MFW day 5 Song for the Mute and closing

MFW day 5 Song for the Mute and closing

Song for the Mute is an Australian based label, the brainchild of two amazing talents, Paris raised Cambodian designer Lyna Ty and Indonesian born Melvin Tanaya. Their design philosophy is to craft a design in natural materials and brings the best out of the fabrics used.

The whole collection plays with monochromatic colours but the fabric manipulation and materials used is like no other. It portrays the design philosophy and signature in each pieces. The best in simplicity.

All labels are presented on stage during the closing. In response to the earthquake in Japan, Men's Fashion Week also raises fund for donation. There were auction and selling of the t-shirts and donation box.

When I first attend the Men's Fashion Week, i thought i would only just view great collections, do review, just like usual, but apparently it is more than that. It is about sharing through passion. After all this time, probably when we are busy with our works, we forget about the community, but now it is time to give a hand, afterall we are social being. I am amazed of how fashion can give such impact and extension to different issue and part of life. Through this I learn to give back, to make the most of what I have, to learn that fashion is not only limited to -simply- a clothing and trend.

I read the interview of Dr. Georgia Lee on Designaire magazine on how she would love to reach out and caring about the community. Afterall this time, I never knew about all the charity acts done, she is a great role model indeed. When she stated that she would love younger generation to be inspired and act for a chance, probably i want to be one of them. Nothing can be done alone, but together we can make a change.

and yet it was a great journey of the inaugural men's fashion week in Asia. I am  thankful to be part of it.

last but not least, a photo with my friends and Bryan Boy

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