The Goods Dept, Jakarta's influential retail scene

The Goods Dept, Jakarta's influential retail scene

 Stands among the international label  stores, The Goods Department grab the attention and evoke curiosity of passers by. Behind the simple design with concrete floor, this curated department store is a fashion attraction in the city. This newly opened space was all started by a pop up bazaar called Brightspot Market, which was nominated as “Bazaars You Dont Want to miss” in Tongue in Chic Style Award 2009 and 2010 Free magazine award. While talking about its influence to Jakarta’s fashion scene, a name to note as one of the creators behind the amazing concept is Chris Kerrigan. Read on to find a little story of how he brings his passion for art and retail business into one incredible space.

F (fhenny): Hi! Can you explain a little bit about your background?
C (Chris Kerrigan): My background is fine art photography, focusing on the conceptual genre and I graduated from California College of the Arts.

FDoes the love of photography inspires you to create the C&C project? what are the project it handles?
C: As I am involving in art arena I also have the passion for retail business, so me and Cynthia (my wife) came up with C&C project that focus on art curating, brand consultation, and exhibition event.

F: Then how do you come up with Brightspot Market?
C: That time, we saw that there was no outlet for local fashion designers to sell their merchandise, so we decided to come up with a platform that enables retail function and brings various forms of art together all in one space.

F: Can you explain about the team behind Brightspot Market?
C: Me and my collagues from Future10, and Accupunto invented the four-days pop up store, Brightspot Market on April 2009. Future 10 is the city's well known organizer mainly for music event while Accupunto specializes on furniture and interior design.

F: Initially how often does it held?
C: To be held once every three (to four) months.

F: How about the consideration of location for every event?
C: we choose diferent well-known shopping malls to give convenience like air conditioned room and strategic location. Moreover we want to increase possible visitors aside from the buyer of the certain brand, which is the mall's regular visitor.

F: Then after a while how does it evolve to Goods Dept. ?
C: From the beginning we have a long term goal. Starting with building the brand awareness and studying customer demand, brands learn about retail management and handling production. After all that and seeing the public’s interest we go for something more formal and consistent in terms of space and daily operation hours. Moreover, the space also function for fashion show and independent movie screening.

F: How about the idea of having Goods Cafe?
C: as part of that, we include Goods Cafe which  is meant for a place for customer to stay, hangout, and enjoy the space by having good food selections.

F: Is there any specific target market for The Goods Dept?
C: Mainly is it the "cool kids" -the teenagers and younger working adults, but actually the brands here have quite a wide range of customers. We have some childrenswear as well as the furnitures, books, and other accesories for everyone.

F: Actually where does the idea of Brightspot Market & Goods Dept. name come from?
C: Goods Dept. is something simple and meaningful inspired by idea of bringing good quality and good design.It is something experimental but explains how we put all things, from clothing, accesories, books, furnitures, other products, to cullinary together.
On the other hand, Brightspot market is inspired by Obama merchandise during election which becomes a bright spot in a dark time of retail, it is a revival of business and we want to have the same effect here.

F: Is there any future plans for Goods Dept?
C: Now we are settled at Plaza Indonesia Extension, but after a year there might be considerations to move or just stay here. We will see later.

F: Last but not least, do you have any messages to independent local labels out there?
C: Our goal here is to support the creative minds, but people themselves should explore their own identity and try to be original as it is.

 It was a nice conversation over a glass of latte at the Goods Cafe which lasted about an hour or so.  Interesting to know a little bit of background information about the retail scene which has all the awesome brands in one space and how it develops over time. Moreover, the brands there makes me proud of the local design and fashion scene, i really am.

The Goods Department
Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th F

and do not forget to come by to Brighspot Market 2nd anniversary edition !
opening: Thursday April 28
open for public: April 29-May 1
location: Pacific Place 1st Floor, Jakarta.


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