mini yet marvelous

mini yet marvelous

The people from WOMWORLD Nokia kindly sent me a N97 mini for a trial, so i got it accompanying me for two weeks and i was exploring this mini gadget.

It has two viewing mode, both vertically and horizontally as you slide the keypad open. The size of screen is big and i think the touchscreen is smooth.

I took the phone out with me to snap some shots of the outfit and some interesting items too. These photos are taken with the 5mp Carl Zeiss lens.

Mandarin Gallery

black ruffle blouse: Forever 21
grey cardigan: Cotton On
bow headband: forever 21
navy skirt: Zara
tights: Orange
ankle strap shoes: Charles and Keith

Tried the Cookie Crumble ice cream from Domani cafe at Nge Ann City, it was reallyyy nicee :)

on sunday evening, i visited Bras Basah Complex and found some nice old books

using the night mode of the camera
black tee: net
skirt: zara
cardigan: cotton on
zebra shawl: local shop
shoes: mitju

pearl necklace and rings from F21

and these are another feature of the N97 mini
the music player on the gadget. I give the sound rating around 7.5 out of 10

You can watch YouTube from here too! no more boredom! (Also has the full screen mode)

and of course the browser! it is very good for opening blogger and in fact it can open the pop up comments in full screen! really love it! Oh ya, the wifi gadget capacity conection to wifi is gooodd! In the case of typing, i think for me the keypad is a bit too far, but it is still okay for typing

Despite the mini size, i think this gadget is powerful, not only as a communicating means, but also in the entertainment section. I mean, these days, people not only picking gadget because of the basic need to call or sms, but they are aware of the design of the gadget, capability, and the overall function, especialy us, fashion fetish people, who always want to be up to date with our friends and also the latest news, including the latest products on the shop racks! and i believe you dont want to carry a bulky gadget either. So somehow, a phone does reflect your lifestyle.


  1. waaaah the camera resolution is sooo great. me like it!

  2. Nais fon!

    But the books... erm... kinda remind me of law journals :S

  3. wow that's a good phone!!
    LIke the review ! :)

    love ur 1st outfits! u look so chic!
    love the nude colour shoes and the navy skirt! :


  4. love ur 1st outfit ci :P
    about the phone......

  5. after i bought it i had a problem, the QWERT keypad's light (slide) didn't work (shine) perfectly. so i should service it after 3 days used. hahaha...

  6. waaa, fhen finally u update ur blog.
    i miss you much :X
    the resolution of camera is greaatt love it..

    check my post and leave ur comment ya

  7. aduhhh stylish stylish!kalah deh singaporean sama lu fen! hehehe. kapan plg lagi ke indo?

  8. nice gadget
    i like your scarf

    xoxo nathalie

  9. hasil kameranya bagus ya.
    btw love that pearl necklace :)

  10. is that the same mobile phone like miskus ? hehhe.
    anyway love your first outfit pic, love the shoes. new collection from c&k or not ? hehehe.
    ahhh es krimnya bikin ngiler !!!

  11. It reminds me much of an iphone - nice gadgets.

  12. first: you look pretty on the first picture. love the grey cardigan and the bow on your head! (: and wow.. the phone looks pretty cool. but i have this thing for Sony Ericson. hehehe :p

  13. Nice review fhen !
    I think ur review is much better than mine ! Hahahha..
    Itu night mode nya bgs bgtt yahhh..
    And I love ur ankle strap shoes + cotton on cardigan as well !

    Miss ya tons !
    Come back to jkt QUICK ! :D :D
    Thx for ur comments love .
    Visit / comment / follow me at
    glisters and blisters

  14. wow, uda lama aku ga blogwalking ke tempat kamu yah fhen, hihi. wow enak bgt dpt free trial hihihi, i love ur charles and keith shoes fhen, and the bow headband really looks cute on you, hihih. *muachhh

  15. My boyfriend has that phone, oh and I am sending you my giveaway tommorow, so let me know when you get it

  16. wah enaknya dapet free trial :)
    hhi ade aku baru pake n97, dia pasti keki deh kalo tau mo keluar yang mini haha

    love the outfit too
    the bow suits you hair perfectly!

    Castor Pollux

  17. fhennn ,cakepppp :) i like the blue skirt on the first pic!

  18. looks like a great phone and i love the picture quality! u look adorable in ur outfit:) have a great weekend!


  19. U look stunning here!!!Luv ur phone! Did u get my bb message? xx

  20. hi fhen! :D wah asiknyaaaa ada nokia itu :D
    tapi mirip banget depannya sama ipod ya?

  21. my lil bro and my father use the bigger one and i think they're cool!

  22. hmmm i like its camera. super phone :D

  23. I love those outfits! Especially loving the blue hat and skirt

  24. wah enak banget bole trial dulu :)
    wah wah wah
    i am loving those ankle strap heels and those old books in bras basah reminded me of hermes last few seasons

    @ http://gandagilbert.blogspot.com

  25. wow..
    you're a great phototaker :) :) nice job !

  26. wow that's a good phone!!
    LIke the review ! :)

    love ur 1st outfits! u look so beautiful. plz check my blogs.

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