Men's Fashion Week 2011 opening party

invited to the Singapore Inaugural Men's Fashion Week 2011. It is such a spotlight moment for Singapore as it is being the 1st in Asia a...

invited to the Singapore Inaugural Men's Fashion Week 2011. It is such a spotlight moment for Singapore as it is being the 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world to host menswear designer showcase.

Guests can give donation at donation booth for Japan and charity wall filled with signature. A fashionable cause :)

Spotted at Canon booth, the new Canon 1100D X SBTG in rogue with patterned strap

metal art installation

Met several fashion and entertainment industry big names.
with Dr. Georgia Lee after Kim Choong Wilkins show. She is very friendly and pretty in real life.

with Venetia and Lenne

with Gilbert Ganda

with Dhinie from OneSixtyNotepad

stay tuned for fashion show updates! or follow my twitter for live update.

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30 dialogues

  1. Amazing! Great photos, loving your dress!

  2. That looks like such a fun time, I want to go to a fashion show sometime, happy you had fun :) The dress is gorgeous that your wearing!! xx

  3. Hi!
    i just found your blog. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog. A nice pair of sunnies! it's worldwide! = )
    I allways follow back!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  4. fhenny I love your whole outfit! :)


  5. Awww, looks like you had a fun night at the event ^^
    Oeeeeh the red Canon camera is niceeeee


  6. hi, really like your blog! Wanna follow each other? Please take a look at my blog and post a comment!

    xx, louise from sweden.

  7. What an interesting show! The clothes are amazing. So cool that you got to witness these. Oh and thanks for dropping by my blog. If you'd like to, we could follow each other. Let me know, I'll gladly follow back!

    <3 Paulyn from

  8. So exciting, darling!
    Lovely look and pics!


  9. Such great photos, loving the edgy & dark ones from the post above!

  10. Oh my!! That Cannon Camera is so sexy! I want!

    Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine :)


  11. Supah cool event and those man model totally hot ;) i got that killer heels from topshop

  12. You as always look fantastic my sweet friend fhen!
    The male´s collection you post is also so original and cool! for a real modern man, I like it!

  13. looks like you had a good time:)! you look great:)

  14. looks so fun! I wish I can go to a fashion week one day. you look fab ! :)

  15. Thanks again :)
    This pics are very nice I like it!

  16. All the models are so hot! Amazing outfits, too! Thanks for sharing with us, it's cool to see some shots on MFW.
    Nice to see they are also collecting funds for Japan :)
    You look lovely in your dress, too, dearie!

  17. The collection in the above post is AWESOME! so cool, and edgy! That new Canon, is stunning!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  18. great post! love these photos, looks like a magical event :D love the collection in the above post! very futuristic and almost neo-goth. have a wonderful day!

    love, M

  19. wow, the men's looks are really intense! You look so great!

  20. Sounds like such a fun event! I am loving your dress and necklace, looking gorgeous! :)


  21. The red camera looks just amazing!

    Juliet xxx

  22. Great pictures! Love the dress you are wearing.:)SarahD

    PS That spike jacket in the post above is amazing. :)SarahD

  23. You got to meet so many amazing people! These shows look like so much fun. :)

  24. Love your coverage of MFW and great photos! The collection you posted in the post above is incredible by the way. I love this kind of aesthetic - definitely a very talented designer!

  25. Wow, I've never seen such a cohesive theme. Kim Choong Wilkins creates art!

  26. Couldn't comment in the previous post... Love that look!

    new post: The bag must live:&
    follow me

  27. Aw what a cool event! Love your pictures.

  28. the metal art installation is out of this world <3<3<3
    about my shoes, I got them at it's my turn to ask, where did you get your fab dress from :)
    it looks amazing!

    eclectic du jour

  29. heeiiii…blog kamu keren, sangat inspiratif, memuat banyak informasi fashion yang bermanfaat, style kamu juga keren banget…:)
    maaf aku comment berbahasa indonesia, aku tidak lancer berbahasa inggris…

    jika kamu punya waktu luang, mungkin kamu bias jalan2 ke bl;og aku, dan kalau berkenan kamu mungkin bias follow back blog aku, aku sudah follow blog kaamu…
    senang berkenalan…:D


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