1205 giveaway

1205 giveaway

Hello readers! as what i have said in the last post, now it is time to reveal the giveaway! *yaay* :)
I think it is a good time for holding this as a small appreciation of my loyal readers, followers, and blogosphere friends.
It's been around a year plus since i started this fashion blog (my previous, first ever, blog is just my everyday ramblings you know haha) and it is soo ah-mazing to find people with similar interests with me and how a friendship can be built from here.
This is my first ever giveaway done for celebration of my upcoming birthday on may 12th thus it is called

1205 giveaway :)

A winner will receive my handmade pieces, including
A bracelet: gold chain with pinkish peach lace and eiffel tower and pink bubble charm
A gold nautical ring
plus A fineart photography print of your choice, photographed by me

you can see the full collection at my deviantart gallery
ps: i have a lot more to upload, if you win you can check em and choose again though hehe

How to enter ?
simple darling!

1. as this is an appreciation for my readers, so make sure you are a follower of mine. do click the follow button of the google friend connect on left sidebar if you havent :)
2. in brief, please tell me of what you like or what should be improved in my blog
3. answer the big question: if you can celebrate a birthday party, a dream party to be exact, wherever you want, no limited amount of guess, with any food, everything is up to you. What is the theme and how it will be ? tell me tell me the details, dear! be creative and release your imagination ;) remember 1 answer only
4. tweet tweet tweet about this (please put @vheney ) , or you can post a link about the giveaway in your blog if you want, because the more the merrier :)

easy peasy lemon squeezyyy right?

This giveaway opens internationally, for asia, europe, all around the globe (as long as post courrier can reach)
Giveaway ends Sunday May 9th 2010 11:59pm GMT+8
winner will be picked based on the best answer, i do read all of your comments
so may the best win!

*you may have a good time, but we party harder*


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  2. 1. i've followed u already

    2. i like ur blog because it's a simple. but if you want to make it become more crowded and more unique again it would be nice. perhaps my criticis is a picture that often does not open and always loading it makes me cant see your coolest photos

    3. I'll make a lot of parties. first I will make a special party only for families place in a restaurant that has the most delicious food. a second party with close friends aka best friends with a private party held at a cafe that is only filled by invited guests of my friend, we can do crazy things together, like singing along, dancing along, photographs and other. third party is for another friends again but with a larger number, which was held in a large park with famous bands invited filler event, with lots and delicious food.well i think enough, so is that my dream party fhen, sounds like a little crazy yeah, but that's a dream hehehe

    4. well i'll mention ur tweet a thousands maybe. so don't be mad yaa,hehehe..

    i wish i can win :D

  3. I want! I want! I want!!!

    Followed you since last year (I guess).

    For party, I want Vegas style... A lot of hot babes with skimpy wear. Smartly dressed gentlemen. Champagne. Poker table. Cigar. Yeah... You get it?

    Will tweet your post!

  4. my post link about ur giveaway http://mirraapsari.blogspot.com/2010/04/another-giveaway.html


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  6. 1. Already a follower :D

    2. Maybe you should do a lot to your blog. For low quality laptops (i've open ur blog with my friends's computers) or pc's, your choise of color doesnt support my eyes its sometime hard to see the text because the background is too dark :)

    3. Well, as my friends says, im a huge party freak and my parties are historical. But so far, I haven't quite yet achieve this one theme, A face painting party. I thought it'll bee so fun to see our faces painted with beautiful colors and some of the not-so-cool friends of mine will be looking so bad, we will talk bout them for years HAHA (i know this sounds really mean, but i cant hide myself)

    will be tweeting this so much, you'll get bored with my username i guess -_-

    my post for this giveaway: Click Here

  7. 1) followed:)
    2) i like your blog cos theres lots of information about not only fashion, but exciting moments in your life aswell which is kindof nice :)
    the only improvement i can really think of is adding more opinions? and if this is a blog mostly based around fashion, they maybe a few times a month do a post purely dedicated to a specific item/outfit? theyre probs really crappy suggestions, sorry!

    3) i'd have one of those masked ball parties, where everyone wears prom-like dresses and masks that disguise who they are. on each persons invite is the name of the person (and maybe a mug-shot like picture?) of a person they have to find, and by the end of the party, those who have found their parteners for the evening recieve a little prize or something, so kindof like a prom and a game of hide and seek combined hahaa!
    4) i tweeted it :)

  8. 1. i've been following you!

    2. i especially love your header but i think the text and background color don't match very well. i find it hard to read the text, dearest.

    3. coastal nautical party! a party by the sea with blue, red and white colors everywhere. will be eating a lot of shrimps and fish, drinking fruit punch.

    4. link

  9. 1. Yep, i'm a follower of your blog!

    2. I definitely love your outfit pics and your writing style. I actually find your sentences are friendly :)
    the changes you've made with your blog layout is nice, but i think it kinda looks pale. if i may suggest, you could use a bolder color for your header, so it could 'stand out' from the grey background color

    3. I love any kind of parties, but I would really glad if I can host/attend a 'Paint War' party, like Katy Perry's bday party. but instead of wearing white outfits then splash colorful paints to each other, I'd like the guests to wear black outfit then splash each other with Neon color paints that would glow in the dark.
    The room would be dark with only spotlights and glow-in-the-dark decorations. perhaps i could have Justin Bieber to perform? hahaha.
    well, the point is 'to glow' in your own bday party, something like that

    4. and sure! me and my sis would tweet a lot about your giveaway (check out your mentions ;). i've even suggest a friend to follow your blog/twitter hehe.

    and of course a blog post about your giveaway Here

  10. Love your DIY bracelet, Ci Fhen .
    What I like in your blog is, you always show all good quality pict (my fav is the photos at ION-sg).
    Out from your blog, i like the owner of your blog (yes, you :] ) because she's friendly . And she always express her style with various outfit- not only with dress or with heel continuosly but also use flat, or even sneakers .
    My suggestion for your blog: How if anytime you use local flavor, such as Batik as your outfit? I believe you can make it out of the bow, i mean because you are si stylish, i know you can make batik become more pretty than ever . But this is only my suggestion yaa :)

    And, if i can have my dream party, I'll make a "fashionable" as my theme . why fashionable? okay, it's just simple word, but its meaning is wide. I want all my guest wear anything unusual and look one of a kind. on my party, i want everyone looks special and be theirselves without out of stylish. they can mix anything as they like . and for my self, since Lady Gaga was my idol, i want to look like her . Gon Gaga, goin crazy, edgy and brave. The place should be on a small land that i owned for one night hihi, seems like i dreamt a lot) .

    I've linked and spred this giveaway in my blog . I put it on the top-left on my blog . Check it out :)
    and i've followed you on twitter , follow me back ya so i can tag your name on my status

  11. 1. already your follower :)

    2. i think your blog is enough, and i likes your photograph so much :D hmm, maybe you should change the background color, because grey color and black is a little difficult to read.

    3. my dream party, hmm i loves to celebrate at beach, because we can do anything at there. you should call the MC and event organizer, and POP! the party begin :) we can playing the fireworks at night, and you can light a bonfire. that's cool! while maybe your friends were playing in the sea, you can make a sand castle. and also you can throw a great music for clubbing at night! oh yeah i love it so much!

    4. okay, i'll post your giveaway at my twitter @bellafrancisca (follow me please!) and my blog as soon as possible!

    i wish i can be the winner! hihi :3 . hmm, june? uhh, blh tuh ketemuan :D tp janjian dlu yaa takutny mw prgi k luar ngri buat lburan sm fam :( hehe, but i want to go to indonesian blogger meetUP! come and join us! :D

    xoxo, bee ♥

  12. fabulous ring x


  13. 1. a big loyal follower here :D

    2. how about dare yourself to receive a challenge or question from us. They are a good way to interact with your follower. Nothing I dislike from your blog, I love it, esp the clean pictures!

