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  11. OMG that looks completely out of this world fun!!! I love this post I love when bloggers get together it’s incredible! You actually get to talk to people and know their real personality! I love that am so happy you have fun! And hands down you guys were sooooo stylish!!

  12. thanks for your comment, you to have a great holiday!!!
    really nice picters love the shoes!!
    xoxo amber

  13. Sooooooo fun!
    Happy new year, darling!


  14. all of you guys look amazing! great shoe choices!

  15. fhennnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy!!!
    huaaaa. at last, aku akhirnya update my blog!! hihihhi.. kamu juga lama yak updatenya. wkwkw!!

    kapan ni kita nonton lagi?? si velo ga perna update blog dia juga :(


  16. wow that sounds like so much fun :) lucky you got to go to it!!!
    followed you, thanks for following me :D xxx

  17. This looks like a ton of fun! You girls all look so gorgeous!

  18. cute photos!

    love your blog :)
    - Audrey Allure

  19. thank you for your lovely comment:)
    great post !!
    xoxo - carly.

  20. Great blog!
    You have such amazing style xxx

  21. aaaaaaaaaaa pengen ikut sayang ngak bisaaaa :(
    everybody was soooo stylishhhh :)

  22. Oh wow food seems yum! But most of all, all of you guys look soooo pretty!!! :)
    I can see that you guys had fun!
    Im jealous! :p
    Your days, and you ;), seem all very fabolous! :)
    I have followed you too.

  23. Wow... It looks fun ;) you guys rockin the restaurant I guess.. Hehe...

    My magz is by monthly, merry xmas & happy new year... Have a wonderful holiday gal ^^

  24. i already linked you...
    link my blog back if you want..

    thankyou ;)

  25. Ohh seems so much fun ! I wish I could go :( And you outfit is great ! Happy new year to you !

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