Summer Brightspot

Summer Brightspot

Brighspot Market
"A curated market of all things cool"

Went to the opening day of 5th edition of Brighspot Market on friday last week at Plaza Indonesia Extension. It was quite crowded but the jam-pack is still managable.

the crowdss!

Naima booth. Love how the shoes are displayed :)

The Chuka Boots of Seba Shoes. (I went to Brightspot with K, and he is eye-ing on these shoes :) )

flower power furniture from Silla

This edition of Brighspot Market is great as always and merrier than before. More tenants are joining the event too! Glad to see the enthusiasm of the fashion fetish in Jakarta and it's really great to support our own local brands and independent designers! Brightspot market is the pioneer to hold a kind of platform for loval designers to really express themselves and reach bigger fashionista crowds. It is not only the goods that are sold there is inspiring, but also how this event is being held and its mission towards the growth of clothing industry in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

I really enjoyed to come by and shop there. Unfortunately this venue's flooring is not really good, must be really careful while wearing heels because the floor is not that smooth. Maybe it is the signature style of using raw place? probably.
The bottom line, cheers to CandC Projects, Future 10, and Accupunto for bringing us the most anticipated market in town! Well, Im absolutely looking forward to the next Brighspot Market!

see more on the Brightspot Market website here

(was quite hard to take pictures with my cam cause i was busy sightseeing to hunt goods in there hahaaha)
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