    3. I love to have a party in Disneyland. Yaayy.. I want to reserve all Disneyland for me, with every attraction, restaurants, and shops are open for my guests. Oh my, I get excited even just dreaming of it hahaha. Of course there would be all Disney character joining the crowd. All the guests would receive a goodiebag with dvd collection of old disney movie (cinderella, beauty&the beast, alladin, snow white, and so on and so on). All stories that has been my childhood lullaby. Ahh yaa, of course with the performance of THE CHIPMUNKS and THE CHIPPETES as highlights!! super woo-hoo! hahaha

    4. blog-posted: http://www.bit.ly/952fRf
    tweeted: http://www.bit.ly/9OrhhT

    *crossing all the fingers I have now!!*


  14. 1. i've followed you for a few months! yay! :D
    2. maybe you could change your banner with bright colour :)
    it can cheerful your blog :D
    3. i'm sixteen, a few months again i will celebrate my 17th :D
    i already think about my theme: Alice in Wonderland's tea party, the decor is pastel anywhere, and also cakes especially cupcakes is the main dessert :D
    i wish my dress were same like betsey jonshon's
    it will be held on a golf course. why? i love the green grass there. it will so amazing if you combine with pastel colours
    the band as always are my friend's band, i know some friends that can light up my party with some Jazzy-pop song :) i better hire them than hired a well-known band. because it will be better, i believe they will more enjoying it. and it cheaper :p
    and the food is some barbeque, chocolate fondue, tea, and so many many cakes :D
    maybe its a little childish for you. but that's my dream bithday party! :)

    4. i will tweet about it.
    this is in my blog http://cinnamonandme.blogspot.com/2010/04/quality-time.html

    i wish i can win. i saw a really good piano photo that my friends will like it. she likes piano so badly. :) i havent buy anything for her 17th party. piano photo prints will be perfect :D
    Xo!! :D

  15. 1. i've following you
    2. I really like your blog, banners and your background fits. I especially liked so much see you posting about dr. marten.
    3.first, I'll invite the children orphanages, I like to see a small child, I wanted them to pray for me to succeed. heheheh, then second, I will be holding a costume party at my birthday party. all superhero costumes, japanese cartoon, or anything that is unique. I want a big birthday cake shaped Upin Ipin, hahaha I loved Upin Ipin.
    4. i follow you on twitter :) my twitter : @rimmaizzaty

    i hope i win :D hehhehe

  16. Hey sweetie, I'm definitely a follower!

    I think your blog is great, but maybe you can have more wishlist posts or wardrobe remixes?

    Wow, my dream party would be in Paris, a picnic under the stars with Eiffel tower in view with my most favourite loved ones:)

    Tweeted your giveaway!


  17. You have a great blog girl!
    Please check mine,
    maybe we can follow eachother?

  18. hi kak fheni, i've followed you.

    i like your blog because i love to see the fashionable fheni :) but one thing that i dislike is, it's the background. it's plain gray. it's not colorful. seeing your header, i think you want your blog to be a little mellow(forgive me if i'm wrong). but yeah, that's it. i think you need to change your background and if you don't want to, its OK. i still love your blog.

    about the party. my DREAM BIRTHDAY PARTY. perhaps sweet seventeen. i will give HOLLYWOOD as the theme. my party will be located in Vegas, and there will be A LOT OF CELEBS, my family and friends. i will invite celebs such as Beckham family, Cruise family, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jordin Sparks, Mika, Jason Mraz, David Archuletta, David Cook, Kriss Allen, Selena, Miley, Orianthi, Jobros, Kelly Clarkson, Lilly Allen. and i want Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls to play the music and i want Justin Bieber as my MC and he will stand beside me all night :) and my dress should be Alexander Mcqueen's and shoes i would like Jimmy Choo's killer heels :D and of course i will invite world fashion bloggers such as Tavi Gevinson(she's a must), Jane Aldridge, Diana Rikasari, Michelle Koesnadi, YOU, Talisha Quinta, Aiu, Sonia Eryka Moe and Fifi Lapin. i would like to invite Agnes Monica too because i adore her like soooo much. and every party should have a DRESS CODE, mine? it'll be black&white. why? because i'll be the only one who's wearing a beautiful and colorful dress :) If you take the picture of me in the middle of hundreds people wearing black&white, it'll be a nicte photo!

    Yak! that's all. and i will tweet about this giveaway as much as i cpuld and i will post it on my blog! :)


  19. what an amazing giveaway!

    1. Follower :)

    2. I do enjoy reading your blog as it's both witty and creative, and also gives a nice insight! Plus every post is original and nothing is regurgitated. I think it's pretty darn perfect!

    3. Oooo, I've had my perfect party planned for quite some time! It would be circus themed and take place in an old vaudeville theatre ... there would be a candy floss, ice cream and popcorn machine/stand but more substantial food would be available and you could eat it in the seating area on the balconies- the lower floor and stage would be a dancefloor. The main food served would be served in little boxes with question marks all overso you'd not be sure what you were about to eat until you sat down (though they would state if suitable for allergies and vegetarians etc) .. Jamie Oliver would be my chef though, so all would taste good. There would be a dress up box, jugglers and magicians walking around showing tricks, Blondie and Lily Allen would perform and my date would be Keith Murray from the band We Are Scientists :)

    4. I'll link this up in my next post :)

  20. Gorgeous giveaway, darling!


  21. fhenny, what a great giveaway! count me in and of course, i'm a follower:) as for a dream party, i think a cirque du soleil themed event would be fun! perhaps even a private show for me and my guests from the company itself:) Of course, what's a party without lots of food and to wind down the night...karaoke! haha i know karaoke and cirque do soleil is a bit strange, but a girl can dream, right?:) have a great week, fhenny!


  22. hello :)

    1. i'm a follower.

    2. i'm a new follower to your blog but so far i like that you just don't stick to one subject, you speak about fashion and your life, which is pretty interesting. it's simple, and i like that a lot!

    3. i've always wanted a beach party. i want it to be simple yet classy. sort of like a wedding... ha ha. everyone wearing white, wine, lots of pictures, friends + family. i want a chocolate fudge cake (my favorite) and a variety of food from different places i've enjoyed over the past few years like pasta, sushi, shrimp, pizza!

    4. i tweeted about the giveaway! this is my twitter user-name: @beeyum

    * i really really liked "the art of dirty brushes" that photo is AMAZING! i love art and photography, and this photo was greatly captured!

    good luck to everyone else ♥

  23. Followed!

    I love your blog it is crazy informative. I don't think anything can really be improved. Perhaps show more of your personality through your blog layout? But I dunno this blog is awesome!

    My party would be is the south of France, on a gorgeous beach with Cabana boys, complimentary finger foods and lots of drinks!

    will tweet!


  24. oh everything is lovely! it'll be a lucky girl who wins :-)

  25. congrats on the giveaway celebration!! i wish i could enter but im aboard traveling around right now but may the lucky one enjoy these gorgeous pieces!


  26. Hi doll, thanks for stopping by! Following you now ;) I really enjoy your photography, the pic with the dandelion is presh! Don't change too much doll, let things change organically. Can't please everyone! Doing a a great job dear. xoxo

  27. 1. Done

    2. honestly, i don't know what is should be improved on your blog according to the content.. since i wait the author herself to express her idea originally.. ^^
    But technically maybe you can small the size of your picture dear..^^

    3. In a place around the jungle, surrounded by tress and mountains and hills. It will be a simple house, with the guess is privately of my closest relatives and friends. The dress code is rainbow. Various delicious food is offered. There i don't wanna they bring the gift for me, on the other side i will give them gift based on what i know about them (surely this is my truly dream.. ^^).. Jokes, Dancing, Games, Cake fights, and other superb things will be held...

    4.I post a link in my blog as i don't tweet.. ^^

    Ohh 9 May is sooo long.... hehe..
    Cant wait for the bracelet: gold chain with pinkish peach lace and eiffel tower and pink bubble charm..

    thanks dear.. ^^

  28. firstly, i already become ur follower ~~~ yepiiii~~~

    2nd ~ for ur blog.honestly i dont know what to comment about.hehe.for me la,ur blog is simple.must be everyone love it:) .then,lil bit comment about the sidebar fonts colour,its make my eyes doesn't know which one i want to read.it shortly striking colour for me and i cant to concentrate to reading ur blog post.hehe:D.and for ur blog post i think i dont have any comments.ur photos was greats and i like a lots of photos u put on the blog too.hehe:)

    3rd ~ for the birthday party.i never celebrate my birthday party in whole of my life.hmmmm.. but for sure everyone have dream how to celebrates.for me, i want celebrate in TITANIC cruise for 2nights and the cruise only have me and my friends.and then for the first night,i will celebrate on pool area with beach theme.so must have a cool DJ on that party to plays cool song until the morning.next days in the ballroom which everyone wear their dress and tuxedo.and definitely i be the QUEEN on that night.hehe :)

    4th ~ i was mentioned to my fellow followers on my blog here

    shatirah / tyra'station

  29. 1. am your follower :)

    2. there's nothing should be improved, love your blog with nude color, makes me feels calm when I visit your blog. esp, i love your photos in each post, you have great shoot on your photos.

