Brightspot Market 5th edition

Brightspot Market 5th edition

Havent got a chance to come to the last Brightpost Market?

(see my review on previous Brighspot Market here )
so, dont miss this one...

Brightspot Market 5th edition

It is more exciting, merrier, and brighter than ever!
Shop your loval favourite brands, grab the items you've been keeping an eye on, and indulge yourself on summer shopping.

Venue: Plaza Indonesia extension 4th floor
Date: opening july 8
open for public 9-11 july 2010
Shopping Time: 11am-11pm

List of tenants (click to enlarge)
there's something for everyone, ladies and gentlemen! :)
for more information go to Brightspot Market website

some tips from me:
1. wear comfortable clothing and shoes to make it easier when you try on clothes
2. bring cash for faster payment
3. do some research on your favourite tenants, so yo have idea of what to buy for before d-day

Prepare yourself, fashionistas!
See you thereee! xoxoxo
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