    3. I love garden party as always, with white decor and flowers in each side. there are many delish food with many cocholate, coz I love chocolate. and the dresscode is spring time

    4. i tweet : http://twitter.com/bitabitha/status/12143091796
    and posted it on my blog :

    LOVE, beauty splashes

  30. 1. followed :)

    2. i think your blog should be more colorfull to make it looks more fresh :)

    3. well i think the party theme will be the "Little Miss Nutcracker" . The dress code are the tutus (for girls) & tuxedo (for boys) and everyone should use a mask on the party .
    The food will be cooked by the best chef around the world .
    The party will be held on a big ballroom with European Design & also full of flowers and cute ornaments . There are also a big garden which is connected with the ballroom . The garden have a labyrinth , a chocolate fountain which you can put a biscuit for a dip and a fairies flying around the garden just like in a fairytale . There's also an orchestra inside & outside . The ballroom colour will be pink , white , silver or anything girlish :)

    4. tweeted already ! :)
    mine : @marissaabigail

  31. 1. i've followed you with my yahoo account.

    2. i like your simple theme in your blog and it's look elegant too. But in my opinion, you should change your background to make it more elegant. :D

    3. i wish my party held with Egypt bakground,a pyramid, a mummy. All of my participant should come with egypt dresscode, such as mummy or cleopatra. That party should be luxurious but rock n roll. There might include dancing party and some game. O yeah. that party should be held in evening and full of glamour

    4. sorry i don't have twitter so i can't tweet you but of couse i will post this give away in my blog..

    that's all. :D
    i wish i can be the winner.. i really want that bracelet

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  33. 1. I followed your blog few months ago.hahahha ;P.
    2. I love your blog more since you change the header into sooo cute...
    I want you to improve something. I want you to NOT wear BLACK too often. seems like you almost always wear black for your outfits!I'm bored! Play with other colors...or wear patterned clothes... :D. Just that. because u always have marvelous post with impressive photos :)

    3.about my dream birthday party... I want it held in a garden full of flowers... I don't want the garden is too big... I don't want to invite too much people. if the garden is too big, It will make me can't interact / play with my friends too much... I want to be a real nice princess in a day that not just sit on the stage beside super high cake. hahahaha...
    the theme is garden, full of pink and green
    I don't need to wear designer dress or shoes. I want to design my own birthday party dress and shoes. I'll invite GLEE CAST as guest star on my party. hahahaha.
    we will party until night and held some games! and... i'll bring my close friends and glee cast to have a holiday to universal studio SG togehter!!!! ;P

    tweeted ; http://twitter.com/veren_lee/status/12149151672

    wish I can win with my dream simple party :P

  34. 1.already followed :D

    2.I love your blog because you use the color purple<3 but maybe you should considering changing your background to something more catchy and use darker fonts so everyone can see it without any problem and by the way i love your awesome photography and i think that you are so stylish :D

    3.For my dream party i prefer having party in a huge hall with many types of food and drinks including slurpees :D and i prefer my guest to wear something chic,catchy or unique but not too sexy for the girls:D i would like to invite black eyed peas to sing and rock my party and will also invite jensen ackles and Nina dobrev as the host and i bet this party will be awesome cause everyone will be dancing and laughing all night and when its over i will invite my friend to my house so we can have a slumber party :D
    4.yes i will tweet about this giveaway

    lott of love,
    karina :D

  35. hello kak Fhenny!! in June i'm planing to go to Singapore, i hope i'm meet you in there!!! Keep contact me! btw, i'm stella!

  36. hello kak Fhenny!! in June i'm planing to go to Singapore, i hope i'm meet you in there!!! Keep contact me! btw, i'm stella!

  37. 1. followed already :)

    2. i like your simple post. your words are always friendly and you don't use 'hard words', it's easy to understand what you want to say. you always post many photos and they make your post not boring. but i think you blog's color is too pale. you should put some bright and bold color to make it colorful. don't put too many bright because it will make your post hard to read for people who use glasses

    3 i'd like to have 2 parties, one with my friends, and one with my family and relatives. i'd like to have disco style party, so my friends don't have to dressed elegant, just be simple. and that party theme will make my birthday cheerful and not formal.
    and i'd like to have garden party in oriental style. a lot of my relatives love chinese food. i'll make them feel homey and happy. may be i'll need very big garden because i have a lot of relatives. and jazz singer is a must!

    4 i've tweet this giveaway. http://twitter.com/nathaliekartika/statuses/12155702960 . i'll post it on my next post

    xx nathalie
    hope i'll be the winner :)

  38. Nice photograph!I love the fourth pict =)


    1. Already follow you

    2. I like your blog because your have nice taste of fashion ;) And sometimes you have various posting. So I never get bored. And I love your header, Super cute! Btw, we have same name too, so I love your blog.

    3. If I have party , I require my guests wear costumes with the theme of 'non-fictional character'. I mean if you like Indiana Jones, wear costum like him. Or maybe want costumed like Ariel the mermaid? Whatever. And I will design a party room with a setting like in the movies, for example: Mount Olympus like the Percy Jackson, as in Harry Potter's like Hogwarts.

    4. I'm sure I'm not following you on twitter, so I put this giveaway on my blog.

  39. love this post!!! faboulous blog!!


  40. That sailor ring is really too cute!

  41. 1. I'm a follower eversince I stumbled upon you :D

    2. Your blog has one of the most amazing pictures I've ever encounter. You have an eye for capturing the moments and I like your fashion style too.

    3. For a birthday party, I'd wish something old style where everyone has to dress up for vintage and we'll all do the waltz! I would like to wear something elegant and heavy with my 'prince' by my side :)

    4. Tweeted! xoxo

  42. i followed your blog. :)

    hmm, what i like the most about your blog is your photos! they give much fashion inspiration. and oh, i love food photos, too! always make me droll. lol. and what i want.. err, let me think a while.. maybe how about uploading your photos just by blogger uploader? coz sometimes i can't see the picture fully.

    about party! i want it to be small and private. i don't like being in the crowd that i don't really know. there will be my close friends and my boy only. at the beach. it'll be held at night and there'll be tiny lamps everywhere. with maliq & d'essentials for the beginning, ended with lady gaga! seems weird, uh? but i like! :D

    i've post about your giveaway here http://burgerwithchilisauce.blogspot.com/2010/04/1205-giveaway.html

  43. Lovely give-away. Sorry, I haven't started following anyone, so I guess I don't have much of a chance... But I still like to say that you have a great blog and I visit regularly! xx

  44. 1. i've followed u already dear (:

    2.i do love your blog!its not too much.not only about fashion but also everything.you shared the awesome moments with the coolest photograph (: mm.many blogger said that your layout too pale,etc but for me it's okay.i love it but maybe for the banners you can change it (:

    3.mm.maybe i'll make a grecian party.it's classic !the dresscode also grecian dress.and its better if my friends wear a long dress.looks more mature and for the boys wear a luxurious tuxedo.and for the food i want food from around the world !haha.the music also soo classic but at the midnight we must down to floor and dancing till drop with the awesome DJ (:

    4.going to tweet this giveaway and post it my blog soon (:

  45. 1) just discovered your blog, i think it is very awesome yet exciting! im following you, surely, as i love love your blog :)

    2)your blog is just fine for me. i really like the good photos quality, that are big, clean, and the colors are really bright with no blurr. but if you wanna make some improvements. i think what should be improved is your header. yet the color is too soft, as your blog background is also pastel grey. if you change the header colors brighter and fresher, the color will be more 'striking' and excites poeple more (:

    3)about a dream bday party. i really love something fun, holding a pool-side bday party is greatt for me, hehe. the guests will wear all preppy nautical outfits with creative prints on the fabrics, cute lil dress, summer hat and their comfy loafers or flats. there wont be any boredom if the party is colorful (;

    4)i will tweet your awesomeee giveaway on my twitter @thamiagoesnawan (:

  46. Unfortunately, I follow people on google reader but I want to wish you a happy birthday for next month! It's a while to go but I can't wait to read about how you celebrate it!

  47. wow what a great giveaway!


  48. 1. followed

    2. ur blog is cool, i like ur pict, i like ur post, and i always waiting for ur newer post, maybe u can explore more colour for ur blog's backgrourd, coz i think u're expressive and colour has an expression too, so u can play with so many colour :)

    3. i wanna make a garden party, with acoustic perform, with so many flowers around, and also my beloved friends. for dress code, maybe i choose casual chic cause i just wanna make a comfort atmosphere, i also prepare for the games, so we gonna having fun and doing the craziest thing together. :)

    4. here is the link http://kristiyanashinta.blogspot.com/2010/04/whos-lucky.html

  49. thanks for the super sweet comment miss!
    oooh sweet giveaway :)
    may as well try my hand


    loving your gorgeous header! your blog has this dreamy vibe that i always love :)

    I haven't had my own party in years! I would probably theme it something ridiculously odd... like "Jak&Jil" where what each person wears has to be all about the shoes :D then make with the crazy dancing and music and macaroons. yes there has to be macaroons.



  50. 1. I am your follower haha.

    2. Your blog is.. (it took me minutes to find the right word to describe something unique cool fun at the same time lol) quirky.. It's different from the others' , since you really have this simple yet adorable style, sometimes cool and it's just fun to see your photos and read your posts. it makes your blog one of my top 5 must-visit-blogs daily even though you don't really update it everyday haha. and I just like dropping by your blog ;)

    Many ways to improve your blog, probably by keeping it updated frequently.. and just keep making us readers curious that we'll come even more often! ;) don't forget, surprises. haha.

    3. Well, at the first time I read this one, all that bumped into my mind was.. my upcoming birthday hehe.

    I am dreaming of a party in the magnificent Campbell House, with sweet and beautiful decoration everywhere. I want there to be a sense of drama and fairy taleone in this party, so it would be a kind of.. masquerade. yap. and I would be wearing the dress of my dream ; one that is so haute couture, florals, sweet and elegant at the same time, with vintage touch in it of course.
    Guests would be dressed like in the 70s-80s and everybody would wear their masks.

    Since it's called masquerade, there would be a ball in the middle of the event as well! This party would be held a night before my actual birth date, so we could count down the time to 00:00 together.

    I would want Lady Gaga to be my guest of honour at the dinner party as well. she would be my one-night-BFF ! lmao! haha

    *yayy* that would be fab!
    Oh that's soo superb to be real. haha anyway it's just a dream after all ;P

    4. Tweeted babe <3

  51. 1. already follower

    2. i like your blog it's simple, not too much. you've got great taste of photographs. awesome style, i love all your outfit, and accessories :) anyway your blog background kinda dark colour. maybe you could change it, so it'll be easy to read your blog.hehhe

    3.PARTY? i love party.but i'm not type of party freaks. Well, tea party is kinda cute for me. the party will be held @ a big garden. Fully decor with cute ribbon/anything with pastel colours. light by candles, hueheh. kinda old but cute :) play some music, not to loud. jazz maybe?hehhe.

    4.here's the link, i post it in my blog hihih http://robotickelly.blogspot.com/2010/04/join-1205-giveaway.html

    i hope i could win this heheh
    thaankkyouuuuuu Gbuu:)

  52. I follow you.And please do not change anything about your blog.I loove it!
    As for the coolest birthday party...Hmmm.It'd be a huge picnic with all my friends in a park with tons of cake,little sweets and picnic food :)

  53. great giveaway vhenny !
    for the blog improvements.. i think you should post more often ! hahahaha.. i really do love seeing your photography works, so maybe even if you dont have time for an outfit post, you can post up your photo pics :)

    and for the party thing.. im not a big party person.. so I'll just invite my close pals (including you bloggers too!) for the MOST expensive treat i can afford. I'll take you all in a private jet to Paris.. Then we stay at the Crillon Hotel presidential suite with unlimited snacks all night long.. on the daylight, we'll shop with unlimited credit cards provided by me at Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga, you name it.. before heading home, we'll have a tour to the french countries like Provence and Avignon to have a real-life photoshoot shot my Patrick Dermalicier (not sure how to spell his last name there) and even Steven Meisel if you want ! hahaha..

    and i guess that's it ?
    i'll tweet and put a sidebar link to your giveaway too !

    michelle ||

  54. 1.hai i've followed you already fen :)

    2.I really liked your blog, very energetic, exciting and you ought to look as you age. you are very mature, not too dressy too much or childish . very appropriate for your age.
    that needs to be amended may be more emphasis on playing with bright colors, bright colors can give effect to your skin to shine (cerah)

    3.if I want to make a birthday party, I'd prefer a romantic like in a villa on the or the nuances of nature, with cool weather all the guests just the nearest person, nuanced pastel, european food will give more support to the romantic atmosphere, wine and cocktail is a suitable drinks, something fresh and warm it's probably the right word to describe this party, I belong with people who love simple party food only to eat and share happiness with people nearby, all wearing pastel-colored dress. Aww it so sweet to me.
    I'm a simple person who likes things simple and the most important thing is to get the happiness that you want.


  55. oops fhenny, seems like there's a typo. number 3, I meant fairy tale, instead of.. err fairy taleone hahahha. alright ! have a great day !

  56. 1. I've followed u :]

    2. I like your blog because of the photos and your outfit is inspiring! Perhaps, you could compress the picture so it won't be too hard to load the photos.

    3. I will make Hollywood as the theme of the party. so, the guest will dress as the Hollywood stars (whoever they like) maybe Gaga? hahaha.. and combine it with Vegas style :] hehehe The food will be nice and perhaps, a little award show just like MTV awards?

    4.Okay, I'll tweet it!! hehe..

  57. hey c fhen, nothing to improve in your blog! simply nice one :)

    about DREAM birthday!

    I want fullerton hotel to be the location if it happens to be in singapore! ( i love the riverside view )
    I will rent the whole hotel and paint it with PURPLE, change their carpet into purple in colour! the only flower accepted is the purple roses with no single thorn ( i dont want anyone to get hurt )
    the dresscode should be either purple or lavender.
    the whole decoration will be using swarovski crystals, 24K white gold cutlery,

    Everyone will be served with champagne and for kids we serve them the grandmastella's elixir!

    The food should be the mixture of all the food over the world!

    First guestlist will be the whole family of mine, the bloggers, then the one who will sit on the first row will be those hollywood actress like aniston, hatheway, lopez, olsen sisters, jolie ( she won't fight with jen huh? ), demi and ashton, beckham families, emma watsons, gisele, cruise family, pattinson with kristen and also GAGA, she should sing the whole night long and she need to wear a purple outfit for all her performances, all my beloved, friends from Indonesia and all over the world! they should come! I will provide the A 380 flight ticket to singapore! no matter where are they!

    people will be provided alexander mcqueen's purple dresses and tuxedo if they don't have any. the souvenir of the party should be a purple chanel bag and a pair of purple louboutin. I guess everyone will be really happy to be invited is it?

    and IF I can, I would like to invite coco chanel to my birthday (that's impossible rite?)

    wish me luck! :x
    (I don't even know either it has reached a 5000 words limit already or not!)

  58. Cute bracelet. I'm following you now.

    I like your blog because it's not cluttered and complicated. It's pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

    I don't really celebrate birthdays all big and what not. But if I had to I would love to spend a week in Italy. I've always wanted to go there and it'd be really fun going for the first time AND celebrate my birthday with family and friends.

  59. I follow you manually because I don't use google follow! hahaha.

    I guess I don't qualify. ): but it's okay I'll still answer qn 2: I haven't read your blog for the longest time, but I do enjoy reading about your life! I like how straightforward it is.

    Good luck to everyone taking part! ♥

  60. Wow such a lovely giveaway ci ! Love love it :D

    1. I'm a follower !

    2. I love your blog and I love your style . My suggestion is just to keep it up ! Because it's complete already , there are outfit posts , life posts , event posts .

    3. Party . How about vintage-themed party ? It will be so cool ! Everyone should dress up in vintage outfits . It will be held in the backyard or a lovely garden . There will be cocktails and good food . With a great band of course , singing vintage songs . Haha . The guests will be like 500 people , it will be a blast ! Lol .

    4. Tweeted ! http://twitter.com/beckyregina/status/12322746784

  61. post about your giveaway here http://twitter.com/pinapina/status/12323266391

  62. Hello Fhenny :) first of all i'd like to say congratulation for your first giveaway. and now these my answers :

    1. Already followed you dear :)

    2. Well, i love your blog. it's simple and full of purple color (i like purple :)). but i think you should make your blog more catchy for example you can use your photography as your background or improve your banner more cool.'cause i think the banner is important for a blog (beside the posts). and maybe you can use more colors so your blog more color full. well, that's my thoughts for your blog. i hope it can help you :D

    3. hmmm about the party. I have a dream that my sweet 17 birthday party could be held at the big garden. and the theme is 'Wonderland'(i was inspired by Alice in Wonderland). So, all of the stuffs must be weird. for example all the cakes must have the words "eat me" and the glasses must have the words "drink me" (just like in the story). And all of my guests should be one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland. but they can't be Alice, 'cause I am Alice in my party (kinda selfish hah?but hello this is my party.wehehehe :P). So i have to dress up like Alice. i will call Billy Tjong for design my dress (haha, weird). Oh, and i will held a little game. the game is like this : there is one box but the box is locked. the players have to find the key so the box can be opened and the player can get her/his prize (the prize is in the box). where's the key? The key is in of the cakes that have marked 'eat me'. it will be take many times but i think it will be fun. (btw, the prize is an ethnic liontin).
    and i will hire Maliq 'n d'essentials for the guest star. well, i think that's all my dream party. my weird dream party, i mean..hehehehe

    4. already post your giveaway this is my link : http://iheartacupoftea.blogspot.com/2010/04/call-us-amathea.html

    well, that's all i think. i'm sorry if there's any words that make you unhappy.:)
    Keep blogging Fhenny, i really love your blog :D:D



  63. 1. followed!

    2.i love your blog header and the simplicity of the layout. you have good posts too!

    3. i'd invite all of my closest friends and the theme will be a very lame but awesome "harrrrrry potter" them. everyone will choose to be a certain character and i will somehow make butter beers :)

    4. shall tweet!

  64. 1. Followed you. :)

    2. The simplicity of your blog makes it wonderful full of fashionable items & pictures blog. I think you should reduce the resolution of your pictures since you think to post more of it for easy viewing.

    3. If I were to have a dream birthday party, I'll invite my favourite international singer strums the guitar to sing a birthday song for me. And bands & DJs to rock it out like a concert. I would have an intimate party. For close loved ones only. That way, I'll be able to interact & catch-up with everyone. I'll have colourful balloons and decors, flowers on the side, happy music, whatever to make it a happy go lucky kind of party. Everyone will be wearing anything not dull. We'll have BBQ, pizzas and everything beside the huge swimming pool while everyone's sipping Pina Colada and beers. And I'll also make it environmental friendly by having the paper cups written each name in order not to waste too much of it! And is it too much to ask if everyone should bring colourful to share? Heehe :D

    4. Tweet about it!

    @eudoraluvart via Twitter

  65. more DIY! SO AMAZED you made this!<3

    I THINK; Dinner is a must and a super nice restaurant with a limo to take the girls around ;) and to end the night up with champagne at one of the top bar/ clubs in the city!


  66. 1. followed ya' already :D

    2. what should be improve, eh? hmm.. nothing I think. The photos are perfectly captured! the header matches with the background colour.

    3. I don't like huge party so let's make it simple!
    I'll make 2 parties. One for family, one for friends.
    For the family, I'd like to have a party in a restaurant with Japanese food. I'll invite all my cousins around the world (really! One in Aus, one in Sing, one in Netherland, etc)
    And for friends, I'll only invite close friends held in a garden, Well, it's like a BBQ party with dresscode flowery for girls'(and for the boys, no idea XD)
    We'll party till night with guitars and campfire. Soo, I hope I'll have a boyfriend who can play guitar well (just like my crush ><). Hahahaha, too much for a 12-years-old girl.

    4. Will tweet it soon! and oh, post it here: http://sherlynlavenia.blogspot.com/2010/04/we-cant-buy-precious-memories.html

    hope i can win! the bracelet is super cute!

  67. 1) I am a follower
    2) To be honest your blog is perfect as it is, you really don't want to change it because then it wouldn't be as unique. I have seen no other blog like yours which is great and your pictures are pictures are always amazing.
    3)My dream 16th Birthday party would take place in a massive field in the middle of nowhere. It would be a teaparty with an Alice and Wonderland theme. Obviously I would be the mad hatter, wearing a top hat and a variety of colour blinding clothes. To eat there would be hundreds of unique cupcakes and to drink tea, from china teacups. The teapot shaped invites would be sent out to my dearest friends, forgotten friends and new friends.
    4)I have mention you on my blog, then posted a link. http://fashionteapot.blogspot.com/2010/04/tulip-perfect-love.html
    I rather enjoyed written this comment, thankyou :) X

  68. 1. I followed and just found your blog, actually.

    2. I love your outfit posts and the delicious food. A lot of times though, I get inspired from the images that bloggers post, so if you see any great inspiration pics, it would be awesome if you post them.

    3. Oh my a dream party! I want to create a party for nerds of all types to get together and obsess over whatever it is they obsess over! I love my math and fashion nerd friends, and they'll come for sure. We'll have circular/round food because...just because. I want to eat bubbles, caviar, and sushi that is round!

    4. Yes I'll tweet you.

    xoxo Catherine

  69. awww this is such a sweet giveaway and i'm loving these handmade pieces of yours! :)

    1. of course i'm a follower! <3
    2. i love your blog because your entries are always so lovely and i never get tired of reading your entries. plus, your style is so fantastic! :)
    3. my dream party would consist of everyone on the beach. barefoot. no shoes allowed. and we'd spend hours with no worries and watch the clouds float on by.
    4. i'll tweet about this :)

  70. 1. followed you already :)

    2. hhmm. . . (thinking :D) your blog is cool, i love every shots you take, and i love the background and header (maybe becuse i love pastel colors), but if u could just make the header a bit colorful, that would make it better

    3. i got 2 parties, one for all my friends, and one for my closest people only
    - the first party will be held in the beach (probably Bora-Bora/Bali). the dresscode would be like "sleeveless and shorts". there'll be dj tiesto, cobra starship, lady gaga, ke$ha, and all party singers. all bloggers are invited, all my friends are invited, there'll be best dress award, and tickets back to Jakarta
    the decoration will be like hula party, with bonfire in the middle, fancy foods, biggest bday cake ever, and gabe saporta as my bday present (LOL)
    -2nd party is after the exhausted one, my 2 bffs and i flew to NYC, stays at the hottest suites, enjoying the night with some fine wine and DVDs, then went to DisneyWorld Florida and Universal Studio, and watched the filming of Gossip Girl & SATC

    i posted ur giveaway on my blog on the "I join this join too" sidebar, and i've tweeted it
    hope i can win those photograph and bracelet :)

  71. 1. followeeed :)

    2. i like your photography shots and your posts are cool. But i kinda dislike your layout/background [oops!]. yeah, i think you need a wider layout like minima scretch/minima lefty scretch. I think if you use that kind of layout, your blog will look better. Other than that, i love your blog!

    3. i want to have this hugeee party right in front of the eiffel tower. since my grandpa lives in france with my step grandma, i figured out maybe they can make a reservation for me :3 i'll invite all of my friends & my family. the party will start at night - when the eiffel towers light turns on. It's gonna be amazing. I want to invite my favorite stars like selena gomez, demetria lovato, taylor swift, the harry potter casts,glee casts, and judges & winners from American Idol. There's a stage in front of the eiffel tower, and i'll book every restaurants near the eiffel tower so the guests can eat in various restaurants. Oh! and i'll invite many of famous designers to attend my party, then we can have a fashion show + a giveaway! we can raise money from the fashion show then, i'll give the money to poor childrens in Africa [i heard they have problem with malaria]
    Oh! and there will be a SING-OFF CONTEST too! the judges from American Idol - not to mention the host, Ryan Seacrest - shall judge & host the contest! it's gonna be a blast. Many people from many magazine/newspaper company will come. Oh, i forgot! there will be a dress code. The dress code is: formal & sparkly. Since it's gonna be a stary night! lol. I'll hang out with my best friends, emma watson [omg!] & lea michelle [one of the glee casts]
    THAT'S MY DREAM PARTY! Oh, and i'll hold the party on New Year eve [maybe] or my birthday! [yeaaah]

    4.i've mentioned about this giveaway in twitter btw! :3 my ID is Gerardien :]

    Btw, i reaaallly want the bracelet! the eiffel tower is my favorite tower in the whole wide world! :]
    what can i say? i'm 1/4 french [lol]

  72. 1. You already know I've been following your blog for so long :)

    2. I'm a huge fan of your blog... I love how you blog about so many different things - mostly fashion, but you make it more personal than a boring fashion blog :) So honestly, keep up the good work!

    3. I would love some type of cultural themed party. I can't fully take credit for this, because my parents and I went to a benefit where it was a cultural type event - everyone brought something that was unique to their culture, or wore something from their culture (like, since my mom is French, she wore Chanel :)... but it was such a fun event, and had so much delicious food, that that type of party would be ideal. I would want yummy food from all different global regions - sushi, cheeses with different breads, mini tacos, pad Thai, bruschetta... so many different varieties of food! :) I think food is one of the most important parts of a party/celebration! (That and great wine) :)
    I would also want to celebrate my French heritage and wear something one-shouldered, short, and Chanel! I would want really fun music - a live band playing older songs as well as fun party songs. Haha I think I got a little too specific!

    4. @littleallygator - Tweeted!

  73. Followed your blog dear :)

    Your blog is uber-cool cause your posts are so interesting, it's full of amazing words and photos. So I think your blog's content is great enough for me.

    Maybe you should play with your layout, just like other people said. Cause if it looks more, you know like, more 'eye-catching' people will love your blog on the first sight, people will love it right after they open your blog, even though they haven't read any of your blog's posts.

    And about the birthday party. I have so many dream-parties on my head but what I like the most is a party in Wonderland! Aaah how great it would be! There I could meet Chesire cat (really love this cat), Alice, and even Mad Hater (it'd be great if The Mad Hatter is actually Johny Depp cause I want to meet these two people).

    Imagine some marvelous things I could do there. A tea pary? Of course! A visit to the Queen of Hearts' castle? You gotta be kidding me! I'll grow bigger, smaller, fatter or even thinner to visit that fascinating castle. I would eat anything written 'eat me' if I could meet Alice and her friends and visit the Wonderland on my birhday. Well, who wouldn't?

    And of course, I'll invite anyone who want to come! Wonderland will be full of visitors cause yes, It's My Birthday Party!

    (Know what, my head was full of excitement when I was writing this 'imagination'. I hope I could have a party like this. A real one)

    And okey dokey I'll tweet about this giveaway right after this comment is finished.

    Crossing my fingers so hard


  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Actually I am your new follower but I am so adore it. It's a great blog. I think sometimes you can post about how to make a cute bracelet or give us some tips to make something. I know you have wonderful creativity.

    If I have to make a party for my B'day, I will celebrate it with all my friends and family. I don't want to make a big or glamor party, because the important thing is not the party but I just want to say huge thanks for them who love me like I love them. I will held the party at home because my house is open for everyone and I want to make my friends like at their home because I have considered them like my relatives. For the theme, I want them to wear everything they want, because I love them just the way they are. For a casual girl, you can just wear your T-shirt and hot pan. or if you are a rock guy just wear your black apparels includes the rock accessories. How fun is it, everyone have their own style and interest that what I love. That make them unique and I always like people with their own style and be their selves.

  76. 1. I was ready to become your followers

    2. I would critique about your blog, forgive me if I give criticism makes you angry, this is a criticism that I give to your blog: I really liked your photography on deviantART that you post to your blog, but the color of the back of your blog less attractive, so good photos you do not look interesting * sorry

    3. I would invite my family and celebrate the feast in puncak @ Bogor - Indonesia, I will come to the best restaurants in puncak, after that I will be holding a second party, especially with my friends, and I'll throw a party using a mask (if none wearing a mask will be punished instead hehehe it looks funny), I would order my favorite foods at my favorite restaurant.

    4. I will follow your twitter and my twitter is @darrelllovejb

    You can see my posts: http://darrellerastania.blogspot.com/2010/04/give-give-away.html

    I hope if I'll be the winner

    xoxo :)

  77. ooh fhenny, this is such an AMAZING giveaway! totally to die for :) i can't begin to even explain how much i adore your handmade pieces!

    (1) i love your blog, so of course i'm a follower :)
    (2) what i love about your blog?! everything :) i especially love the layout, purple is my favourite colour! all your posts are very entertaining and i enjoy all your outfit posts & photography, it's brilliant and great that there's always a piece of you in your posts :)
    (3) for my dream party i'd invite all my closest friends, and you too! and it would consist of a breakfast at tiffany's themed breakfast with french toast + chai lattes ♥ followed by a trip to disneyland and going on every single ride... afterwards we'd have a little tea party, cupcakes and all :) at night, everyone'll get dressed up, costume/fancy dress, there'd be lots of red cordial, a jumping castle and a water slide, then karaoke & dancing after a dinner of thai cuisine :) then chick flicks to finish off an amazing day!

    (4) i will most definitely mention your fantastic giveaway in my next post, doll!

    have a gorgeous weekend ♥ good luck everyone :) and happy early birthday darling!

  78. Well I am a new follower thanks to your cute little comment!
    And now i really really must add that bracelet to my collection!!

    I quite like the variety on your blog at first glance: outfits, architechture, food(!), friends, art.It works!
    What I don't like as much (and this is gonna sound really silly) is the gray background... I think the colour tends to dull some of your beautiful photography.

    If I had a party, it would be a Mr Tummnus from the Lion,the Witch, and the Wardrobe Party! We would hang jars with candles from all the trees, eat scones and cucumber sandwiches off of toadstools and all play wistful music on our Narnia instruments well into the night.

    Anyways! That was fun!

  79. wow fab giveaway sweetie!

    For everything about fashion:

  80. 1. Yupp, im ur follower

    2. I like ur post. When u stuck ur photos, it can give a good combination of colour in ur blog. mmmm, and why u dont make a blog roll?? i mean, ur friends list look sooooo long. hehehe just suggest. But still i like ur blog, it's simple and interesting.

    3. I will make a simple party, just my family and my friends inside that. May be in Samalona (a beautifull beach in makassar, hehe). Yeahh, I dont have soo many friends anyways. After that i wanna do something 'human sociality' like make a house for street children (is that the word?) and give them any skills for their future. hahahaha nice, im dreaming now.

  81. 1. already followed you..

    2. your blog so simple. it will be better if your header is also use some pictures so it will be more attractive. (cz many people are visual type person that will be more interested with image, for example is me). besides the header, you can modif your background too,,i will give the link so you can modif it easier.. http://bloggerindraft.blogspot.com/2010/03/blogger-template-designer.html ..

    3. actually, i'm lil bit boring with birthday party so i just wanna celebrate it in a club but the main point is before the party in the club, i wanna play assasin games like in gossip girl season 3 episode 17. every invited person will wear a neklace with her/his photo and this game is about kill or be killed. we must kill other people before they did to us by taking his/her photo that mounted neklace. and the last one who survive will be a winner. after that, all of them will come and join in the party in the club..so excited to imagine it..

    4. http://fashionnista-dorothy.blogspot.com/2010/04/fhen-invited-me-to-join-her-giveawayso.html

  82. 1. I'm your follower fhen :)

    2. What I love from you blog is,,there are a lot of great photos there!! I love it..but honestly I don't really like your current header :( *sorry dear*..But I said it because I'm sure that you can make a great header,,the one that much better than this one ;)

    3. My dream party?? hmm..I must say that I want a private party in a remote island with a great view. I don't know where the Island is but I really want to have a private party like that..So, I just invite the closest family, bestfriend, and my loved one :)..coz I think there's nothing that can beat a party with people who are soo close with us..sometimes we just forget with them because our 'hectic' daily life..so, spend our precious birthday with the precious people in our life is the best way for me :)..just chill and have fun without a disturbance from others because we were in a remote island..what a quality time :)

    4. def will tweet about this giveaways :)

    anw, the bracelets is just sooo lovely fhen!! I'm drooling for that :p

  83. 1. I'm following you, can't believe I wasn't already.

    2. I love your outfit shots, more of those would be good.

    3. I would hire a big boat and have a party out in the ocean somewhere warm. I would invite a small group of my closest friends, because I think everythings funner in small groups and we would have the boat all to ourselves. We would drink vanilla galliano cocktails. The party would be a formal event, the guys will wear nice suits and the girls nice dresses and heels. And there would have to be a dance floor, with an awesome dj playing requests and dance music :).

    4. I posted about your giveaway on my blog and mentioned you and used some of your photos about my giveaway that you won aswell. Please check it out. I hope you don't mind me using your photos.


  84. 1. I am now a new follower! :) I just saw your blog through my friend's. cute blog!

    2. I really really like your blog! You sound like a very awesome girl! :) I also love fashion so it's nice to read about the things you like and get ideas from you. Keep up the good work! Do some more fashion blog post please! <3

    3. hmmm, if I was to throw myself a party without limits, I would want to have a very big masquerade ball! :) I want to feel like a princess :) I would have it in a very big garden somewhere. It will be decorated with lights and sparkly things. :) Everyone would be wearing ball gowns with a mask on of course. It will be magical. I would have it at night. I would have everyone I love with me to celebrate <3

    4. I would be posting a blog about your giveaway of course!

    thanks love!
    hopefully I win!

    have a nice day and do check out my blog too!


  85. im a new follower :)

    i love your blog! all of your photos are amazing and i really love your style!

    my party theme would have to be old-time hollywood. i love the style from back then along with the hairstyles, jewelry, etc. plus i would like to think that there would be a ton of pictures taken at this party in black and white film.

    ps. that ring is gorgeous! i absolutely LOVE it!

  86. 1. Following :)

    2. I enjoy the range in your blog... photographs, food and fashion! Although I do have some suggestions/thoughts..

    - the organization is a bit confusing.. I sometimes get lost and miss things that you write inbetween photos. I was thinking that maybe if the pictures were a little bit smaller (and you had the choice of clicking it to make it bigger)

    - also the organization of telling us what exactly you wore is a bit confusing... e.g. maybe instead of writing "F21 black dress" write Dress: F21. Makes it a little easier to see what you actually wore!
    I don't want you to think I do not enjoy it as is, because I do very much so! :)

    3. My dream birthday is a gorgeous sunny day sailing. About 10 friends plus family on the sailboat. And a picnic of roast beef sandwiches with havarti cheese. Of course the day would be filled of swimming off of the boat. Casual drinking and maybe fireworks by the may-24-festival (my birthday weeekend..most of the time) at the end of the night.
    ahaa can you tell i have thought about this?

    4. I don't have twitter or a blog! But I did tell some of my friends about it !

  87. 1. I'm your blog-follower :--)
    2. I like some food porn in your blog and your fashion sense... just goes in my way. pretty rebellious, lovely. Your blog is quite nice, just maybe I'm not into the fonts you use and the banner, but all over, I love what you wrote so please please blogging more often ;)
    3. I want a rock&roll private party, in the highest skyscraper of the city. I'll invite my bests and loveliests. The dresscode will be black and leather while I'll be wearing a black bodycon dress with many zippers. The food will be european, parissienne to be exact. Foie Gras and some punch will do good. Else, salmon sashimi, unagi roll, and more japanese food will do. The doorprize will be electric guitars and some cool gadgets like iTouch :)
    And for the entertainment..... THE STROKES will make it perfect.
    Oh well, THE S.I.G.I.T will do too!
    4.I'll post about your giveaway in my blog : http://partiningrum.blogspot.com/
    and tweet about this. Follow me @partiningrum :--)

    Merci beaucoup, Fhenny! Wish someday we can meet.

  88. 1. already followed you ^^

    2. actually i love to visit your blog when i trying to find a new inspiration and whe i want to have a gorgeous reading.. ^^ .. i just love your blog with the simple reason, i.....love it.. *kinda confuse to mention why i love it.. LOL
    just put more colour in it.. but overall, i already love it.. *wink

    3. about a birthday party..mmmm... how about rent a space or hall, and call your favourite food since elementary school till college.. maybe you and your friend can enjoy oldtime cuisine that remind you with oldtime..

    4. i'll do it soon !!

    wish me luck.. i really love that bracelet

  89. 1. i'm a new follower!
    2. improve? hmm, well i'm new to your blog and so far i really like your photos, so keep that up. maybe you can do fashion posts outside of your outfits? like your favorite places to shop? overall, i like it though!
    3. dream party? i'd have an alice in wonderland themed party, at somewhere really nice...like the huntington library! they have a huge garden and it's super fancy. i'd make everyone wear poufy dresses and costumes, and we'd play games and eat cupcakes. oh man. i really wish i could do this for real!

    great giveaway! love your prints so much.


  90. i love all the wicked awesome photography on your blog, amazing!

    i think my dream party would be in an abandoned hospital or an old haunted house, in the dark with cocktails with weird names like corspe reviver and zombie and we'd all tell ghost stories around a campfire and play hide and seek in the pitch black and everyone would go home with a goodie bag with fake blood and face paint

    i love halloween, what can i say ;p


  91. okay, here goes!
    1. i'm following now ;-)
    2. what i really like about your blog is the layout and the plethora of pictures. sometimes blogs get too wordy
    3. this question is so hard! ummmmm... i actually don't know, but i know that i want a photobooth there. they're so much fun at parties! i also think that location is key. if i could have it somewhere really cool like a planetarium or the shedd aquarium, i would be in heaven!
    4. i don't have a twitter, but i'll defintiely include this giveaway in tomorrow's post :D

  92. 1. i'm a new follower and i'm really excited to join your crew. you have a great blog here!

    2. i like how you showcase pictures of where you live and not just your lovely outfits. i've never been to singapore so i really like the preview as i'm a travel-lover. :) and you have great style, so all your outfits are so nice to look at. :)

    3. my dream party would be a totally 50s party at the bowling alley (but there has to be a wide space of room to dance beside the alley)! music: swing dance, charleston, jazz, everything old school. there'd be lots of twirling and throwing girls in the air (in a cute, not dangerous way :D). there'd be poofy pastel dresses that sway in the innocent air and all the boys would be dressed in sleek tuxedos. (i love when everyone is dressed up) marty mcfly and the starlighters would be the band playing jazzy tunes (the band is from back to the future. you have to see that movie if you haven't already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4Cr7kxjSBs) :)

    all in all, it would kind of look like a mix of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h1-7Wx3Sfo but at a bowling alley --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j7Z5Q7ZDs4&NR=1

    afterwards, we'd all go to a carnival and eat cotton candy, play games so my date can try to win me a teddy bear (i know, so cheesy) and if tired, we'd just lie on the grass, me still in my poofy tulle dress but with a cozy cardigan, looking at the stars, smelling the cotton candy and kettel corn atmostphere, remembering how great the night was while holding my date's warm hand. :)

    4. i put a feature on the side of my blog announcing your giveaway. :)

    thanks for the amazing giveaway!! i'm really excited to see the results.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. my post link about giveaway ^^



  95. 1. i've already be your follower.

    2. i like your blog because u like to post a good place i never come. so i can know about the place and feel interest to come.
    you should take more photos of yourself better(specific) and attractive in your blog. sorry to say that. i hope you can understand what i mean. ;)

    3. if i get the opportunity to celebrate my birthday party, i would like to make it traditional way, because i love Indonesia culture.
    i will wear Kebaya and all my guesses must wear Batik. (they can make their own style)
    For the invitation, will be formed of shadow puppet. (i think is very unique) and i want my invitaion card can be a bookmark.
    I will welcome my beloved guesses by tor tor dance as opening show.
    Nasi Tumpeng will be my cake, of course with candle of 17th on it.
    the menu will be serve in indonesian traditional food, such as Sop buntut, gado2, Ketoprak, Sate, Gulali, Rangi Cake, Onde-onde, and etc.
    and last but not least of course souvenir. i don't want my guesses go home without memories. so for souvenir i choose tie die shirt.

    it's all i want to my birthday party if i can celebrate it. haha :)

    the last.
    4. http://agatawijaya.blogspot.com/2010/04/1205-giveaway.html

    i already post it. very excited! :D
    i will twit u. as soon as possible

    hope i can win :P
    for the first time i joined giveaway contest. haha.
    thank you. :D

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. 1. i've already be your follower.

    2. i like your blog because u like to post a good place i never come. so i can know about the place and feel interest to come.
    you should take more photos of yourself better(specific) and attractive in your blog. sorry to say that. i hope you can understand what i mean. ;)

    3. if i get the opportunity to celebrate my birthday party, i would like to make it traditional way, because i love Indonesia culture.
    i will wear Kebaya and all my guesses must wear Batik. (they can make their own style)
    For the invitation, will be formed of shadow puppet. (i think is very unique) and i want my invitaion card can be a bookmark.
    I will welcome my beloved guesses by tor tor dance as opening show.
    Nasi Tumpeng will be my cake.
    the menu will be serve in indonesian traditional food, such as Sop buntut, gado2, Ketoprak, Sate, Gulali, Rangi Cake, Onde-onde, and etc.
    and last but not least of course souvenir. i don't want my guesses go home without memories. so for souvenir i choose tie die shirt.

    it's all i want to my birthday party if i can celebrate it. haha :)

    the last.
    4. http://agatawijaya.blogspot.com/2010/04/1205-giveaway.html

    i already post it. very excited! :D
    i will twit u. as soon as possible

    hope i can win :P
    for the first time i joined giveaway contest. haha.
    thank you. :D

  98. fab giveaway sweetie x

    High street + Couture =

  99. pengen ikutan,
    tp lg gabisa mikir -.-

  100. 1. I've only been a follower for a little while as I've never come across your blog before and I'm totally glad I did. One of my bloggers, made a post about the giveaway. So, I don't really have anything at all to say bad about it. I love how you mix fantasy/fairy tales into your fashion blog. I love the whole aspect of a fairytale. The only main thing, I really would say is just to add some brighter colours and to simplify the blog a tad. & I only mean that in the slightest.
    2. My dream party would be Alice in Wonderland themed. I can't get enough of it ever since the movie has been released, recently. It's inspired so many clothes/photo shoots and music. All of the guests would have to dress up in the themes clothes. Messy hair, curly hair.. doll-alike. Flowers/hair bands and ribbons would fill their hair. & headband plaits. Make up would be baby pink lips, pink cheeks, red cheeks, bright eyes. BIG eyelashes. They would have to make sure they look dolly-ish or they wouldn't come in! Na, only kidding. My besties could come in whatever they looked like. Anyways, they would have pastels/florals/nudes/lace on.. high heels, heart-printed tights, white knee-high socks, tutus, peach skirts, crop tops. You name it. The food would be lovely afternoon-tea food. Cakes, biscuits, buns, rolls, sandwhiches, brownies, the most amazing iced cupcakes, crisps, sweeties, lollipops. At every table there would be vintage teacups. There would be lots of dancing. Dance, RnB, pop music. Everyone would be getting their "freak-on" I'd arrive later with the most beautiful boy on my arm. Justin Bieber. He'd perform, we'd kiss and it would be the best birthday party ever. Sorry, I've missed out a lot of detail, but this hasn't been brief so me going to wrap it up, now.

    3. I have posted a link into my blog but I tried it earlier and it didn't work so as soon as I've finished posting this, I'll go and sort the link out m'dear :).

  101. 1.I've following your blog
    2. Well, from your postings, I think it's well and the best for me. . But, there are 3 things that should you know to make your blog better: design, layout,and music. . For me, your layout should be more colorful coz' it will give you more traffic.
    3. Cartoon party is the best! I do like to choose the theme with Sponge Bob. You can wear Sponge Bob costume coz' it's soo funny. The food must be Krabby Patty and a glass of tea, haha. . Design in with Crusty Crab Resto but with an event to entertain your friends. But, don'tforget for doorprize coz' it's the most important!!
    4. I have update my status about it and share your link. .
    Check : http://twitter.com/caramel_manda

  102. Thank u for the comment on my blog girrrl!


  103. wow, i just entered in very last minute. :P sorry fhenn :(

    okay, i already post it on my blog http://emptiedbrain.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-enter-little-miss-fhennys.html :)

    * yes, of course i've already followed you!

    * u have a great blog, i love ur style!! i love when u write the references about something, or whatever you took with ur camera, *i'm a big fans of ur blog!!* but i think u need to change the background color, it's a lil bit dull, and u need to brighten it up with a cheerful color i think, it's hard to tell what u need to improve ur blog since u have a great blog dear! and u are super duper friendly to other blogger junior (for example: me) :DD

    * okay for the party, when u say 'the dream party' first thing pop in my head is CHOCOLATE! i'm a big fans of chocolate, if it was my party, i want it with a lot of chocolate, it must be chocolate everywhere, and i want a swimming pond fill with CHOCOLATE! so the guests will have to wear swimsuit and they all will have to jump at the chocolate pond, HAHAHA! and beside the pond there will be a bonfire, the guest will grill a GIANT MARSHMALLOW on it! okay just thinking about it, it makes me drool -____-

    * of course i'll tweet about this darling, and once again, i'm so sorry about my tardiness

    loves&hugs muach!

  104. 1- I'm already your follower

    2-I enjoy your blog, you have a great writing style which makes it really enjoyable to read. I also really love your header but I think that if you had a lighter background like white it could look better. I also really like the fact that you write about your experiences and outfits that you wear each day but maybe you could some more fashion related posts like trends, editorials, or wishlists. Another thing you could do to your blog is add video blogs which could make it really cool.

    3- I love birthday parties so this will be a hard question. Well, the theme will be Paris (i love that city) with a hint of fashion . So, I would invite a bunch of close friends and we would go to Paris for the weekend. The hotel that we would stay at will be Le Meurice hotel and one of the suites that we would book would be this one http://www.lemeurice.com/belle-etoile-royal-suite. It has views to the Eiffel Tour. So here's where the fashion related theme comes. Each of the guests would receive 15,000 € that they can spend on clothes, accesories, and jewelry , in any of the stores of the Chanps-Elysees (such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain and many others). Their goal will be to come up with the best outfit by using no more than 15,000€. It will be sort of like an obstacle course and they will only have 3 hours to shop. Then we would meet back at the hotel and decide who's the winner. It is sort of like an obstacle course. The winner would get a backstage pass to all of the shows at Paris Fashion Week and wear the outfit they came up with to one of the shows. Of course, we would also visit important places like the Eiffel Tour, The Louvre Museum, Versailes, and eat many macaroons. That would be my dream party. :)

    4- Sorry, I don't tweet but I'll link this to today's Saturday Outfit post.

    BTW, I have to say that that bracelet with the Eiffel tour and lace is really cute. I love it :) And your photography is amazing too. You're so talented. Lucky the one who wins.

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  105. oh thanks so much for informing me about this giveaway! im so so into eiffel tower pieces! and your works are so beautiful!

    1. i am already a follower

    2. i cant see anything that needs to be improved, i like it simple. but if i have to pick. then maybe its the color, it would be great to have lotsa colors sometimes <3

    3. A party! I think I'm going to have a Godfather/Mafia inspired party! I'm a big fan of that epic movie and it needs some commemoration. Who ever pulls up the best mafia gear will also win a little something! the party will be classic and everyone can have a porfessional photoshoot afterwards! and maybe a bit of karaoke somewhere <3

    4. i plurked about your giveaway here :D http://www.plurk.com/odeath

    there it goes! fingers crossed <3

  106. 1.I’ve followed you already :)

    2. i like ur blog coz ur blog is simple , plus you are so friendly, hehe (: But will be better if you want to make it become more crowded with ur photos of ur personal style.

    3. I am a romantic girl , so if I want to make a birthday party, I’ll make a party with theme ROMANTIC ! hehe. I like the beach , and I like candlelight… if the weather is sunny, I’ll make a party at night at the building with the who near beach, of course with candle light, haha. I prefer celebrate with my family and my special friend , such as best friend and boyfriend. White dan Red Rose will from adorn each table of guests invited, certainly with one beautiful light candles on every table. I’ll make a Romantic Tree, the leaves will be replaced with white roses plus a hanging candle lights the tree.

    4. tweeted ur giveaway :)


    haha , so so sorry i am too LATE :))

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. Good luck to all who entered this lovely giveaway!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my site, Fhen...so fun!

    Liesl :)

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